How was your weekend?

And how was your weekend ladies? I can say I stuffed my face thoroughly again! Damn no wonder I have to keep going to the gym...damn this eating...damn this gluttony. damn why does food have to taste so good!?

Friday night, we headed here. We ended up here cause we were in the area and we had to get our friends to the airport fast, traffic was bad for them getting back to their apt. My friend had told me about this place before, how it used to be a fish market and then became a sushi place.

its got an indoor pool with koi!

can I just say its the BEST damn sushi ever! Its SO fresh! Its SO GOOD!

this stuff was fresh! like caught that day or something! No fishy smell or aftertaste. damn makes all the other sushi places taste like cardboard!

oh yeah the good stuff. Our friends were like goddamn you bastards! You take me here the last day, at the absolute last hour, where I'm being rushed and I can't enjoy it! You bastards! Why didn't u take me here before?! LOL! Needless to say we drove like crazy ppl to the airport, then drove back within an hour to order MORE! LOL! Yes we're fat bitches!

that's chef Yasu, he found us to be amusing as we ordered, ate, rushed out and then came back and ordered more!

marilyn monroe roll, goddamn this stuff is GOOD! scallops on top, yes raw scallops on top, it wasn't chewy or fishy or anything, it was just perfect! texture, flavors, sauces, goddamn it was some good stuff! Had to order another roll of this!

more sushi! they made it totally fresh, and it was great! You can't go wrong here! Their wasabi is grainy not pasty like from a tube. though I wonder if it is from a tube, either way its damn good! *drools*

yeah you know you want some of this....

and being that I was on a japanese kick, I checked out this new ramen place in flushing. Yes I'm just eating all the damn time now!

apparently their ramen is imported from japan or something...

hmmm ramen, I so should have ordered it with extra pork!

oh yeah...look at that baby!

the staff is pretty friendly, greeting you when you enter and leave. And yes its communal tables! *gasp* but yes we are asian! We know the deal, we go in for food, we don't care where we sit, we eat and we leave!

rare is some burger joint place in the city, went to the downtown location near west 4th area. I went there for a undergrad college meet up. Haven't seen some of these ppl in a couple of months and others I haven't seen in years. So in we go!

I had the blue moon burger, soaked in blue moon and stuff like that. I didn't really get ot eat it, cause I ate half a pizza before getting there since I was starving. And then i was trapped on a train with screaming kids, ugh, your kid is so not cute, in fact its just down right bratty!

And then there was some fucking drama that occurred. Some stupid ass high school catty shit. We're not in high school anymore are we? So why don't you grow the fuck up? Turns out one of these girls who I thought was my friend, was saying shit about me behind my back. oh wtf? Where is this coming from? Goes ahead and says i'm a fucking crazy bitch. No that I'm really crazy, that i'm bi-polar and need to be on meds and wear a straight jacket and shit. That I txt her weird shit. WTF? Did I miss something here? Do you really want the psycho bitch to come out? Cause hell I will bring her out and I will kick your pale white ass back to long island! I don't even txt her ass that much, and when the person who she was blabbing to was like show me the txts, and what did her ass have to say oh i deleted my inbox. yeah cause you a fucking liar that's what.

Now see, normally I wouldn't give a shit, but I've known this girl for a while, and I thought we was cool, we're friends and all this other bs. Took me a few hours to realize why she was saying shit about me. And it all goes back to stupid high school bs. God when will we ever grow up?

The guy she was trashing me to, well let's just say they hooked up a while back, cause hell that's what long island ppl do, they fuck all their friends and act like nothing happened. god talk about bizzaro. I'm sitting at a table with my undergrad friends looking at them and going, god, i'm the only one here that hasn't hooked up with anyone here...god i must be boring!

Anyways, the guy and trash taking 2 faced girl hooked up like 3 years ago. He had to go somewhere for a bit, when he came back he said he'd call her. he didn't call her. Not my fault he didn't want a repeat performance. Or that he didn't call in general, but whatever. Shit ain't no need to be bitter. She hooked up with one of my friend's friends and they're all happy and shit. So weird how they can act like they didn't hook up and nothing happened between them with her new man. Anyways, I had asked her one time where the guy was since I wanted to get ppl together and I was having a party. (don't ask) she blatantly lied to me and said she didn't know where he was. When I spoke to him, he was like yeah i was gone for 3 months and i came back, I was around...odd don't know why she wouldn't want me to talk to him, considering we haven't seen each other in years. Anyways, she finds out that we're talking, chatting, catching up and shit. And that's when this shit starts to surface. She's still got a string attached to him. You know what I mean ladies...the fucking I had him, he's mine and no you can't have him bs. Like seriously wtf?

We're friends you fucking 2 faced tramp! Just cause you hooked up with him doesn't mean I plan on doing it! WTF? Seriously WTF is wrong with you fucking psycho crazy long island ppl? You fuck your friends, then act like everything's ok, and then trash talk and backstab! I am SO FUCKING happy that I AM NOT a stupid fucking long island girl! Maybe it was therapeutic that Pink did the strong island girl for the pow wow. Had I known shit was gonna be this stupid I would have taken off my shoes and just beat the crap out of her right then and there!

Seriously wtf? Needless to say I'm not talking to her anymore, not gonna hang out with her, and should delete her number out of my phone already. I HATE 2 faced liars, esp ones that are still attached to guys like that. Get over it. grow up. I'm done with this crap, and I'm so glad I'm not some stupid dumb long island girl! Thank god I have a fucking brain!

You think I'm crazy? I'll show you crazy the next time you walk down the street!

Anyways, that was a rant....hope you enjoyed the food porn! I'm off to explore restaurant week in NYC, of course, all that food poonage and me with a camera. Course I'm gonna be there! Plus I'm gonna get my haircut for free at Bumble and Bumble again. I'm a poor poor POOR unemployed grad student, well former grad student. Gotta make it count wherever I can! And remember hair grows!

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wuzzyangel said...

Wow!! How many times with how many friends have you gone through this with? I think this is the second time you've blogged about it. Well better off with out them for sure. String attached for reals! That is stupid, especially if it was just a hookup and not a relationship. Insecure bitches.. you don't need um... But I do love the anime stills for visual effect! LOL!

On to happier subjects you and Pam are gonna kill me with a virtual heart attack one day!! You too give the best FOODPORN ever!!! LOL!! I'd run back for sushi that good too!!

Haircut again?! LOL! Me too... It's growing to fast, and I forgot how much I love short hair!

Aradani said...

mmmm you got me craving some sushi!!!
i know what you mean about groups of friends that just trade off with one another. though the ones i knew actually dated and such, but it still makes me uneasy.
i had a crazy 2-faced friend too, but i've completely cut her off in my life now and it feels damn good.

I can't wait to see your new haircut!

K.C. said...

Wah, I love Japanese food and that sushi looks divine!

Also, sorry you had such stressful drama. :( However, I must say you are one bad-ass for the way you are handling it and your writing is awesome! I think a lot of girls have experienced this type of bad friend and had to cut them off, sad!

SUGABUM said...

Yum, that sushi looks good! My bf lives around there, I should check it out.

And congrats on getting the teaching job! What are you teaching?