Egyptian food!

Onto the food porn! Like 2 weeks ago I went into astoria queens and went searching for moroccan food. Course my usual place was closed cause they went on vacation, so I went on yelp to find another one. for some reason yelp listed them as moroccan but they are really Egyptian.

the outside of the restaurant, it has no giant neon sign. It apparently shares the same address as the 3 princes store next to it for some reason, but just look to the right and you'll see it.

its decorated different from allt he other places on the street. You really can't miss it

the decor inside was really different, unique and lovely. I totally want that lamp now!

the menu, yes the place is called mombar! the chef is SUPER nice and friendly, talks to you, greets you when you walk in. Its a family run place, and its very cozy.

egyptian dipping bread, the sauce had fennel and something else in it, i can't remember but its quite good.

more dipping! the bread was warm, and the hummus, babaganush and i forget what the third one is, but damn it was good! and the apple slices were good with the dip too!

lamb tanjeen, yes they spelled it that way in the menu. It was amazingly good! So tender and yummy! yes the rice is in the shape of a pyriamid

mom bar

vegetarian dish, with eggplant and other veggies.

couscous, yes in a pyramid

Totally stuffed afterwards, no room for mint tea or dessert. so sad I know. But i'll definitely go back cause the food was really good, the service was great, and it was pretty cool hanging out there. all the tables had artwork on it.

don't you just love the lights?

And if you're wondering, the chef who comes out and greets you and talks to you was on the show No reservations with anthony bourdain with andrew zimmerman. His brother's restaurant which is a few blocks away has lamb brains, calf livers, and testicles was featured on the show.

I was pretty interested ingoing to that restaurant, but on Yelp, someone stated that mombar was that restaurant that was on the show. Anyways, after the mix up it doesn't matter, food was great, and it was a pretty cool experience. Mombar specializes in southern egyptian cuisine, and his bro who was on no reservation specializes in northern cuisine, so you should try both out. these places are located in a arab area, is that the pc way of saying it? so there's lots of different cuisines to try.

But seriously they need to make a female version of these shows. no reservation. man vs food, bizzare foods with andrew zimmerman. cmon i could so do this! but damn i'd need a personal trainer with me so i wouldn't get fat! Send me around the world and I'll eat strange stuff! :P

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Jenn said...

mmh I want egyptian food too. I haven't had it in awhile. This place looks yummy.

mayaari said...

that place looked like it had some tasty tasty food!

take me with you on your food eating/traveling show! i'll hire you if i figure out a way to get my own show like that too :)

Fei said...

Yes! I'd totally watch your food show! Prey eating brains! Prey eating kidneys!

wuzzyangel said...

I'm with Fei, I'd soo watch your show religiously! LOL! You always get some of the best FOODPORN!! But I love NoReservations, and BizarreFoods!

The decor looks really nice, and the food.. mmmmm hummus and warm bread?! I'm good with just that! :)