this ain't cheese in a can!

Fondue part duex! This is way better than cheese in a can, almost as good as pancakes in a can too! LOL! Who can't forget pancakes in a can?

Seriously everything should come in a can, well almost everything. I don't believe in chicken in a can though, it was a bit too ewie for me!

we grated up some monty jack cheese! hmmm cheese!

cheddar cheese grated up! who doesn't like cheddar?

yes I made my friend grate the cheese! *evil laughter*

gotta pour in some beer, its magic hat #9. and yes it is quite magical...LOL!

shallots and garlic chopped up. I wanted more garlic, but everyone was like eh....we're not scaring off vampires here!

throw them into the beer and watch it bubble! bubble! bubble toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!

add in the cheese, stir in a figure 8, and add in a handful at a time. we added about a pound and a half of cheese that's pretty gross when you think about the amount of cheese we consumed.

stuff to dip, we put some fries in the oven, we got some grapes, and we got some veggies cause yeah we need veggies, and don't forget the french bread! The veggies were mushrooms and cauliflower, they were blanched though I think they would have tasted better raw. the blanched pic didn't look appealing so use your imagination!

action shot of the cheese!

mushroom covered in monty jack and cheddar! It was pretty good, we pretty much ate all of it. yes we were fat bitches! stuffing our faces with fondue. next week or the week after its gonna be chocolate!

The reason why we did fondue is cause my friend the one obsessively stalking that girl, the one that's turned uber creepy, stalking this girl, who thinks he's in a relationship with her, in fact its the best relationship cause its going great, (yes this is creepy) and the fact is she's not interested and she told him no a year ago, but he's still in love with her, obsessing over her, talking about her all the time to us, like dude, she's got a bf, you need to stop this! and he refused to listen to us, and refused to look at her facebook which shows pics of her and her bf. he refused to look cause that would ruin the current state of the relationship. ok that's creepy, anyways friday he found out that yes she does have a bf, and he was crushed. geez, didn't we ALL tell you that? anyways, we did it to cheer him up and to make sure he didn't do anything uber stupid. sigh. why are guys so dumb at times?

i got a lot of stuff to do this week, this is my last week of goofing off. I gotta look for work clothes and ugh I hate that. I have to pack away some clothes that are just laying around and taking up space. I gotta try to go to hot yoga again, cause I need to work out and stuff, and it helps me de-stress.

Any recs of work clothes? God I'm a teacher now, isn't that scary? This is one crazy week coming up. Got a few reviews that I really gotta post up soon!

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Stephie said...

ooh that looks really yummy :) hahah pancake in a can? that was the first i heard of it lol

Tammy said...

*raises hand* I don't like cheddar, but this still looks yummy. lol

No chicken in a can please...barf

NY & Co has nice dressier clothing, plus they're always having sales. Sale = good

K.C. said...

Dipping anything in hot cheese sounds awesome, great food pictures! I feel bad for your kind of stalker friend lol. congrats on getting the teaching job then! Banana Republic is great for work clothes.

mayaari said...

mmmmmmm cheeeeeeeeeeeese. I love cheese.

H&M has nice basics for a work wardrobe, and they're fairly budget-friendly...ann taylor loft when they have sales (friends and family sale going on now!) and even stuff from forever21. i still get work pants and simple tops from the juniors dept at macy's because it's cheaper than going into the misses/petites section!

wuzzyangel said...

Congrats again on the job!! Knew you'd get it!! And yes Miss Jen... No Miss Jen! LOL! Teacher teacher!!

MMmm... Cheese.....MMmmm Cheese Fondue!! Why Prey? Why? WHy must you taunt me so?!

And yeah.. your friend needed to wake up! LOL Sorry...

Jennnn said...

mm i love doing fondue with friends. so fun to make, and the result is yummmy.

ChyiX2 said...

I was very compelled to licking the screen when I saw that cheese closeup. Whoever invented cheese, I LOVE YOU!

Btw...I wonder how the first cheese was made....