a lot can happen in a week!

Seriously a lot can happen in a week. My last post was food porn and some stupid drama that happened to me, and now things have totally changed. well not totally, but a lot has changed since then. Thank god for twitter, that way I can update stuff as it happens. Anyways. the big news is that last week, i got an email from someone about a teach position for graphics. At first I was like huh? What? Did i really apply for this? And then it was like wait I did, this was during my quick apply on careerbuilder. Anyways after a few emails, i had an interview like almost immediately, it went really well and i was pretty happy. It seemed really relaxed, minus the fact that i was carry my gym crap. Anyways, she really seemed to like me, and asked me back to do a 15 min presentation on teaching ppl how to use photoshop or illustrator. seems easy enough, except these people have no idea how to use this program at all, hell you had to show them how to launch the program. eek! Talk about scary. Dear god I have to explain how layers work to these ppl? man this is gonna be hard, considering that I just do it, I open up the program and just do it, its second nature to me I guess. oh well, i'm so procrastinating as you can tell. The presentation is wed, so everyone wish me luck and send me good thoughts, I'm so gonna need it! though one thing that irks me, is teaching itself, people say those who can't do teach, so i can't do anything i guess. el sigh.

And you know I hit restaurant week last week! You know I can't resist that! Hee hee! So Tuesday was a very productive day for me, in a way. My friend and I hit up Fig & Olive down in the meatpacking district.

they had really good stuff!

olive oil tasting, i just know the first one had a hint of apricot in it.

Chicken samosa. free range chicken, cilantro, greek yogurt, bell pepper, scallion, cumin, harrisa oil. I have no idea what harrisa oil is, but it was tasty, kinda reminded of me a flakey chicken pot pie. Yes that is how i describe it! it ain't steakums!

zucchini carpaccio. free range chicken, cilantro, greek yogurt, bell pepper, scallion, cumin, harrisa oil. It was pretty good and "refreshing" whatever that means. apparently they had the recipe on their website so you can make it at home.

ceviche in a glass. it was pretty good. I do like a good ceviche!

grilled lamb on rosemary skewers, bell peppers, greek yogurt & couscous with figs, red onion, scallion, tomato. It was pretty good, the portion was ok sized, I mean its lunch not dinner. I did get full.

grlled branzino with fig & balsamic. plating wise they tried to make it look bigger than it was. it was ok. I don't know what kind of fish this is, but it was good.

Berries & cream. mascarpone gelato, strawberries, 18 year aged balsamic. It was tasty!

Chocolate Pot de Creme. chocolate custard and crunchy praline financier. The creme on top was really good, freshly whipped that morning! LOL!

and it was super sweet! the chocolate under it was crazy sweet! I couldn't really finish it!

decor inside. Overall it was a great experience. the staff was really friendly and nice, and my friend and I had a great time, even though she showed up 30 min late, and I was twittering about that. Course its never fun to sit there all alone waiting.

Then I went to bumble and bumble for my free haircut. course my brain is fried and it turns out it was for next week! Eek! ok, I got that it was a tuesday, just the wrong one. ok so tomorrow i'll be getting a free haircut! w00t! course, during all this acrossthemoat is txting me asking me why my friend is so late. you have to love twitter. anyways she said she was gonna be around the area, so course I txted her and met up with her. We walked into the garment district so she could get string for her sewing machine, she got a lot of thread! and then we looked at LONG zippers and molested a few dress forms and such. She then had a strange craving for irish pub fish n chips so off we went!

this is where we ended up. its around 34th street penn station, behind old navy.

acrossthemoat is twittering! LOL! We chatting over a few drinks, and food, and this girl's got so much dirt on me now! She could build a garden with the dirt she has and then host the tea party in it! Yes, we chatted about a tea party!

this is one of many drinks we had. She had the girly drink. I had the Guinness. I think I've just been drinking Guinness all week it seems.

jalepeno poppers!


Acrossthemoat and I were getting tipsy to say the least. she had to go back to jersey to go see Harry Potter with her man. meanwhile I being the complete slacker that I am, went to meet my friends for another restaurant week dinner!

this is a scandinavian restaurant. You'd never find it, or know its a restaurant by looking at it. And its freaking dark in there! seriously! I think I would have blinded everyone if i turned on my flash so my pics weren't that great.

yes that does say herring plate.

yes they gave us popcorn to munch on, as well as bread, that some guy had to walk around carrying a tray for. That way we couldn't eat a ton of bread.

chilled corn soup. it was in the fridge all day it seems. it came with smoked salmon, beets. it was eh, not the greatest.

herring plate. you have to really like herring to appreciate it.

swedish meatballs, were eh, i think the ones at ikea are better. these were kinda dry

seared salmon. fennel, tomato vinaigrette, asparagus. Amazingly good! it was cooked to perfection! definitely get this one!

Arctic circle dessert. goat cheese parfait, passion fruit curd, blue berry sorbet. REALLY good! Its like their known dessert. and hell i don't usually like goat cheese but damn it was good!

chocolate mousse. peanut powder, grape sorbet. it was ok, really sweet, and i didn't finish it.

they had some weird decor going on, square containers with water and sliced up fruit and other things. odd.

I have no idea what these are. any ideas?

Ok that's enough procrastinating for me, I really gotta work on this presentation on how to teach ppl how to use these programs. god i hate doing this part. there are millions of tutorials out there at your fingertips, just google or delicious them. and yet ppl would rather pay money to have someone spoon feed you how to launch the program. sigh. whatever. anyways wish me luck ladies. hope you had a good weekend and had fun!

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Jenn said...

Looking at the last pic again. I think those are chestnuts.

Best of luck on the presentation!

~Mel said...

mm.. one of these days.. i'm going to do restaurant week in nyc! good luck on ur presentation!!

KiLLaCaM said...

good luck on the presentation! I'd probably be the one in class asking a million questions! i don't know how to use photoshop to save my life! i'm a re-tard.

Chrissy said...

Good luck with the presentation!!

wuzzyangel said...


Ahh... you'll do fine on your presentation! I know it!! Jen you got this DOWN!! Trust me!!

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Anna W said...

Good luck!! You'll do great ;)

K.C. said...


I came across your blog from Aradani's most recent blog award post. You take gorgeous food pictures, as much as I like beauty blogs, I LOVE food blogs! I saw that you had a yelp application on your page and I was also impressed since I yelp a lot too! Keep up the good work and drool-worthy posts, you have a new subscriber in me!