My busy foodie weekend!

This was a very busy weekend for me! I was busy stuffing my face, mostly with the flesh of dead animals, hee hee! It was the 7th annual big apple bbq. and damn it was filled with bbq goodness! I don't get why some ppl just found out about it, its been going on for like 7 years already! I've gone for like 3 or 4, so when I posted that I was going on fb, twitter and a few other things, ppl were like huh? what? explain! cmon people, they had commercials for it on tv! then there were some ppl who posted omg there's bbq at madison park! like duh! cmon! what have you been doing?!

that's whole hog, its yummy! commence drooling!

whole hog! with yummy slaw!

he look familiar? he should, he was on throwdown with bobby flay, and yes he did beat him! Apparently A LOT of ppl watched that episode cause they were all swarming around him, talking to him, taking his picture, and he was just loving it up! He felt like a small celeb, people wanted to try his whole hog to see just how good he is. sad thing is that he beat bobby on ribs not whole hog.

he rolled on in with this baby. damn its HUGE!

he gave out free pork skin! god it was good!

free pork skin waiting to be eaten!

brisket baby! From the salt lick from texas! they ran out of brisket halfway through the day! needless to say, people were very unhappy!

another whole hog with slaw mixed into it! hmmm!

whole hog baby! it just falls apart when they pull it out!

RIBS! oh i had so many ribs! from everyone! i was quite shameless!

check out the pork skin!

check out the generator!

more ribs!

cutting up more ribs!

cute sign

putting sauce on the soon to be pulled pork shoulder!

sausage with pimento cheese and cracker, has a kick, definitely tastes good wen u put them all together!

free snapple! full size bottle.They were giving these away for free, I got there early saturday and grabbed a bunch, but ppl were going crazy and grabbing so many that they finally had to stop, and forced ppl to get on a line and people could only take one. and they could only give out a certain amount once every hour, it was pretty insane. plus people weren't buying drinks cause they grabbed the snapple. I did snag a lot of snapple, its the all natural version now. and i got a free t shirt too!

they were giving this out for free! I was like NO WAY! I love this stuff! i snagged up a bunch, drank like 4 saturday and was ready to go eat more bbq! This stuff retails for like almost 3 bucks each! my friend snagged an entire case! shameless I say! When they ran out that was it! they also gave out free edy's show churned ice cream, i only ate one, but once they were gone that was it! People are savages when it comes to free stuff!

they had their own beer garden, and a stage with live music. I really didn't care for the live music that was blaring out of the speakers around the bbq, but whatever.

Yes that is Billy Mays! Oxyclean! orange glow! Yes host of pitchmen! He gave out free oxyclean in a spray bottle to go, which was great cause i dripped bbq sauce onto my jeans, and I tested it out, yes i used it and damn it did lighten the stain, one part was gone and the other was still somewhat visible, but damn that was pretty awesome! yes i'm wearing my meat is murder shirt! damn why am i so pale there?

yes that is a pig foot, it fell off the pig, they would give that away to ppl who wanted to gnaw on it. some stupid bleach blonde black eyebrow woman wanted it, and then didn't eat it! in fact shejust took a pic with it and wanted to show her aging husband who was hitting on some younger girl, only to throw it away, what a waste! other ppl wanted it and they wanted to gnaw on it! Talk about a stupid bitch!

jim beam supports firefighters, which i find ironic in a way. They gave out free lipbalm.

I got some free ampl drink, it has guarana, ginseng, and taurine! w00t! I drank some while i was there and I was like wheee!!!! You gotta love free stuff!

sauces for sale!

FREE pork samples! God I found that to be funny. They were giving out free t-shirts as well. hee hee!

yes the other white meat! Hmmm, pork is a great thing, seriously it is. At least the salt they use on it is kosher! hee hee! those who don't eat pork, damn more for me! you don't know what you're missing!

