deep fried goodness

cmon now, you know you wouldn't expect less from me! Food porn, not only that, its deep fried goodness! From the Chip Shop in Brooklyn!

wtf is welsh rarebit?

you gotta drink a nice dar stout you know...esp with deep fried foods

yes chocolate stout! it was tastey! but you have to like dark beer, like Guinness to like this.

damn british don't like to use ketchup. wtf is up with that? vinegar for them!

deep fried macaroni and cheese. dear god!

deep fried pizza. yeah, pizza!

deep fried burger. minus the bun and the salad on top

fish n chips, a classic. the fish was great! so flakey and yummy!

trifecta - deep fried mars bar, snickers bar, and twix bars. dear god! heart attack waiting to happen right?

after that we went goofing around the city. yes that's the bull on wall street. where'd your head go? lol!

a few days ago i went to the peter luger out on long island.

damn that hot bacon appetizer is damn good!

Anyways, going to eat a whole pig courtesy of my Flip friend, who is sacrificing a whole pig to me. LOL! Actually no, but it's gonna be great! A whole pig! Gotta love the Flips!

Also, I never claimed to be a straight up beauty blogger, but this is my personal blog, full of just random stuff. So I have a few beauty related posts coming up. Mostly reviews of products I've been using and testing out. AND still working on the blasting belly fat post. That one is pretty big so far. Eating right, exercising. sticking with it, taking vitamins, drinking water and green tea, all this stuff will be posted and blogged about!

One tip I will give you, is take calcium ladies! Prevent that damn osteoporosis, calcium is a fat blocker, your body blocks fat for some reason when you take calcium. Drinking milk isn't enough, and eating spinach which has iron and calcium in it, isn't enough. Take a calcium pill, BUT remember to take some magnesium! Taking too much calcium, makes you not able to go, SO take magnesium with ur calcium, so you can go. I'll dig up the study about how it blocks fat, in a later post.

Have a good weekend ladies. Party, drink, dance, eat, have fun! Its summer!

5 stalkers:

Jenn said...

So sad the chipshop by me closed. I miss the fried macroni and fried twinkie.

C. said...

i think i just died drooling.

wuzzyangel said...

GOOD GAWD woman! You are trying to KILL ME!! I swear!! Every damn post!! Must eat now.....

ainstein said...

holy crap! i think my cholesterol skyrocketed just by lookin at them pictures!

SUGABUM said...

Deep fried mac & cheese! That I want to try. Not so much the pizza and burger, lol. Yay for beauty you can teach us how to look pretty while we eat our hearts out.