Estee Lauder Idealist Micro D exfoliater

Here's my review on this product. First off, I bought this at the CCO aka cosmetics company outlet store. I read from shape magazine for their top pics their readers voted on. They had a drugstore brand and a higher brand. Somehow I got it mixed up, and thought this was the one they picked. The one they picked was really the Idealist Dual-Action Refinishing Treatment El sigh. ok so I'm stuck with this one so far. Anyways I didn't pay full price for it, so that eases my pain.

I used it once only, and here's why. First it is a self warming scrub, it warms your skin, feels hot on contact when u apply it to your skin. The grains in this aren't as big as the St Ives scrub, but not as fine as the MAC's microfinish one. The scent was bearable. BUT the reason why I only used it once was that it started to BURN on my cheeks. I know it's a self warming, rather deep thermal scrub, but it was burning on my cheeks. Anytime a product starts to cause a burning sensation on your skin, it means your skin doesn't like it and to get it off immediately! Which I did! The rest of my face was ok, but my cheeks seemed really sensitive to it. It did do a somewhat ok job with the rest of my face. Granted it didn't stay on my face due to my cheeks burning.

If you have sensitive skin this is definitely not the scrub for you! I think its because I was recently diagnosed with rosceca, and using the rx topical cream on my cheeks. Then again when I was using cindy crawford's meaningful beauty mask it caused a burning sensation on my skin too. So my skin is somewhat sensitive to certain ingredients. Anyways, I'd definitely not rebuy this item due to the burning sensation it gave my cheeks but if your skin isn't sensitive then you'd probably have better luck with this product. I'm gonna put this up on my blogsale coming soon.

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wuzzyangel said...

Thanks for the heads up on this! And for the comment on Meaningful Beauty! I was thinking about trying that, but a lot of peeps said that it didn't work, so oh well!

Hope your cheeks make a fine recovery! ;)