Food Poonage!

Yeah everyone likes food porn right? So here's some more! From last weekend till now, goddamn I stuff my face A LOT! No wonder I gotta hit the gym and exercise and watch what I eat, well most of the time that is. I gotta take my vitamins and calcium and drink water and cut out the soda!

After the Pow Wow, I stumbled back home, where my friend took all of us out to lunch! w00t!

The Menu, hee hee! apparently this restaurant is in the miracle mile where all the high end designer brands hand out, like prada, versace, hermes, tiffany, you get the idea. and the bulk of ppl there are like oh we're going to the boat, or did u just get off the boat? like damn rich bitches!

bellini to start things off!

fruitti de mare, yeah its seafood pasta. tasted damn good, esp with the garlic in it! yeah I so needed a tic tac after that!

pizza with prosciutto on it. Damn it was salty!

margarita pizza with eggplant. quite tasty, and it was carbtastic!

and if that wasn't enough, then we had to order dessert! it was a chocolate cake thing, with pistachio ice cream

tiramisu. pretty good. lots of expresso powder!

and yes i baked again that weekend cause i had to go to a bbq and u can't just roll up there and not have anything, can't show up empty handed you know? cause that would just be RUDE! *ahem*

lime zest! i made crunch feet by the cake love guy. they were pretty good. it reminded me of the taste of a margarita with the lime and salt and sugar.

baking in the oven. I also made an apricot version of it.

hmmm crunchy feet. you had to slam these suckers onto the counter to get it out, and you had to do it while it was still hot, otherwise those suckers will just STAY in there forever! bastards!

hmmm magic hat #9! and wine from viva la france!

Bizarro world! i roll up in there with my crunchy feet, and cupcakes and then someone rushes up to me and goes "what are you doing here?!" in chinese mind you. I look at her and go wtf? I rolled up in here with cupcakes, what did you bring? Nothing! It was my lush of a cousin who was there. she was apparently the annoying gf that everyone talks about. small world don't you think? anyways the ppl there were like you two are related? really? no! yeah it was weird. then there was this other girl there, that apparently went school with my brother. weird right? we're all chatting and talking and having a great time. i decide to take a picture of this weirdness and send it to my brother, who just goes WTF?

there was great food at the bbq, and then there was this! yes scorpion candy! And there were crickets too! Then we proceeded to play flip cup and beer pong. God I am too old to be doing this shit as I'm not in college anymore!

and if that wasn't enough, I go to Rub BBQ in the city too! OMFG I'm a fat bitch!

chili cheese fries, can you feel the grease gushing through your arteries yet?

10 seconds later! damn!!!!

st louis ribs. they only had one slab left, and hell we had to order it fast! Rub was out of their rib tips, an turkey and some other stuff, so we were like we want RIBS!

baby back ribs as well, let's not discriminate right?

then we got this massive platter of stuff. I don't remember what they called it, but it was obscene! quarter ribs, brisket, ham, pastrami, sausage, they were out of turkey so they just gave us more! and chicken and pickles sprinkled around.

clearly the term heart attack has no relevance here

we devoured what we could and took the rest home.

this place is pretty decent. wish they wouldn't be running out of crap al the time you know?

Wow Prey you're a fat bitch! Damn do you just eat all day or something? Shit don't you get tired of eating? Is that all there is to do in NYC is just eat? Hellz yeah! that and a few other things. Anyways, no food porn post would be complete without dessert! Oh yeah I went there!

Dessert truck baby! Follow them on twitter!

creme brulee. they switch up their desserts so its not always the same thing, except that damn goat cheese cheesecake, god i hate goat the FACE!

I got the chocolate mousse with peanut butter center, oh god that was good, and yes that is crunch n munch on top. Yes even after eating ALL that bbq, i went to get dessert.

Then i got stuck in traffic on the BQE for about an hour, it turned into a parking lot. there are some damn ass ghetto ppl out. they started blasting their ghetto music loud, jumping in their cars, screaming and hollering like they were a bunch of zoo animals. The same annoying girl kept screaming out Party on the BQE! I was like wtf? STFU you are so fucking annoying!

Anyways, let's see what this weekend has in store for me. Sunday is gonna be a mini undergrad reunion for me. Oh its time to be bad, oh so bad again, cause that's what I'm so good at! LOL!

Also, its restaurant week again! rather 2 weeks, last time it was like a month! Time to hit up some places, not sure where to go this time around, as the list of places got shorter, but hey let's see. Of course there will be more food porn!

Does anyone know where to get some affordable/cheap summer dresses? I already hit up f21, anyone got any ideas? Enjoy your weekend ladies, drink, eat, party it up!

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Aradani said...

lol you tell that crunchy-feet-less bitch to get the f_ck out! damn straight, you should attend contributing something. ah well, "small world" experiences always make for good stories. and yes to food porn!!! i wish i could eat as lavishly as you do.
as for places to shop other than f21...
charlotte ruse and H&M??? Some places that require a bit of searching are Buffalo Exchange (if you don't mind second hand brand name stuff) and Marshall's and Ross.

Anna W said...

Love your blog! You're making me hungry everytime I read it.

wuzzyangel said...

SONOFABITCH!!! Dammit Prey!! You always get me jonesing to hop on a plane and you and me gorg to we die of gluttony!!

I'd eat ALL OF THAT!! Well except the scorpion pop, but otherwise..... DAMN!

Your crunchy feet look good!! Send some to me! LOL! I love how you're baking more now!!

Can't help you on the dress. I'd say Walmart or Target.. yeah I'm cheap like that!

SUGABUM said...

Dessert Truck! YUM YUM YUM

Tiffany said...

Ross has cute dresses but you gotta digdigdig lol

american eagle has some dresses for like $15 & last time I went there were a bunch left which was like on 6/30.

I am so hungry for bbq right now!!

K.C. said...

OK, this is my last comment for tonight, I swear! You have teh best food porn. My stomach is growling.

I like getting cheap dresses at Ross, Target, and Marshalls. I don't know if they have those stores on the East Coast though...

If you have time, I would love for you to visit my blog! Thanks!