Fiesta Thursday!

Nachos! Fresh Guacamole! Margaritas! Why its Fiesta Thursday! And no fiesta would be complete without a monsoon right? LOL! It was super windy yesterday to say the least. Taking the path over into Jersey where @acrossthemoat lives. That was an adventure, i haven't taken the Path train since well high school it seems, when I went to Newport Mall! Damn they have some good popeyes there!

Hmmm Popeyes...could sure go for some right now...

Anyways digressing here. the lovely Tammy joined us, she was stuck in traffic ready to kill someone after being stuck in traffic for an hour! And then we all had margaritas! w00t!

yes I'm a fucking drunk lush. and what?!

Viks was so sweet and nice inviting us into her home and letting us run amuck! Viks' hubby was also cute, making the drinks for us. But then going back to the room as us girls where gabbing and chatting and drinking our margaritas! There are some things a guy just doesn't want to hear!

Viks taking pics of her food. How domestic! She's got an awesome view of the building across her. she can see people lounging around, gay couples arguing with huge hand gestures. girls doing pillow fights in their undies and then making out, I mean that's better than tv! LOL!


good stuff!

fresh guac made by the domestic viks herself!

Tammy brought over this HUGE bottle of wine, which was just too classy for us, being that we're drinking margaritas! Plus in the windy weather, it blew off my sombrero! LOL! But we had a great time chatting, and talking, god we got some good dirt on Viks finally! Considering how much she had on me! It was great getting to chat with both these great ladies as I didn't get to chat with them at the Pow Wow, there were so many people there, and that table was so long!

Chanel vs Mary Kay = natural vs whore. And that's all I'm gonna say!

this sweater's for you Tammy! Actually both of them are for you! *shudders* Ugly sweaters! Still don't understand how and why ppl wear this. I hope this isn't someone you know in this pic. I think the nose may light up! LOL!

Train back was kinda creepy. Damn Path trains! Damn public transportation! But I made it home eventually.

I also tried to make these cherry cupcakes, and yeah they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them to be, could be that i misread this one part.

I got the dry ingredients right, sifting 5 ounces of flour, that sucked. but everything else was easier.

Making the damn cherry puree screwed me up. ewie frozen cherries!

why would u tell me to use 10 oz of cherries, then have me reduce it down to half then tell me to only use 1/4 of a cup! I was in the zone so when i was mixing the dry and wet ingredients in, I dumped all the cherry puree i made in! eek!

creaming sugar and butter together

they didn't turn out the way I had expected. Sigh. well, now I know, 1/4 of a cup, sigh!

Fave quote from last night. Viks is just funny when she's telling her stories of eye fucking, and crazy biatches. Some girl who was with her man was totally eyefucking her man. Viks got mad and said to the girl in her indoor voice" You got a man! Respect that!" Course the girl pretended not to hear, so Viks used her outdoor voice, " I said you got a man! Respect that! Respect that shit!" LOL! OMG! I'm gonna be yelling that out tonight to random girls now, hee hee!

Got no call or response back from the teaching position, so alas. not sure what to think of that. But today I'm gonna eat sushi! w00t! And I've got some reviews of beauty products that I haven't got around to but I should get to. So ladies have a great weekend, and remember " Respect that! Respect that shit!"

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Bombchell said...

LMAO at Vik & the stranger that's hilarious!! I would have paid to see that, provided it wasnt directed at me lol. Her apartment is gorgeous. seems like it was so much fun

Aradani said...

wow that view is great!
and lol christmas sweaters make me cringe when they're taken way too seriously. honestly, I'd wear one for fun, but it's never something I plan to do. My sis-in-law loves seasonal sweaters but I tell her to walk away from them in stores.

wuzzyangel said...

LOL! RESPECT THAT!! That is great!

MMmm.. Home made nachos!! Her view is AMAZING!!! Dang!! Peepin Tom heaven!!

Yay for Tammy joinin ya'll too!!

So drunk lush... them cupcakes still look good to me!!

No comment on the sweaters.... O_o

Tammy said...

Fiesta Thursday was great!!! Respect that!!!!! haha!!!!

btw--Face Shop & Bliss are my skin care obsessions..I absolutely LOVE the Bliss lotions.