You're wondering what happened, right?

So what happened? If you checked my twitter, you'd hear my frantic and anxious tweets before hand. Reminiscing about the Bell Jar I left it open ended..."I stepped into the room" And here I though I was gonna go um for about 15 minutes. Yeah like that's one of the worst things that could happen.

You're all wondering right? The presentation went well, so well they were laughing. They said I had a great sense of humor, and that I put them at ease. And that during these presentations that some of them are pretty mean and just make faces and roll their eyes at how lame it is. But they seemed amused, and laughed, and liked what I had to show and teach. At the end, they laughed and applauded. Geez that was odd. But a good sign. I even made hand outs, seriously I'm like all up on this. Anyways I spoke to the lady after and she was like I have to talk to the accounting ppl to make sure that we still have it in budget to hire people. In this economy they may had the money last week but maybe not this week, so after she finds out yes, she basically said the job was mine if i wanted it. she wasn't guaranteeing it, as she wanted to make sure they still had the money for me. Not bad. Apparently I won over the salesguy there, who basically said, yes she creates the illusion that she cares, and she checks and explains stuff in lame men's terms and she's trying to help you, and you can't feel negative towards her. And with that, no one is going to demand their money back. Er ok. Good to know. They said they'd let me know later this week. So there, breathe a sigh of relief now.

this is the skirt I wore, it kinda reminds me of illustrator.

i got a comment on my outfit, in that i was dressed appropriately i guess to teach. they said my appearance was exceptional. ok! good to know!

Tomorrow, aka Fiesta Thursday I'm gonna cause a much with @acrossthemoat, and Tammy it seems. Oh Jersey you are so far away sometimes!

Oh and I got my hair cut finally by Bumble and Bumble. Damn yesterday I was suppose to get it done, but cause I showed up at 2:20 instead of 2:15 I was considered late. WTF? seriously! i was like are you kidding me? after waiting for them to see if they could switch out, which they weren't, i sat there with 2 other ladies wondering wtf is going on. The lady there wanted us to just leave if we had to be elsewhere, oh hellz no, I know you offer up free product for your error, so pony up. Seriously yesterday it was all about we're a bunch of snotty, high maintenance, "pretty" girls. we make the rules and if you don't do exactly what we say we have the power. well screw you and your plastic nose! total crap, the session was overbooked, they do this on purpose it seems. anyways...i picked out my free product. It was a deep conditioner.

yes ur $25 condition eased my pain slightly. That and they rescheduled me for tomorrow which is today. *evil laughter*

So today I show up MAD early at 2pm. yeah and what bitch? I'm getting my free haircut! that's for damn sure! anyways I'm waiting and waiting forever, and I see the same lady from yesterday with curly red hair there, damn woman can't you get here on time? anyways it was 2 ladies waiting there cause they didn't get there by 2:15. harsh.

The guy I had, I dunno, he wasn't that great, he seemed to be struggling, but he was trying to be nice and all. Plus everyone in the class was molesting my hair, like crazy! they were all running their hands through the hair trying to feel it and shit. talk about being molested! i was like wtf? they were all like it creates the illusion of dense, her hair isn't that dense, its dense on top but fine on the sies, and there's no strength in it, and blah blah blah. wtf? Just cut it, give it some shape and make me look pretty! the dude was trying, but i guess he wasn't totally sure, he rinsed my hair, cause there was so much of it, put in some conditioner, and then more tonic and prep spray. snip snip snip.

my hair after, its pretty goddamn short. like a bob, but a bit longer, and i got my sideswept bang thing. there was too much weight in my bang apparently so he lightened it. go figure. hair termonolgy and technique these days.

the back is shorter than the front, they call it an a line. whatever!

My friend took me out to lunch when he heard how great the presentation went. He works literally one block away.

the menu of the place. don't know how to say the name.

rustic tuna on bread with olive spread and stuff

my friend's a vegetarian. avocado and something on bread. tasty and the sauce is spicy.

they also had fresh made lemonade. it was cute inside, quaint and rustic like. its a sit down place, but they have a take out area as well

Anyways, tomorrow i'm gonna start baking for @acrossthemoat, well that is if I get my ass up. sigh, i'm gonna miss sleeping in now.

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KiLLaCaM said...

your hair looks fab! do you like it? was this like a student that cut it? sign me up! i need a new do and my stylist changed salons and costs on her!

wuzzyangel said...

Yay!! See I told you it'd be fine!! ;) Sense of humor is great for the workplace! LOL! I do hope they have the monies to hire you! :) The great outfit didn't hurt either I bet!

And haha... You got molested!! LOL! But I do love the cut!! It's gotta be cooler & lighter now right?! But RAWR!!

FoodPorn!! Always!!! GAH!!

K.C. said...

LOL I love the way you write. I guess I'm a little confused about the presentation part since I only starting reading your blog 5 minutes ago, but I loved your outfit. Great haircut!