Its June and yeah some things are changing, and some aren't. Some things make me wonder while others freak the hell out of me. Anyways moving on...

For some reason, on saturday around 4 am I decided that I should so be dying my hair. I had grown most of my hair out, most of my highlights had grown out and my dark hair was pretty happy. But you could see all the damn grey hairs. and no matter what, they were showing up everywhere. I don't know why, even if i changed my part you could still see them. It royally pissed me off, so I went to Target looking for a blackhead extractor, and ended up walking out with this instead.

I was going to get the Garnier hair dye cause ppl said it doesn't smell as bad. Hell target was having a sale on them too. I picked up one and then saw the perfect 10 instead. it was also on sale, they gave you a $5 gift card so it only cost me 8. not bad. the comb thing is kinda nice. It was just hard to see if you got all your hair with the comb thing. Its WAY easier if you have someone else do it, cause the comb does most of the work. I realize had I sectioned my hair off it would have went a lot faster and easier. but of course at 4 am you're really not thinking clearly.

this is the end result. boo stupid greys. they were so resistant. and they didn't totally get covered. i mean they did take some of the dye but they were resistant and are a bit lighter. Its called perfect 10 cause you leave it on your hair for 10 min. 15 for greys. i left it on for 15. and DAMN. I know my hair is way lighter right? I was kinda surprised. Most of the time when I dye my dark hair a lighter color it never comes out like the color on the box. this time it looks like it did. damn. I know red fades the fastest and reading some of the reviews online i hear that it the color fades way too fast on this product. so I'm wondering how long this will last. Yes my hair smells like chemicals. God it also dyed the bathtub darker too! Though some ppl are like wow your hair is really light. Its been a while since I've dyed my hair so yeah I can see where that comes from. I felt like i was 15 again dying my hair at home from a box. My natural hair was so much healthier and damn look at what I've done to it. sigh. well there is always basic black. revlon's colorsilk is under 5 bucks for a quick solution.

While looking for my blackhead extractor, which I found one, I got on a scale, which was a BAD idea, and I couldn't believe it! I had GAINED more weight. Holy crap! going to the gym hasn't helped! WTF?! So here it is ladies, i now weight 140lbs. WTF? So now I'm on a mission, a goal for this month to exercise more and eat better and tone. I noticed I was gaining weight when my jeans got tight. I apparently gain all my weight in my mid section. damnit why can't it go to my bewbies instead?!

I've been reading up in Shape and Self magazine, both which are very informative. Plus other things i saw on opera like taking calcium to help you loose weight, don't forget to take some magnesium. I'll be posting some info about that stuff soon. Yes I know weight is a number and as long as I feel good and can fit into my clothes its all good.

Also the rafting trip which was so last minute went well. it was 4 of us, and they made me captain for some reason. Yes I am kirk! I AM KIRK! You are all unnamed crewmen who will die horrible in this episode! My friend that came with us for the first time fell into the river! *evil laughter* and he thought i was gonna fall. the river gods have chosen their sacrifice! And it wasn't me!

This trip was totally last min cause my friend claims that he was busy at work, though we all know what the real reason was. He was obsessively stalking that girl at his job again. Seriously, this is getting out of hand. You like her yes we get that, you went to London to declaring your undying love to her, which is kinda creepy and not as awesome as it is in the movies. Anyways she said NO. She said NO. Respect that and move on, there is absolutely NO reason to be this obsessive over a girl you NEVER dated. You work together and are co workers and that is it. Please stop being the creepy guy at work. its not cool. Its never cool.

Seriously txting me at 7 am telling me they still have space to go rafting THAT day is not cool. it doesn't make up for the fact that you had mostly a month to actually make the reservation. But I guess obsessively stalking >>>> than planning the trip. But whatever, we had fun, and we all moved on. aside from people not paddling and crap. but whatever. next up is trapeze. NO get your head out of the gutter!

yes it looks like i'm taking trapeze lessons just like the ones carrie did in sex in the city. yes ladies. cause if i'm ever trapped in a circus or swinging in the jungle running from the bad guys I'll know how to get away. LOL!

I wish I had gone to the blogger meet up in nyc this weekend, alas, next time ladies Ill be there!

And I saw UP this weekend with the 500 bratty loud stupid kids. It was a pretty good movie, the fat kid was annoying though. But it was a great movie. You gotta love pixar, though I wonder why they didn't have a short in the beginning. Anyways, I'm gonna go exercise now. Stay toned and healthy ladies! Time to get bikini ready!

5 stalkers:

loveSHARA said...

You didn't get a short? Really? I just watched it last night in 3D and there was a short. How strange & YAY on that Perfect 10, I suckered my mom into getting it for the 5$ for me. :D

Violet Honeybee said...

ohh i wanna watch it!! but i watched star trek instead.. which was EPIC awesomeness!! =D

mszcheysser said...

Blah, I thought the same thing with the hair dying. It did leave stains in the bath tub. My mom got really mad =( I'm not going to dye my hair anymore, it's just kills my hair toooo much. Yikes!

Ha! I'll be watching UP today, the fat kiddy does look annoying! Lol. But I can't wait to see him in the big screen still. Yay for 3D!

wuzzyangel said...

First off I'm a 141 lbs! LOL! So don't feel too bad!! And you wear it much better then I! I would've sworn you were only around 125lbs from your pics!

Wow that colors is a light change! Alas it's time to do mine too.. damn short hair cut makes the roots totally obvious!

So your friend is still playing stalker boy huh? Maybe next time you should make the decision as Captain to drag him rafting and sacrifice HIM to appease the river gods! LOL!

UP was good... I kinda found it depressing though. With Fredrickson's story, Russell's (why the hell does he have to be a FAT ASIAN KID?!) story, and then Doug the Dog.. Poor guys.. their lives kinda sucked! LOL! But we had a short. It was the Clouds with the Storks.. who make babies, kittens, puppies, and things! LOL! It was cute.

M said...

4am hair coloring mission, when did you go to bed?!?!

the scale and i arent on talking terms. the bastard never says anything nice