Weekend Update

I know its been a week since my last post. Been busy and productive this week. Worked on my dad's site more, showed him, got a new phone plan, helped my friend with her catering thing, took a few pics for her website, worked out more doing a million hula hoops on the wii fit, designed a diploma for my former teacher who is now teaching at a film school, and yeah went to a wedding! Whew!

my friend's food, from her catering service. She had to do it in chinatown, a cocktail hour for a chinese banquet.

heart shaped ravioli. The bride had it in tacky chinese restaurant, and hired a decorator with yards and yards of fabric to cover it up. But the decorator was SO unprofessional. Once my friend finished plating the food, the decorator would come over and take the food, and the drinks, and then tell her staff to do the same! WTF? You're NOT suppose to be eating! esp when the food's NOT for you!

the food looked very nice, but I just couldn't get over how unprofessional the decorator was. I mean honestly, the food is NOT for you, its for the guests! you do your job and leave! and she kept on coming back for more food, like OMG! And here I am trying to take pics of her food for her website! I was seriously annoyed at how unprofessional she was acting!

My friend was busy plating and setting up and making sure everything was hot when served. But some of the guests, (white ppl) were really oblivious, she had signs and flags of the countries where the food came from next to the food, and they were like WHAT IS THIS!? In that annoying long island accent, oh yeah you know what I mean. WTF? Are you blind or too lazy to read it? One NASTY old lady using her fingers to pick up the heart shaped ravioli, omg, it comes in a mini plate and there are utensils! WTF just cause you're old doesn't mean you have to be fucking nasty!

I took more pics of her catering gig yesterday at a chinese church on long island. Damn what is with long island? Anyways it was a bit more relaxed there. There wasn't extra staff there to try to steal the food. Except this one lady but she was being nosy and looking around but she knew not to take food that wasn't hers. Yes this was a cocktail hour of sorts in the church, as the bride couldn't invite everyone to the reception, but everyone at the church was invited to the ceremony and cocktail hour. After that I was off to another wedding, this time as a guest.

wedding cake, its a square, it had a very strong vanilla scent as you walked around it looking at it. yes those are sugar flowers on it.

this was the inside of the cake, the vanilla was DENSE like poundcake! yes green tea icing and that's chocolate.

this is me being bad again. yes i'm gonna lick the ice sculpture!

betsey johnson dress. thank god her sample sizes are size 6. yeah the person was kinda drunk when they took it. hence the blur.

so dark at the table. I was at a table with 2 babies! well they were almost one, but damn, its like everyone there had a kid, like a handbag, carry it around. the dance floor was filled with ppl with kids, not actual ppl dancing!

wedding food

I didn't have a great time at these weddings simply because of the fake nature of people. The groom I've known since college, I lived with him during the summer and he's pretty cool. He's one of the last to get married, holding out! He's in a frat and god all the cliches of it come true to life with it. Fake girls that never spoke to me in college or high school for that matter, pretend to talk to me, or care cause in college I was dating someone in a frat, but it was so obliviously fake. It just annoyed me that when I was there, I was like you're all fake two face skanks. One girl was just running around taking 500 million pictures of the frat guys, like what are you? the frat whore now? Everything was fake like pink packets of sweet n low and fake nails and extensions and orange glow tans. Girls pretending to want to hold babies so they could get attention. So fake. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I did however have to do a shot with the groom before I left, to remember old times. I do wish him the best.

Designed a diploma, and the graduation is Friday. I am somewhat excited once my former teacher goes to the print shop and prints them out. That's pretty cool.

I switched phone providers cause AT&T sucked at what they were charging me. 40 for minutes, 15 for 1500 txts, and that was a lot already and I didn't have data. they wanted 30 for data and I'm like WTF? So crazy. My bro is on sprint and he got this awesome plan a few years ago. he pays 30 bucks for unlimited txts and data, and he gets 400 min. wtf right? he's added his friend to his plan and after tax it costs 36 bucks per line, so he added me, and it took a while mostly because of the palm pre, no i can't get the palm pre on this plan, sprint is being like at&t with the iphone where they force you to take the most expensive plan. No biggie, i'm just gonna use my bro's old phone until i can get a new one. 36 bucks a month woot!

I'm on qik.com, its where you turn your phone into a webcam and you can stream live what you're doing. yes my dumbass is totally up on that thing cause its like twitter/twitpic but it moves! LOL! Same user name as here, so you should add me, if you find me. Though my phone is acting up a bit cause it keeps saying offline. Annoying the crap out of me. So yeah live streaming at the east coast pow wow ladies! That is if I ever get this shit to work the right way! LOL!

Anyways hope you ladies had a fun weekend!

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wuzzyangel said...

FOODGASM!! OMG!! I soo would've pigged out!! BUt yes that is so unprof of the decorator. ANd I hate those kind of peeps that you talk about!! :(

Have fun at the East Coast PowWow!! Sprint is the best for plans! I've been with them 10yrs now... but their phones aren't as Snazzy though.

Violet Honeybee said...

Mm... those raviolis look so cute!! =D i wouldnt wanna get married just because i wouldnt know who to invite hahaha