Bacon tempura anyone?

hee hee! NO! that's NOT ME! I actually shave my pits!

You have to love food tv, seriously, i mean how else do you find such random things? I for one, love watching foodtv, well, not lately since i don't have cable anymore, but that's a whole other story. anyways, work sucks as always, i won't get into how sales are slow for the salespeople, how they laid off 2 more instructors, both which have been here a while, and one who has taught a bunch of night classes on top of he normal classes he teaches. I won't get into how sales ppl who can't get ppl to buy classes, instead of taking a paycut decided that it would be best to get rid of more instructors. You know, this can only last for so long you know, i mean what are they planning to do? just keep 5 instructors there while they keep their way overpriced salary? yeah let's see how far they'll get. All I want to do is just make it to 4 months and get unemployment. that's my goal for now.

anyways onto food! bacon tempura you say? what how why? yes that's what I said too! But only in NYC do you find this stuff!

this place is in chelsea. its filled with a bunch of weird ass ppl, when i say that, its more like a bunch of wanna be hipster white ppl and old ppl who roll up in here who think they're so different or special or whatever. god while we were stuck there waiting cause the hostess was fucking retarded, there was this annoying white couple there, and i swear to god the girl was a complete moron with a helium voice, like wtf? stop talking, geez, no one here is drunk enough to tolerate your voice! seriously the hostess was fucking retarded. she gave tables to ppl who came in after us, and then told us our table was ready, then it wasn't, then sat some old ppl that showed up, then we were standing there waiting. wtf? The other girl in our party was like wtf? I'm gonna talk to her and straighten this shit out. Hostess is a fucking retard, i'm writing that in my yelp review.

the bacon tempura is a appetizer, and fuckers charged us $10 for 2 slices sitting on a pile of corn.

waiting for our food. We drank some wine. apparently when i drink wine, class prey comes out. LOL! and yes i was rocking my blue anna suit for target dress.

crab rangoon, yes they had it here, and you know what? it tastes EXACTLY like it does at the chinese take out place. Definitely pass on this, but they charged us their oh we're in chelsea price.

bacon tempura. 2 slices, we were wondering how they managed to keep the strips of bacon straight and kept them from curling. The bacon was thick, kinda like peter luger's but not that thick. tasty yes. but not worth the $10 or 2 slices of bacon price honestly. This month is my quest for all things bacon. Brooklyn brewery experimented this month and made bacon beer. yes bacon beer!

had some duck. the duck was good, it came with radishes, pass on radish....

skate wing. Its fish, actually its like a stingray fish. same texture. tasty yes! not a pretty fish in real life. but tasty. yes i've eaten sting ray, i is asian remember?

pork tenderloin, tasty yes! too much cheese though!

Service was good, food was ok, but goddamn that hostess was a fucking retard. Probably won't go back due to her stupidity.

onto better things! foodtv had a show the best thing i ever ate, and they had the bald iron chef american dude on it, raving about a toasted marshmallow shake...

we had deep fried pickles, which were pretty good, though we wished they were pickle spears instead.

that bald dude loves this stuff so much he drank 3 in one sitting. yes 3!

yes they toasted the marshmallow, and yes it was tasty! but not tasty enough where you drink 3 in one sitting.

the kitchen. their burgers are suppose to be really good too!

and outside was a patriotic cow! moo!

Food does make everything better doesn't it? don't worry more food porn coming up! I had a productive weekend to say the least!

bacon makes everything better!

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mayaari said...

bacon tempura eh? lol i think i've seen that crazy bacon bra somewhere on gawker or digg - insane!

wuzzyangel said...

Oh the food porn... and sad sad soul wearing the bacon bra!

Damn.. Fried pickles & Toasted Mallow shakes?! I'm IN LOVE!

Yeah Hawaii sucks.. they don't carry the Anna Sui for Target down here. I'd have to go online, & I HATE not being able to try clothes ON! LOL!

Tammy said...

Her pits are you're tan it always looks like you have stubble. It sucks!!! *que the violin* muahaha!!!!

I love that you went to that place for the hubby & I have been talking about going there to try since we saw it on the food network.