While in that area I saw my fat asshole I hit you bc i love you ex from college. He was fat, ugly and nasty as ever! Course he'd be around the free pork samples. I put my sunglasses off and avoided him cause the crowds were HUGE. Anyways, as I was walking around later getting some free snapple cause it was fucking hot. There he was again, walking with his friend and then I saw just hot FAT he got. Goddamn! I was hiding behind my other friends cause I didn't want him to see me, Its like ew, dude, don't even look at me you nasty fucker! They all looked at him and went wow, he's really fat! LOL! Then i saw he was holding hands with this little girl, well she was just short, and I was like damn girl, does he tell you that line too? i hit you bc i love you? anything i do while i'm angry isn't my fault cause you pissed me off? damn you must like getting hit then. good luck with that one!

see this? this is a fast pass, you buy this a couple of weeks in advance. This allows you to walk into the VIP section behind and go on a shorter line. Yes this was so awesome! No need to stand on that super long line everyone else stands on in the front that just winds around. The VIP section had trees and park benches and clean porta pottys and sinks! That was great, sinks! and soap! and paper towels! The lines were shorter, and we got to eat and move on. It was a great investment and I highly recommend this, it cost like 100 bucks but you can bring a friend as you can see. So the two of you can go and buy food for more ppl who are waiting outside sitting somewhere. You avoid the long lines and feed all your friends! :P

After that, for some reason we decided that we should go to mitsuwa. I don't know why, I've never been there. We went and goddamn the parking lot was super retarded! And they were having a food festival thing there and it was the last day. The lines for the octopus balls was INSANE! it wrapped around and around. And WTF is up with these stupid white kids dressed up like their wanna be anime characters that just hang out there? Is this their version of a mall? Seriously wtf? Is there nothing to do in jersey? Then there were the annoying asian kids that talk in that annoying way, oh yes i know everything, this sake is the best, oh i know everything, plz STFU no one cares how loudly you're talking, you're a nerd and nerd rage = fail!

these custardy cake things, I dunno they were damn tasty! They also said no pictures after I took the picture. I didn't get why.

look a fish! they were very cute and tasty!

I did wander around and looked for the blackhead remover stuff. I bought one, but I couldn't remember the one xpinkx used. I also looked at all the shampoo and conditioners and other goodies! I gotta go back there soon to get more stuff after I do some research on it!

after that, we drove around jersey and stopped off at some park. It had a nice view of the city.

Don't you remember these things? I looked through this thing and could see the boats in the water. Unfortunately when I went over to use it there was this older nasty couple there making out. ew! they were like old like older grown ups and I was like cmon! you're not teenagers!

anal plastics in chinatown! LOL! We wandered back into the city after jersey.

After that we went and found this huge park in forest hills that has a carousel, tennis courts, golf course, a concert hall, horse trails, and yes horses to ride. then after that my friend asked me to make more cupakes! i told him i didn't have a mixer, and he was like I have one, i'll get the ingredients and you just come over and make it! 4 sticks of butter in the frosting alone, damn that's gonna hurt.

Yes that was a foodie weekend, and me goofing off a lot. You gotta be happy. You gotta live life. So tell me ladies how was your weekend?

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Cherrielantern said...

omg!!! is that bbq thing only one weekend? i'm sorry, but i've really never heard of shameful...everything looks soooo yummy =)

iamgrape1119 said...

WOW! What a fun weekend! I REALLY shouldn't have come in to your blog when I'm hungry! LOL! I want that pork skin like WHOA!

wuzzyangel said...

Dang my weeked SUCKED ASS compared to yours!! Look at all that HOG!! ANd mmmmm pork skin is goood!! Dammint Prey!! Why do you always tempt me soo!! WhY?! You and that damn Billy Mays! LOL! Hey I love Oxyclean in my laundry! LOL!

And hit you cuz I love you?! BULLSHIT!!

Mmm.. custard cakes....DAMN YOU PREY!

Violet Honeybee said...

god I wish they had something like that in LA.. *drools.. Mmm.. Meat..

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow that looks amazing! you make me wish i ate pork, lol