Tsururi Blackhead Remover Cream Review

I bought this at mitsuwa about a month or so ago, I can't remember exactly when, but time has passed and I have been using it on a daily basis. I know what you're thinking, what is this stuff? Why is it a cream? Is it really a facial cream? Wtf is this hyaluronic acid? Good question kiddies! All will be revealed!

Google has revealed to me what this hyaluronic acid is. You gotta like google for providing you with info. Apparently this stuff is the same stuff in Juvederm and Restylane. That is to temporarily smooth out wrinkles in the skin. Not bad. Course I didn't know what this stuff was when I used it about a month or so ago. I just used it, figuring the japanese use it so hey why not?

Hyaluronic acid does have medical purposes for connective tissue diseases and disorders among other conditions. Not bad this stuff is pretty good for the body it seems. Course I am not a medical professional and do not take these things without consulting a medical professional! again, I am NOT a medical professional and do not take, ingest or use this item without consulting a medical professional! I am reviewing a face wash here, and thus my opinions are mine on this product ONLY!

This stuff is marketed to get rid of blackheads. Honestly nothing really gets rid of blackheads unless you get extractions and those are always fun! NOT!

This stuff is a greyish gel like consistency. When u put it on your face, it instantly warms up, allegedly to warm your skin up so the stuff can get into your pores. I can honestly say this stuff does not get rid of blackheads. My nose has lots of scattered peppery blackheads, that won't go away unless i get extractions. BUT, what it does do is lighten your blackheads A LOT. I basically always use it on my nose area cause that's where the blackheads are. It does lighten then, and in the beginning I thought that it got rid of some of them on the side, but that's after a lot of rubbing on my nose, mostly the sides cause in I was trying to work the product into the skin. Though the rest of the blackheads are still there. You should get extractions done or get that extraction tool, BUT you must learn what you're doing or else you will seriously damage your skin!

Though one thing I did notice when I used it on my whole face, during super oily days, that my skin was smoother, course I back then I didn't know what hyaluronic acid was. It does wash your face, and makes your blackheads lighter. I googled around for powerstone and couldn't find anything conclusive. Not sure what it does.

This product cost me about $10 bucks. It's a decent product. I've used it for about a month, and like the results. Would I buy again? Probably not, maybe later when I need to smooth out wrinkles.

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wuzzyangel said...

hey thanks for the review!! And saving me the trouble of googleing it myself! LOL! :)

That's what I say.. If it's good enough for the Japanese, it's good enough for me! LOL! :)

~Mel said...

thx girl! very helpful =P