flip bbq and pow wow outfits

its a piggy! and its mooning you! LOL!

This weekend I went to the pits of jersey to eat at a flip bbq, i have to say Flips know their pork products! My god there was so much food, and so many kids! eek!

not a huge whole hog, a junior piggy, like a teenager! and yes i brought tupperware to bring some back

Flip beer! Pretty good!

ox tail, short rib, chicken bbq and tomato basil salad

the food kept coming

ppl liked the piggy alright!

kids and the pinata, yes its a yoshi pinata

savage nature of children, they beat on that poor yoshi, and they ripped it wide open to grab the candy, claws were out, teeth were bared, it was scary!

it started raining so my friend had to put up the tent.

there was a duck nesting next to the house. yes, a duck, with eggs, nesting. strange I know.

My friend also told me there was a flip grocery store that sold balut. i told him i was down for trying it if he had to go there again. he said next time, and yes there will be pictures and video

Now what to wear to the Pow Wow on friday. yes the theme to look like strong island girls. *shudders* spent 4 years out on the island for school, that was an eye opening experience to say the least. Ugh, stupid girls there alright. Running around in their ugg boots, pj pants and sweats and UGLY scrunchies. Who the fuck wears scrunches outdoors?! Let's not forget the wonderful velour jumpsuit complete with ugg boots AND scrunchie AND words written on the ASS!

omg, why would anyone wear a complete velour suit like that WITH a hat?!

oh yeah, denim skirt is a staple for the long island girl it seems. that and ugg boots and big hair.

oh yeah, short bottoms and low cut tops! I"m so NOT buying a velour jumpsuit with the words juicy or bcbg on the ass in sparkles. There ain't enough bronzer in the world to make me orange. I have powder bronzer but i'm looking for a liquid one that doesn't dye my skin. any recs?

and while I was googling, there is a term for the females. guidette! *gasp* And found this yes pics to reference. AND thiswhich details their behavior and social structure for observation.

Someone get that informercial thing that gives you big volume on your hair! Bumpits! Someone get it, and lemme borrow one for friday LOL!

yes, i know some ppl will find this to be offensive, but cmon, its just so goddamn funny! Now what the hell is everyone else wearing for the pow wow?

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C. said...

LMAO! you crack me up!

food looks awesome and let me know how the bumpit works out cause ive been thinking of getting one as well...:)

wuzzyangel said...

New layout?! NIce..

Ohhh.. the pig!! I'm not to into flip food, but the mandatory whole pig is always good! LOL! Especially the crispy skin! MMMm...

haha!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the PowWow! Have fun!! ANd that last pic of them girls.... uh.... NO.

Christine said...

food galore! It all looks so good =)

Hahaha, oh long island. Where did you go to school? I'm sure you'll find the perfect outfit

SUGABUM said...

Balut, omg, I can't wait for that post!

What, there is a pow wow in NY? Can't wait to see your outfit.

Tammy said...

I have NO idea what I'm wearing...I'm not sure if I can bring myself to dress like a glorified whore...LOL

MakeupByRenRen said...

mmm the food looks delish! let me know how you like the balut! as far as those pics, lol...i had a bunch of girls in my school from long island too and i know exactly what ur talking about...usually it was those spandex pants with part on the top that rolls over...flip flops, wife beater, weird sweat band thing in a messy pony tail, and a huge designer purse as a backpack...yup that sounds pretty dead on to me!

mayaari said...

ahhh lechon...I can only eat that once in a while, but I love it!

excited to meet you at the pow wow tomorrow night - still have no idea what the hell I'm wearing though. oh, tammy mentioned that you were trying to score a bumpit w/o buying the kit - I gave in and bought it, but I'm not sure it'll work that well with my short hair - did you want to use one of em?