East Coast Pow Wow!

damn I am a lazy f*cker aren't i? Everyone else has about posted their pics up, and here I am just grazing along...hee hee...I had one crazy ass weekend, and that friday night just started things off like a tornado! And of course I took, rather we all took pics of food instead of each other, cause we is azian right? LOL! I got there late cause well shit happens along the way, and you can read my other blog to see what stupid dumbass shit I was up to before.

hummus not haggis! hee hee.

deep fried zucchini and eggplant.

There was some veggie lasagna thing there too, but I didn't snag a pic of it. I was just wondering why we all decided to wear black for some reason, except for Lynn1223, yeah she was all about being blue. hee hee! Yes there I am trying to get into the picture! Yes i stole this pic from acrossthemoat, and what?!

calamari, though I always think of it as foreskin. there I said it, cause that's what it looks like. *snip snip*

some meatballs! hee hee!

Kendall's chicken! I met Kendall for the first time that night, she's so funny! Girl traveled far from CT

seafood pasta thing. That's what beautymoogel was having...hee hee

my lamb shank doesn't look very appealing does it? Me and furiousfeng both had it, though the waiter thought we were gonna share for some unexplainable reason, no we said we BOTH were having it, not sharing it!!!!

paparazzi pic! xmayaarix with her pasta dish! She's working the bump it too! Ii thnk a lot of girls were working the bump it! Though xmayaarix said it was tight on her head and it may not stay in there the whole night!

our hostess chatting with us. Didn't want to blind her with the flash.

before the swap, our hostess is showered with lovely presents, as the hostess gift. LOL! You gotta love xpinkx! yes i stole this pic from xmayaarix...and what?

our hostess the very sexy xpinkxx explaining how the swap works....though I'm still confused

xpinkxx getting confused over the swap too now! LOL!

me being silly, as I got the harajuku bag that I had been staring at Sephora, I really couldn't believe it, that I got that as a swap. Super thanks to Lily for it! We agree on eating lamb and have good taste in sephora bags! Sephora bags, the bag that keeps giving!

now i'm being silly with Kendall, as I hold the bag next to her harajuku grls perfume. so cute! yeah we're being silly

we're all laughing as we swap and are all have a great time. yes i stole these pics from Tammy...and what?!

We took a group photo outside, and some weird dude came out and took a pic of us with HIS camera. so somewhere in cyberspace is a pic of us by some random dude, who apparently has never seen that many girls in one place at the same time, dressed like a bunch of glorified skanks. LOL!

We trekked out dressed like glorified skanks, and that was pretty damn interesting. damn how do these long island girls do it? walk around like that and get harassed like that? I gotta as my long island friends. hee hee. yes i went to college out there in stony brook for 4 years in the pits of hell of long island. yeah that was an interesting experience for me. don't adjust your glasses, I am colored...I know you've never seen colored folk before but seriously, stop staring and just take a pic instead!

Getting to the karaoke place was an adventure. We got in a cab, got out of the cab, Tammy then drove us there, the navi was giving us issues, and when we finally got there, some lady driving some big suv or truck was right up on our asses trying to steal our parking stop! WTF? Oh hellz no! But during the car ride, we all slipped into our flip flops and out of our heels! LOL!

it was pretty fun watching xpinkx and the other ladies sing and goof off

what song to pic? hmmm...

group photo! LOL!

look at us just chilling!

xpinkx on the table with a tambourine no less!

always the life of the party!

I have no idea what song this is...

scary to think that there's a book that thick devoted to just that!

me and acrossthemoat at penn station. She had to head into Jersey and I had to get on my LIRR train home. Damn I look greasy, its time to break out the blotting papers. It was great meeting you and we should definitely hang out! But we ain't cleaning no houses! Afterwards as I got onto the train, a bunch of LOUD ass stupid drunk long island ppl got on the train being stupid drunk fuckers. And I blended in with what they were wearing. LOL almost. goddamn it was 3:30 am and these fuckers are getting on the train to go home? wtf?

It was great meeting all you ladies, finally meeting you in person. At first I was like I know you, mostly by your online name or twitter, just not your real name. LOL! it was great, and I definitely want to do it again. LOL at Tammy's story on how her man bought her that dress that day to wear to the pow wow. and how everyone was like i don't normally dress like this...get a bunch of girls together, and we laugh, and giggle, and chatter, its awesome isn't it? Yes I stole pics from all you ladies hee hee! No i'm not gonna take them down, we're just gonna have to fight for it! remind me to add you to my blogroll thing if I haven't, I'm just insanely lazy...yeah...I admit it, I'm sloth...

and yes I would totally add you to my facebook! xpinkx gave us a bottle of pink nail polish, which I'll post a pic of soon, and the awesome gift i got from furiousfeng!

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wuzzyangel said...

GAH!! FOODPORN.... SEXY LADIES!! GLORIFIED SKANKS! ROAD RAGE (well almost) Where the hell was I?! Oh yeah.. Stuck on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Oh well...

Everyone's post just keeps making us non EC peeps Jelly to MAX!!! :P LOL!! Glad you all had a great time!!

Bombchell said...

lmao I was about he to comment, then the scary piggy from the picture below wiped my thoughts lol.

Tammy said...

LOL..I love how you gave the 'behind the scenes' story of the night!! $4 cab ride, crappy GPS, 'you put on heels & a skirt & suddenly everyone can't control themselves.' haha!!

It was great meeting you!!

~Mel said...

haha.. u're just funny in person as u are on twitter! girl, i'd be sporting NO bumpit. haha.. tried to do it the old fashion way with some help but def no bumpit.. tee hee.. hope we can get together again!! =)

MakeupByRenRen said...

OMG how fun! wish i couldv'e made it...i'll make it to at least one pow wow in my lifetime!

C. said...

you all look FABULOUS!

FuriousFeng said...

Great minds think alike! ;D

Glad you like the bag! I love all the food porn too! YUMMY!

mayaari said...

soooo behind on commenting! haha I might have to edit my post and "borrow" your pics from the night too! the bumpit actually stayed on my head until I took it out (which was about 30 minutes after I left, when I got to change in a bathroom stall - whee!). It was a fun night - thank you again for the lashes...I think I'm going to try using the normal ones soon :)