2nd week, and into the 3rd

Wow, has it really been that long? damn this work thing! it hinders my ability to slack off and blog, and post pics of my food porn! damn this work thing, keeping me in the basement for hours during the day, away from the sun and people while i dehydrate in a cave with no reception and slow internet!

Week 2 was not as bad as the first week. Still got the skeevy guys, skeevy old guy who adjusts his belt buckle in a lame attempt to make me look at his crotch. EW! then there's the other sales person who had the nerve to ask me if this is my first job. geez, what do i look like? 12? Plus he ambushed me while i was trying to run to the bathroom and do the pee pee dance! ugh the audacity of some ppl! then the "general" manager asked who i was when i walked past his office, and introduced himself to me that time cause he wanted to know who i was, apparently holds all the paychecks, cause this place don't got direct deposit! yes i'm serious! he had me in his office, doing the idle chit chat thing, as he was trying to find an angle. sigh. i swear each day there seems to be another lamer excuse to take up my time while i'm trying to study. sigh. i just twitter about the nastiness of the train and commute and i might as well about the skeeviness of it all. cause i am one of the few girls under the age of 40 there it seems. ugh!

Anyways my first class is dreamweaver cs3 level 1 on monday. i'm excited and nervous about it. its like damn i've never really taught before. Hope it doesn't suck. I have however learned photoshop cs3 level 2 where i can edit video in photoshop, yes you can do that in photoshop it seems, and do actions, actions are awesome when you have to watermark a bunch of pics and stuff. hee hee! i shall do a tutorial of it here! since i know all you lovely blogging ladies watermark your stuff cause you don't want no skank stealing it!

Onto food porn! I got paid friday, its only 1 week's worth of pay, so the next check is 2 weeks worth of pay so it should double! yay! :P I am so backed up on food porn!

Last week, I met up with beautymogel, furiousfeng and Kitty in the city for some din din, at first we were gonna go eat steak but then ladies bailed out so it was just us so we went to go eat steaming hot ramen instead. yes it was a great idea to eat hot ramen in summer. LOL!

this is where we went!

decor inside, reminds me of a sequin dress

pork buns! super yummy!

ribs so tender

my ramen! the first one on the menu! don't know the name!

beautymogel's ramen!

furiousfeng's ramen!

kitty in the city's ramen, actually she had the same as furiousfeng, but she's hungry and she will hurt you! we were all quiet once we got our food and devoured it!

dessert menu. we passed on it. I cried a bit when i found out the dessert truck was no longer there. we ended up going to beard papa's. Beautymogel had bubble tea, but we were all stuffed and headed home.

over the weekend, i got to a bbq late so i ended up eating this instead, it was tasty soba!

check out that pork baby!

I ate korean bbq last night, and damn it was good. will post about that later. But stalk me on twitter for all the craziness that's been happening to me!

4 stalkers:

wuzzyangel said...

Skeevy men huh?! Still? Hopefully the longer you're there the novelty of you being new will wear off.

Good luck with the class!! And trust me this bit of FOODPORN is still tempting enough for me!

supervillain said...

Dude, I used to hate riding the fuckin trolley when I lived in SD. I was constantly bombarded by creeps, and since I used to live 2 exits away from Mexico, there were some real crazies on my route. Eh and the nasty stale old ladies were my only saviors from the creeps. Bleh. Oh the stories I could tell. I read your tweets from time to time and I totally feel for you when it comes to public transportation.

supervillain said...

oh yeah and i love photoshop actions. It makes watermarking and resizing easy. I'm sure the ladies would love to learn.

mayaari said...

your tweets about people on the train make me laugh....i wish i had service on the subway here to do the same thing!