my week so far

How has my week been? somewhat crazy. I know you're all busy, and damn I'm super busy, being that I have to get up at 6:30 am to get to work before 8:30. I'm freaking tired and cranky to say the least. Gotta take the hot humid subways to get to work, dressed like a goddamn librarian! my work place is in the basement of the building too, there are no windows or anything! Its next to bryant park so its a nice place to have lunch. but anyways, so far this week, i sat in on a class to observe how ppl teach, and cause I didn't know how to use dreamweaver cs4. then i was studying dreamweaver cs4, they gave me a instructor's manual on it. i do tutorials and excersize to learn the program. Not bad been studying the whole week, first for dreamweaver, then photoshop, and then they wanted me to go teach level 2 which is advanced photoshop at the UN! I was like wtf? Are you kidding me? I said no cause I didn't know half the shit they wanted me to cover!

Also one bad thing about this place, is that everyone notices me as the new instructor and are being WAY skeevy and greasy in talking to me and hitting on me and eyefucking me all around! Yeah like I didn't notice that from the sales people! one guy was old enough to be my father! No he was OLDER than my father! I was like ew! then the sales ppl are eyefucking me and looking at me, and the students who take classes there are fucking hitting on me as well! like wtf? OMFG! Yes as my guy friend said you're the fresh meat there, they're all trying to get a piece of you, and they're prob all betting on who gets you first. EW! Then when I go out to lunch, I get eyefucked as well! omfg, since when did working ppl become so goddamn pervy!?

Good things is that I get paid to learn, I haven't taught yet, so I'll probably freak out about that. Mostly I've been studying and getting paid to learn programs. Not bad right? Feels like I'm in school again! They're also paying for my adobe certification thing which is good, but that test is goddamn hard! I get out at 4:30 so I get on the train before rush hour which is a good thing, it allows me to not have to take the train crowded like in the morning! And then at 2:15 everyday, they have freshly baked cookies! yes fresh otis spunkmyer cookies baked daily! goes great with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate for your afternoon break. Ok so it may be a bad thing that I'm eating a cookie everyday. ok i should bring fresh fruit instead!

I've been looking for work clothes. it sucks cause god i hate looking for dress pants and skirts that are knee length. my god, when did everything become plaid? I see a bunch of plaid button down shirts and i'm like wtf? just cause you make it into a button down doesn't mean I can wear it to work! well some ghetto ppl think that, and it just looks bad! and i can't wear glittery or metallic nail polish! wtf? hello i'm a graphics person! I should have color shouldn't i? seriously!

anyways, that's my week so far, i'm sure that aside from the skeevy guys hitting on me, I get to have lunch with my friend who works literally half a block away. its nice to be able to get away and talk to someone who won't think you're crazy!

and then this week, I went back to sushi yasu!

hmmm awesome sushi! chef yasu is looking for a new place to have his restaurant, so get to this location while you can!


not sure what this is, but it smelled worse than battery acid!

wine! very sweet and fruity! god i drank a lot and i was crap i need to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow!

marilyn monroe rolls! we did omakasu, i spelled that wrong, where you say i want to pay x amount, and you let the chef decide on what to make you. let me tell you it was good!

he makes awesome wasabi!

the salmon was so good!

this was amazing! he cut it so perfectly! after we devoured it, we saw that he sliced it perfectly and all that was left was bone!


refreshing cucumber! he peeled it perfectly!



hmmm more rolls!

Gotta love that food porn! Anyways, another week starts out before me, I am gonna be dead tired this week, I haven't done laundry yet, haven't gone to the gym, done hot yoga and god i'm just so tired! My next entry may be in a week, but I'm alive, and check me on twitter! My work place has the slowest internet connection ever, and crappy cell phone reception cause i'm in a basement. but sigh, its better than making nothing right? gotta make that money and still look for another job too! hope you ladies had a good weekend!

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wuzzyangel said...

OH god that sushi looks good!

well I'm glad your Semi enjoying the new job?! LOL! You did deserve it though!! And I'm sure that once you're there a little longer, things will smooth out more. You're just NEW so that why everyone is looking!

Tammy said...

See that's why you need to tell everyone you're married when you start a new job..tell them you're married to Jesus your Lord & Savior..that usually gets people to back off - they believe you're a religious nut. Haha!!

Glad some parts of your job are good, I wish my job had freshly baked

supervillain said...

love moscato. love dessert wines.

i love when bars make dessert wine cocktails. mmm mmm