Taste of Times Square

Sometimes it really is good to be living in nyc. Food porn coming! Taste of Times Square is a food and music fest. U buy stuff with tickets which u purchase. The most anything costs is 5 tix = $5, most things were 2 -3 tix, which is pretty good, u get to taste the food and be amused and happy. And yes I stuffed my fat little face!

fire up them chickens! Virgil's bbq!

ribs! virgl makes good ribs! hmmm dead animal flesh!

my rib and chicken plate. hmmm...dead animals!


big cookie, well somewhat.

hmmm desserts!

steak sandwich on garlic bread! hmmm!

oh yeah grill it up! chris ruth's steakhouse makes a damn good sandwich!

not sure what these are

grape leaves

yes that is B.B. King.

i don't know why applebee's is there either.


a mexican band i think...

bread pudding!!!!

so alone...

bad bread pudding

carve it up!

beef empanada!

it was super crowded!

sausages hanging out! save the chorizo!

damn you hello kitty! following me everywhere!

its a chicken superhero! yes its chicken bar!

I stuffed my face and was happy and full, drank free samples of sobe water and saw a lot of different kinds of food. It was pretty fun. Gluttonous aren't I? BBQ fest in NYC this weekend! w00t! I so need to keep doing the exercise routine on self.com. I started doing them, and I would start sweating like wtf? I didn't think I was gonna sweat but damn! hope you like the food porn...hmmm....

4 stalkers:

Fugface said...

oh my gosh! that food looks soo gooood. I almost want to move to ny now.

wuzzyangel said...

FOODPORN!! YES!! I will so have to get my arse up to NYC one week and gorge!

We have something similar called the Taste Of Honolulu! LOL! But ours is more expensive! And the portions down here def look smaller!!

ChyiX2 said...

Holy cow! You saw B.B King?!?

That dessert table had me drooling all over the keyboard. Is this event once a year? Cause if it is, Imma jump on a plane to NY next June and check it out!!

Violet Honeybee said...

fuck now im REALLY hungry.. i hate you and your food porn.. *grrr