Melting stuff in a pot time!!!

I never claimed to be a beauty blogger. And I don't like labels, so I'm just gonna post whatever. The weekend and everything up till now...well sorta. funny how things workout. I still haven't heard back from the teaching position. Ok, maybe I should be somewhat worried you know? ok, not to sweat, i'll call or email them wed, anything earlier would make me look desperate right?

Anyways. to drown out myself what else is there? Food porn!

latte art. I like lattes ok? Not everyone has to drink the same jacked up drink as everyone else, seriously otherwise we'd all be boring as hell!

hmmm red velvet cheesecake. and it was oh so good! you can diet when you're dead. seriously you won't be needing to eat then, so eat now!

red velvet cupcake. ok so i'm on a red velvet kick right now. I'm gonna go visit the cake man raven in brooklyn cause he makes a damn good red velvet cake, he was on throwdown with bobby flay.

And my friend was feeling strange that day and decided to get a spinach pie, look its staring at you!

my friend got a fondue set. yes yes, fondue time! pour in some HEAVY cream! hmmm!

stir in some chocolate. though it got screwed up cause the chocolate separated somehow, we realized after watching youtube, that the temperature was on too high. What did we expect following recipes from the instruction manual?

and damn we used the good chocolate too!

and so the very next day we tried the cheese. yes its cheese in a box! a box I say! a BOX!

hmm tasty looking right? LOL!

stir in figure 8, and it melts rather nicely!

fondue time!

It was seriously swiss cheese, and I HATE swiss, so we added in some cheddar which made it creamier and cut the bitter taste of the swiss. Overall pretty good. Youtube, you know everything! *gasp*

we are fat bitches! seriously! LOL!

And I'm on this whole earring kick right now, cause I've been wearing the same boring pair of earrings forever it seems. cause when I got them pierced like 2 years ago, I was all excited, a whole new section of accessories have opened up for me. Course i waited like 6 months and was like wheee I can change them finally! course when I tried, I couldn't! in fact the hole was too small and it hurt like hell trying to put in these nice silver ones in. So I gave up,my ear bled a little and put back the studs I was wearing. I never really thought about them until way later. For some reason last night, I decided, I'm gonna see if I can wear that silver pair. And for some reason, they fit, and then I went on this whole thing digging up all the earrings I bought and trying them on! I was like wow! I need more! So ladies, please tell me where I can get super sexy, super cute, super kawaii, and just over all awesome earrings from! I'm already scouring etsy for earrings, went to f21, charlotte russ, H&M, and aldo for earrings. Not bad. I'm wondering if I'm missing a few places. And yes I know I gotta get some basic hoops and must for every girl who's got earrings right? LOL! I hit the mall and bought 4 pairs and way too many headbands again! Next post you can see my haul!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. And remember, "You got a man, respect that! I said you got a man, respect that! Respect that shit!"

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Aradani said...

ooo i've never heard of red velvet cheesecake!
lol there's a whole world of earrings out there just waiting to welcome you with wide open arms!!! you make me realize how I've taken for granted having pierced ears. I was told mine were pierced when I was 3 days old since my mom thought my earlobes were developed enough.
As for earring places, you've already said all the ones I would have suggested, but I do suggest browsing f21 through their site since that usually has more options that their actual stores.
and i've awarded you the perky blogger award! I can't wait for the next post

wuzzyangel said...


Girl... Just reading your blog makes me feel like running around to look for whatever food I can find, that comes close to what you post! LOL! Seriously!! Damn!!

OOOh.. Fondue!! I love it!! I've only had "true" fondue once, and I haven't been able to find it again yet. Only cuz no one I know has a GOOD fondue set! LOL!

DSK earrings are the SHIT!! LOL! But ICINGS or CLAIRES has pretty decent cheap ones!! And most come in sets. With 4 piercings in one ear and 3 in the other, trust me I know! LOL!

K.C. said...

I hope the teaching position works out for you! ;)

Red velvet is my favorite dessert ever!! I found your delicious blog at the wrong time XD (dieting). Ohh, fondue look very fun as well!

I don't have my ears pierced so I can't help you find adorable jewelry, sorry!

Jennnn said...

once i was super intrigued by latte art that i started watching a bunch of videos on youtube of them.. i concluded that most were from japanese cafes. Where did you get all those cakes!? or did you make them? :O Oh as for earrings.. all I know is don't buy them from claire's. Or at least for me--cause their studs suck and like to give me infections.

mayaari said...

i soooo want some of that red velvet cheesecake right now.

for cute earrings, f21 has some good basics - their site usually offers more than what they'd have in a store. I usually wear small hoops or pearls for might even want to check out the no-name accessory shops - you look in the window and it's walls of earrings/headbands/necklaces...I stopped in one last Friday and walked out with 6 pairs of earrings, lol

oh, if your ears happen to be sensitive to some of the earrings - coat the part that goes through your ear with some clear nail polish. my ears are sensitive to nickel, so I just coat all the posts in polish and I can wear em without my ears getting irritated or infected.

MakeupByRenRen said...

my ears arent pierced but i always notice the cute earrings at aldo :)