Choices, choices

I'm teaching dreamweaver level 1 on monday, yes my first real class, i will be an instructor. Anyways I have to dress and look like a professional. Blah. Course I am a graphics instructor so I need some color or something in my life. Otherwise i'd be wearing black pants and a button down shirt. boo! then i'd look really really boring. so i managed to scrape these things together. Which ones do you like ladies? Yes we can mix and match, this is just one possibility. I am still diggin through stuff. All that time working at Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui, plus their sample sales have helped me amass quite a collection. Now I gotta look professional yet colorful and creative. what's ur choice ladies?!

Both top jacket things came from f21, they were 17.80 each, and not bad in price if you ask me. i figure i could wear these with both skirts and pants and other stuff.
skirt in A is betsey
skirt in b and c are anna sui they came from the sample sale. you can't really see the bow in the blue/grey skirt that well being that the jacket covers it.

so what say you?

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a.z.♥ said...

I'm loving the first one! It's super cute and different. Definitely not boring at all! :)

wuzzyangel said...

A & B!!! More B though. But A gives that great pop of color! Good luck with the class!

adin_22 said...

I love the B & it's eithrt of the two for me..

Fugface said...

I like b!

Bombchell said...

(sigh) I really dont know, I looked yesterday & couldnt decide, and today's no difference lol

Tiffany said...

definitely A

but C is good too.

I hate B. LOL. I think A looks great, very you and not that corporate drag neutral colors... !