there's a hair in your food!

Actually, its just food porn and hair removal. they're not together, cause there is no need to have hair in your food. Though the above product does make me wonder....

You know last time, I wanted Flip bbq, and they were closed, then we trekked over to the thai restaurant, and it was closed too! So we went back and victory was ours again! I went with my gfs, one which is preggers. but her baby is still small and not growing. so we all hope that her baby grows more and she makes more fluid.

hmmm the good stuff, the menu is huge now its a goddamn binder!

watercress salad, deep fried goodness with yummy seafood inside. damn i love this stuff!

so yummy!

chicken dumplings, they were very yummy!

curry beef, with potato, its a sweet curry, i forget the name of it. they gave me a bowl of rice with it, and i really didn't make a dent in the curry cause there was so much of it!

drunken noodles, they weren't that drunk or spicy, for our preggers friend

chicken with ginger i think, it reminds me of hainese chicken

the aftermath, damn we're fat biatches! LOL!

since its spring time and summer is approaching, ladies, its time to take care of business! I already blogged about the lawn around the house, aka taking care of business down there! i'm all for waxing! But there are other parts you gotta take care of!

This is Dove's new deodorant, Ultimate visibly smooth deodorant. it coats hairs with sunflower oil so they're softer and less noticeable. I'm all for that aren't you? I read about this in Shape Magazine.

Aren't you all for 2 for 1 products? More bang out of your buck especially during these times. Aveeno Positively Smooth Shower & Shave Cream. Supposedly has something that makes you shave less often.

Also, NYC ladies have I found a great deal for you! I found this great Yoga place here in manhattan that offers classes for $10! I'm SO SERIOUS! Yoga to the People offers classes for a suggested donation of $10. To rent a mat is $2, and water is $1. You can go whenever you want, there is no set amount that you have to pay for. its great of us busy gals who have stuff to do, errands to run, and various things that pop up. Check them out! they do hot yoga which means you sweat like a mofo, but its very casual and relaxed there. No I don't get a discount for mentioning them, but what they're doing sounds really awesome. I'll be hitting them up, and checking them out as well. Bring your own matt ladies! And if you see a sweaty girl with a bow on, its me! Though now I have to find yoga pants.

I'll be posting about healthier eating and blasting belly fat soon. You gotta love summer don't you?

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the food porn!

Enjoy the Yoga!

Cherrielantern said...

lol i've always wanted to really be into yoga...but i'm kinda ehhh...more cardio workouts for me lol

wuzzyangel said...

YUMMO!! Deep fried watercress!! *gasp* That looks good!

Yay for Yoga!! I haven't gone or really done at home in a year or so... I should do it at home again! LOL!

Jenn said...

wow that deep fried watercress thing looks so good.. seriously food porn quality.