Bake sale! & shampoo review

Lately being left alone to my own devices has left me doing rather strange things. I turned all domestic for some reason earlier this week. Go figure right? Anyways, I got this book like a few weeks ago, and looked at it, most of the recipes require a mixer which i don't have. sigh. But my caterer friend has one! So of course we decided to cause some ruckus!

its the cakelove guy! He's a lawyer!

we decided to make some yellow buttercake. cause it required the least amount of ingredients

the stuff. Yes its a mixer, yes that's a lot of butter, and you have no idea what else is in store!

i really don't enjoy sifting flour, we didn't have a scale so we used the measuring cups instead. we're not professional bakers you know!

wet dry ingredients. these are all natural, no preservatives and crap.

this mixer is awesome!

cupcakes! resting in their tins

chillin in the oven. It smelled so good as they were baking!

time for frosting!

it started off simple enough

6 egg yolks to start things off! crikey!

milk and sugar, bring to a boil and chaos ensues!

now you take the boiled milk and sugar and pour it into this mixture, but you have to do it SLOWLY cause you're gonna temperate the mix, and make sure you don't cook the eggs, yes that was not fun. Its a good thing my friend went to culinary school and she was like i know what i'm doing, yeah don't worry you didn't curdle the eggs. whew!

then u pour it back into the pot, boil it till you get lava bubbles, while continuously stirring it to keep it from scorching! then you take it and pour it into the mixer and mix it till room temperature, and yes that is steam coming out!

then this is the gross part, you add in butter, this recipe calls for 4 sticks of butter, yes thats 1lb of butter ladies! and you whip it around and turns out like this, tastes like ice cream, or reminds you of ice cream. goddan 4 sticks of butter, hence why i only ate one cupcake.

frost the cupcakes, yeah not so pretty but they were yummy!

frosted this slice of cake. CAKE! yeah I know it ain't that pretty! LOL! don't you love cake? Its fun to be all domestic once in a while.

this is loreal's sulfate free shampoo. they say sulfate free shampoo helps your color last longer. since i dyed my hair recently, i decided to give this a try. i got a free sample from them. I know some other bloggers have reviewed this, but this will just be short and to the point.

At first I thought it was cause I dyed my hair that it had that smell when I shampooed it. And I also found myself needing to shampoo more and more because my hair was getting oily faster. Turns out it was the shampoo. I finally had enough and used my Bumble & Bumble Gentle shampoo instead, and the smell was gone! And my hair wasn't getting as oily as it was before. Normally after I dye my hair, my scale gets drier and I don't have to shampoo as often. But with the Loreal it was kinda ridiculous!

Also the Perfect 10 I was using, I know auburn fades, that red fades pretty fast, but cmon! I used it and it totally dried out my hair, its super dry now. I haven't dyed my hair in a long time so I forgot how much damage it does. Anyways the whole point of it was to cover up my greys. Guess what? Its been what 3 weeks? and my greys are showing! its like the hair color didn't color my greys or stay on them! but the rest of my hair is dyed and dry now! wtf?! GRRR! Now I gotta find some serious hardcore deep conditioning to make my hair normal again, and yes cover my greys again!

Anyways, had to rant about that a little. I'm gonna have to look into other hair dyes now. This weekend is the Big Apple BBQ! And yes I'll be there stuffing my face, eating whole hog! I really need to look into liposuction now...

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ChyiX2 said...

Hahaha! I love how yu frosted the entire piece of cake...did you get the underside as well? :)

As much as I love baking and all I'm not so muh in love with cooking...weird. I need to find me a partner who loves to cook, then I'll handle the desserts ^^

wuzzyangel said...

Oh good GAWD! You kill me with your kitchen adventures! I want damn cake with choco frosting now! But shit looks delish to me!

I like to use Loreal Preference for True Brunettes when I dye me hair. Doesn't dry it out, and the color lasts! THis will be the 3rd time coloring my hair with that brand. Ish all good!

iamgrape1119 said...

LMAO @ the poster! It's too funny! I like to cook, but HATE the preparation/clean up shit afterward....Ugh!

That cake looks delicious...NOM NOM!!!

Kitty In Da City said...

yummm cupcakes!! how did u like the BBQ? i went and had so much ribs! lol