Hot Yoga anyone?

Nothing like getting your ass kicked in a hot, humid room and feeling every pore of your body sweat out! There were times I didn't know that I could sweat out of that part of my body! But seriously, hot yoga seriously kicked my ass! Aside from the fact that you're in a 105F room, sweating and trying to do 26 poses, and trying to breathe and not pass out, its pretty awesome. I've never sweated this much before, in fact I've never sweated through my entire shirt before, and this is even including cardio at the gym! Whew! I should have taken a before and after pic!

The place where I went is Yoga For the People, I went to their 27th street location cause my friend wanted to go there. It was pretty nice in there. they had showers and a changing room for us. They suggested that we go at least 2 or 3 consecutive days, after that your body doesn't freak out in the heat as much. Also another reason why I like yoga for the people is that they charge not a lot per class, you can go to one class or you can go to as many as you want. I know the one on st marks is a suggested donation. the other two have set prices, the one at 38th is $5 per class, and the one at 28th is $7 per class. its pretty affordable.

My friend and I are going back again tomorrow, damn we're suckers for punishment! but after that we're gonna go back to eat the best damn tortilla's in corona! Yes we went there earlier this week and stuffed our fat little faces!

the storefront, in corona queens!

its pretty spacious! they like their coke bottles!


mango and apple soda. apparently soda made in mexico has sugar cane, not high fructose corn syrup. just a note on that.

cheese and plabano chile pepper, quite good!

carnitas tacos, he usually has this on the weekends, its pulled pork shoulder and pork fat in there, and its SO damn good! he had some left over from the weekend when we went on monday and it was so good we had to order another one!

fish tacos! Damn they were good! Hmm fish tacos!

fresh guacamole and tortilla chips!

we're so gonna hit up this place friday and stuff our faces AFTER hot yoga, yes we're fat bitches!

and then after that we're gonna go to the lemon ice king of corona!!! yes we need to keep stuffing our faces! LOL! one good thing about the lemon ice king is that they give out free icees to the local fireman...who btw go there often and eat their ices, complete with their big shiny red truck....oh yeah...

and yes they're open all year!

I'm being told that I have a glow, apparently from hot yoga, kinda like the glow you get after a facial and crap, but then again i did sweat out of every pore of my body for about 90 minutes, so yeah...if you're curious about hot yoga, go try it, but please remember you will sweat like a mofo, drink lots of water BEFORE going, that is the night before, and drink water on your WAY to hot yoga! and bring a towel and spare clothes.

Oh and dragon boat races coming up!!!!

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Aradani said...

lol i would be an effin fountain of sweat if i did hot yoga since I perspire easily. I was told it was good that i do, but it's pretty annoying.
I wanna try it some day. just to say that i did it lol

K.C. said...

Thanks for the yoga review, it sounds too intense for me though! XD It is really affordable, people charge a lot for yoga these days since it's become trendy. The foods pics are mouth watering as usual!

xppinkx said...


dude i am going to bikram yoga next week!!! i am sooooo stoked...i dont know how i am gunna function but hearing the benefits from doing so i will punish myself! with all that sweat loss...i am sure you loose a ton of weight.... i cant believe the classes are sooooo cheap! i have to pay like 20 bucks a class...thanks for the advice on water drinking will what is the best thing to wear to this hot mess...shorts and a sports bra...give me some some pointers...
and hooooooorah for eating mexican right after....that is right nothing to me is more sexier that a fat bitch!!!


Tammy said...

I so want to try this!!! I've never done Yoga before & I fear I might pass out 5 minutes in..haha!!

The Mexican food looks so yummy!!

KiLLaCaM said...

I'd have a puddle of sweat under me cuz i sweat profusely! LOL. I need to try that out soon. and how yummy does all that food look?

wuzzyangel said...

I remember when the BF's mum & I were doing our yoga, the instructor was telling us about the HOT YOGA! And we were all like, THAT IS INSANE!! So you're INSANE woman!! Great workout I know, great detox I know, but still INSANE!!

Glowing?! You should be supernova after that! :)

Damn, you got me craving Mexi now...... Grrrr...

mayaari said...

sounds like a really great workout! i've done ashtanga yoga, but that's just lots of repetitive poses...I think once my knee is better I'm going to look for yoga studios near me to see if they offer warm/hot yoga classes. thanks for the tips to hydrate - wouldn't want to pass out in the middle of a pose!

~Mel said...

i never knew what that was and u and another person have mentioned it for quite a bit and now i'm curious!! i hope there's one near me bc for $5 or $7 per session, that's a good deal! i want to do it now!! hehe

Bombchell said...

your food looks so yummy, back home we have something that looks like your cheese and plabano chile pepper but its called moi moi lol

Cezanne said...

I did Bikram once a few months ago. OMG I was drenched afterwards and slightly sore but it was awesome. I would definitely do it again.

The Mexican foods looks so very yummy

supervillain said...

i used to love yoga, but I have a good friend who was an instructor for over 16 years. He's a yoga master of sorts. Well, he has really fucked hips now. The cartilage in areas just completely wore down. It's hard for him to even walk up a flight of stairs. He walks around with a cane. I was like damn, I thought yoga was supposed to be super healthy, but it wears down your joints over time. It's so damned sexy though.