Blue Oyster Cult

Things are starting to settle for me a bit, i'm getting used to my schedule, and stuff, I don't teach as often so I'm gonna use that time wisely. I'm still working on my characters for my toy company, I've got a few, but I need a few more. Working near the japanese bookstore gave me a few ideas on plushies and such. My paycheck is so tiny though! el sigh. no more shopping for a while, I'm gonna just have to be resourceful. anyways onto the food porn!

it was a friend's bday so we went out to celebrate, we ended up in this thai fusion place in queens. We had raw oysters. tasty! I love eating raw oysters. hee hee!

this sucker was TINY! but it was tasty and sweet! god i want to eat more of these! they're grown in washington, and for my bday i want to eat these suckers!

this large monstrosity is the Kumamoto Oyster, from virginia or something, tasty yes but not as tasty as the tiny one.

veggie pad thai

paella, thai style

ribeye steak. tasty but afterwards, me and my other friend had problems with it. That it sent us running to the bathroom for some reason. Either way, no return visit on the steak.

after that, we went to martha's bakery for dessert. I had a latte, don't you just love latte art?

green tea latte. interesting....

feels like a warm apple pie

strudel anyone? its cherry!

canoli with chips. LOL!

banana pudding.

and along the way we saw a skanky wonderland. damn alice, cover yourself up! the hatter is skanky and don't get me started on the queen!

Work is blah, they want me to teach dreamweaver cs3 level 2, clearly something I don't know! i was like are you serious?! WTF?! this is so gonna suck...but whatever, i got a week to figure it out, that is if no one drives me crazy along the way that is!

i don't watch flight of the concords, but some of my friends do, so they got the reference. Sometimes its good to work right next to the hbo store at bryant park. You find the most interesting things there. They're out of Tru Blood, so deal with it.

and they have Meet the Birds every tuesday. This nice lady comes and brings people friendly birds. They were pretty nice, but damn they smelled!

So much to do, so little time. Apparently i was gonna go down to baltimore or maryland this weekend, but that just turned into day trip where we're just gonna eat, eat, and eat, yes this is a foodie tour. dear lord, gotta do more cardio this week to make up for it! anyways, hop you enjoy the food porn. more food porn coming up! damn you all think all I do is eat. Well that's only half true.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings."

- hmmm pig wings, or chicken wings? either way it sounds tasty!

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mayaari said...

toy company? oooh i wanna know more about that!

i think i might be the only person that doesn't like oysters....raw or cooked...

wuzzyangel said...

MMMM FOOD PORN!!! Cannoli!! Mmm.... Is it funny that I LOVE oysters yet I can't eat them raw?! LOL!

Toy company huh?! From the mind of Jen... Hrmm.. I'd LOVE to see that!

Hope work goes well for you this week!