The Elephant is Yelling!

its thursday!!!! Its almost friday! but in my case its not that great, considering the fact that the people at work dropped another class on me. cause they sent the older guy that likes to talk a lot and sit with his legs wide open so i'll look at his crotch somewhere into jersey for some other training, I have to take over for his illustrator class. EEEK! cs3, level 1. Course I was like goddamn I haven't used illustrator in a while and I have to go teach ppl this?! argh. That and the fact that I'm not even done studying up on dreamweaver cs3 level 2 yet! xml, xsl, and css, and i finally figured out what spry's are. i've never used dreamweaver this in depth before! eek!

anyways last night we went to a seafood restaurant on long island, that kinda killed our craving to eat crab this weekend, so we might just go to a vineyard on long island instead, and frolic in the grapes and jump around and climb vines, or something like that. LOL! that and the fact that i have to be studying the whole weekend and crap.

Anyways more food porn. We found another peruvian restaurant in queens aside from Pio Pio. Its a smaller place, but just as good and tasty and not as pricy.

the menu, cute chicken right?

you gotta love the combo deals

inca kola! yummy! and yes its neon yellow!

salad, part of the combo, why is the avocado so shiny?

pepper in my salad, its quite tasty

potato with spicy cream, for the vegetarian in the group

peruvian corn! with cheese! dear god it's dense and creamy and huge!

its BIGGER than my fingernail!

deep fried seafood goodness! dear god it was a lot of deep fried stuff!

beef stew

the chicken! quite tasty!

And some guy in yelp messaged me, who runs or owns some restaurant that i reviewed. He was apologizing about the lack of service and competence his place has, considering that it was their opening week, and the first 2 weeks was crazy. please there's no need to apologize for the idiots you hired who couldn't punch in an order or had the nerve to ask us to leave cause we were squatting on a table. actually we were waiting for 45 min for our food to come out, and your waitress having the nerve to ask us if we need anything else was actually kinda rude. how about you get our food already?! oh and he had the nerve to go we don't have a microwave, yeah right, if i show the pics ppl will be like they so microwaved that, the cheese was just nasty! I wonder if I should reply to him at all. either way I'm not going back to that place ever!

Kinda annoyed too that where i work, there is a clear divide between office ppl and everyone else. When its an instructor's bday, nothing happens, oh but when its an office person, they get an ice cream cake and birthday cards and blah blah blah. wtf? kinda fake. totally fake. don't like it. saw the office slut again, goddamn, how does this girl get away with this? everyone else is covered up and this skank is just an attention whore. black tight mini's black tight tops, last time i saw her she was wearing a halter top in the office. i'm just glad they don't say shit to me when i show up in a skirt above my knee.

I'm just saying if she wants to be the office slut, more power to her, but i'm gonna call her that. i ain't hating just saying. she's obviously trying to compensate for something.

I should post in my other blog about what's been going on. I so need to vent about other stuff. Let's see what this weekend has to offer me, its gonna be jammed pack and busy. Hope you all have a good weekend! drink, eat, party, and shop!

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Vanessa M. said...

that food looks sooooooo yumm!

wuzzyangel said...

Well at least them giving you more classes means they believe in you! ANd that you MUST be doing a great job, or they wouldn't give you a higher responsibly!


Office sluts.. I've seen more then my share trust me... Attention whores... Just try to ignore it.

ChyiX2 said...

OMG!!! The corn! Look at the corn!!

Deep-fried stuff is always good *drools*

Yeah, I'm baking again, A LOT! Which is why I need to stop now, my weight has been steadily increasing these past few months and it's now good. Better get my act together!

Tammy said...

The avocado is shiny because there's lemon on it!!! lol
The food does look yummy though!!!

I think every office has drama, you just need to find a way to get on the 'good' side or just ignore it!! I've learned to ignore it by now.

btw - Ugly sweater season starts soon. =)