steak anyone?

yes I went to go stuff my fat little face some more. Yeah the scale isn't gonna tell me anything new!

Yes its one of those places you have to go to, kinda like the going to the nudie bar for the first time, or going to disneyland, everyone's talked about it, but you've never tried it, so yeah go try it, see how it is, and be like yeah been there done that. Hee hee!

I went with some ppl, and some really fucking annoying ppl, that seriously wouldn't STFU! I was like wow, are all fat short people this annoying? particularly girls, if you're a short fat girl you think that your personality is "bubbly" or witty? No, Its not, its just straight up annoying, Screaming loudly in public = attention whore. yes you're short, yes you're fat, but guess what? you're nothing special no matter how hard you try. Please stop screaming or talking loudly, especially when you're as boring as a fuck. I really can't stand it.

Then there was the one guy who kept insisting that we ONLY get the porterhouse and the rib sucks, that in fact everything else sucks but the portorhouse. geez. then the group we went with for some reason decided to share the steaks and rib. god why? i dunno either. he insisted one steak be rare cause he loves his rare steak. ok i get it. that and the fact that we actually got a reservation we still had to wait up to an hour. wtf? the guy was like there are 5 tables who have paid but they were just sitting there chatting. that's when we decided to find these 5 tables and then stare at them so they would leave. anyways they were pretty nice and they gave us a free bottle of red wine.

tomato and onion salad. the onion is sweet, and the tomato is red and yummy. Definitely not ur ordinary salad.

this is the thick bacon appetizer, and dear god it was THICK and yummy. yeah my ass is getting fat

steaks were pretty damn good. god they poured the butter and cholesterol that dripped from the steak back onto the steak that was already cut. goddamn there goes my dieting plans. after that was dessert truck. dear god my ass is gonna stay fat. gotta hit the gym more and more.

they gave us these chocolate coins as we tried to settle the bill. PL only takes cash. god the neighborhood where they were was seriously crappy.

I also saw Up. Go old ppl! go hip replacement! go aarp! go medicaid! It was a pretty cute movie, it had deeper meaning than just a kiddie movie. It really didn't have to be in 3d. but it was good, the dog doug was funny. Squirrel! Point! I just met you but I love you! I didn't see a short so i totally got ripped off on that. And there were a lot of fucking ghetto ass kids there with their even more ghetto parents, all speaking spanish, shit, are you gonna be translating the entire movie? do you need subtitles? ugh. I fucking hate other ppl's kids esp ghetto ones.

Still trying to do some exercise, and not eat a whole pizza and try to eat healthy. Sigh, this is hard. A lot of things are hard, but right now I need to focus on stuff. I need to focus on that list.

*added cause i'm pissed off*
remember that wanna be goth emo punk rock girl i was spoofing before? Ok, well there's another reason why i'm annoyed, aside from the obvious ones. You may have heard me talk about it on blogtv a few times before. Anyways some guy is in love with her and she basically said no but keeps that string attached to him and leads him around. now she's leading someone else around by their dick. sigh why are guys so stupid? seriously. anyways same friend to defended his stupid fat racist friend to me yes the one that called me an adjective cause she's so stupid is being lead around by her. good job. i can see school really paid off for you. anyways, he actually had the nerve to buy her the SAME shirt I bought minutes before in the store. I was slightly annoyed. i was more annoyed that he made me wait there in the store while carrying my goddamn 15 inch laptop, i was tired ot say the least. he spent all this time trying to get a hold of her to ask her if she wanted a shirt. geez. since when did you become her lapdog being lead around by your dick? course he defends himself, we're all friends. blah blah blah friends do shit for each other. Ladies. we all know what this means. guys are usually ok, they go with things, no guy goes out of his way to be that nice. right? You're being lead around by ur dick buddy. good job. course he gets mad at me. whatever.

MY shirt, is way cuter on me. I got MY shirt way before she did if you scroll down you can see when i got it. She got her grubby hands on that shirt cause of my idiot friend who's being lead around by his dick. Cause its so hard to be punk rock emo shopping at hot topic. I hate girls that do this, and I hate the guys that know they're being used and have the nerve to get mad at me when I point it out them. Truth hurts deal with it. Anyways. here's a link to the retard wearing MY shirt. yes you'll have to copy and paste it.

yes she's too stupid to have an actual technology show. god u can see the disaster in that. so instead she has this lame show about youtube videos that are funny, though these vids are seriously old and we've all seen it like before. talk about behind in the times. but i guess the guy is just too in love with her to see how lame it is, but smart enough to realize what a retard she is. yes i'm annoyed. bitch you give the rest of us a bad name, stop using guys like that, but hey if they're that dumb then they deserve it.

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Cherrielantern said...

omg...those steaks look sooo good. =) i could never be a vegetarian...i'd die not having meat..and i love bacon. lol how much was the bill? i heard peter luger is like...super expensive

Violet Honeybee said...

mmm.. steak.. i LOOOOVE steak.. *drools..

awww i wanna see Up! =D looks like such a cute movie~

adin_22 said...

Oh yeah!!!I heard that Peter Luger's steak are so good!!!though I haven't tried it yet....

mszcheysser said...

Oh myyyy! The food looks so delish! *Drools.

I watched UP too! I liked it. It was really funny, but I felt sad for the old man too :(

wuzzyangel said...

FOODPORN!! MAH GAWD!! I wanna go to NYC and just eat the night away with you one day! Seriously! A whole day of gluttony!

SOrry about the crappy company though. You seem to be getting a lot of that recently. And ugh.. that girl needs to wake up!

!UP was really cute! But like I said on Twitter.. It's kinda depressing when you think about it. Fredrickson's story... Russell's story.. hell even Doug's story! Damn depressing!

M said...

hello luger steak... my tummy wants some! and the thick cuts of bacon!!!

i didn't see up yet. god what's taking me so long

do i miss your blogtv sessions or something?!??!?!