Seriously Hauling along, bows, betsey, makeup!

Let's talk about some serious haulage, well not serious, but enough to make a serious dent. Yes I know in times or recession I'm spending money that I don't have. great right? Above are some pretty bows. Yes, I found this awesome store in the queens center mall called Amuse that sells them. They sell them with the smaller bow and the big bow shown above as well. THey're not that expensive like the Henry Bendal ones. They sell them for 6.80 and up. Some of them have bling and other stuff.

snagged this one at a korean store in flushing. it goes with my alice in wonderland skirt it seems. i love bows!

tis blue! so blue!

cause everyone needs a bright ass yellow bow in your face!

OMG its HUGE! isn't it? LOL! gotta love polka dots!

I really like the polka dots. I"m so going back there to get more! Remember ladies, queens center mall, take the R, G train to woodhaven blvd. the store's name is amuse, and no i don't get a discount either it seems. *pout*

I went to the giant discount make up sale at the metro pavilion, they have signs outside so you can't miss it. seriously. its next door where they had the tokidoki sample sale too. Anyways I went there, and walked around. You grab a bag and throw stuff into the bag of what you want and then check out. I posted about this sale previously, and today when I went they gave me an additional 30% off! w00t! I have a feeling that they'll be discounting stuff more by tomorrow and the last day just to get rid of the stuff. I think I may stop by one last time. I got night creams, serums, lotions, the kiehl's kit that was 15 but then 30% off! Got some sunblock, and daily moisturizer with sunscreen in it that has some special thing that's only in europe. hey for 8 bucks why not? and that was before the 30% off! w00t! they had some shu stuff but it wasn't a huge selection. They had lots od polo and diesel perfume that no one cared about. I was seriously checking out the kiehl's section and the la roche-posey. talk about new skincare stuff for me!

I also snagged the sephora sun safety kit for $22. I got free shipping cause i added a lip balm by yu-be and used the $25 and up free shipping code! w00t! 958MA or 3SJ9HQ try it!

it's all in there and it comes with a bag that goes over your shoulder, but its all folded and tucked in.

it comes with the following...
- 0.14 oz Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 --> currently use and LOVE it!
- 0.23 oz DDF Protect and Correct UV Moisturizer SPF 15
- 0.5 oz Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20
- 0.25 oz Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Lotion SPF 30
- 1.0 oz Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturizer SPF 15
- 0.1 oz Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40
- 0.34 oz Korres Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30
- 0.33 oz Cosmedicine Medi-matte Oil Control Lotion SPF 20
- 0.08 oz Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55 PA+++
- 0.25 oz Ole Henriksen Herbal Day Cream SPF 15
- 0.4 oz Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 20
- 0.25 oz Smashbox Photo Finish UVA/UVB SPF 15
- 0.01 oz Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Well-Rested for Eyes SPF 30

Onto the betsey johnson sample sale! whew I've been busy this week haven't i? Those are like makeup bags, i bought them for $1 each. I can find lots of uses for them! When I was grabbing them, the guy was like you're lucky, when we started they were $5, then $3, now they're a dollar, get some more!

I grabbed some more bags, since they were $1, they're pretty good for traveling or overnight stays and such. you know?

damn am I really that pale? I need to exfoliate and moisturize. My friend said that I should get the blue one cause it really pops the color that is. I like the dress cause its flowly and happy. No the dress doesn't come with black bra straps, those are mine that are showing. hee hee!

I have no idea how betsey can charge someone this much for a dress! seriously! That's why I love these sample sales!

country table cloth anyone? LOL! Yes I know. its a cotton dress, and I have no idea how Betsey can charge someone $310 for a cotton dress, but hell i didn't pay that much for it that's for sure! LOL! there's a reason why my hands are like that, their are pockets! yes pockets in a dress!

look! its a pocket! the print seriously reminds me of a tablecloth!

the sides of these strings that you pull to tighten and make you look thinner and have a waist. Plus its somewhat girly.

And I got the LAST and ONLY pair of size 7 shoes left at the sample sale! w00t! and for $20!!!!

its a wedge hell, its actually soft, the shoe itself, i tried it on at the sale, and this other girl said it was really cute, then these other girls swarmed to see what she was pointing at and they all wanted shoes, but the only had size 10, 9 and 6 left. they were all waiting for me to take it off my feet, but i was like NO i'll take it!

definitely a summer shoe. it's got cherries on it too! it's the table cloth print but in black instead of blue. someone put a place setting on me! i'm ready to be the picnic table! LOL!!

I haven't watched gossip girl since the first couple of episodes, so i have no idea what's going on, i watched the last episode with georgina turning ebil! anyways, i do like the dress and outfit shown above, now if i only had a special someone to hug and hold me like that while i wear my version of the dress. *sigh*

I wandered into F21, I saw this in the window on display but I thought it was just a skirt when I saw it. Turns out its a dress! So I got it and thought of gossip girl. Yes I know its polka dots not stripes like jenny humphrey's dress. and i know her's is way shorter and her thighs are insanely thin, which reminds me to do more pilates and yoga to tone.

Damn I have spent way too much $$$ so far. I need to stop. Oh and my cherry culture order still hasn't come in yet. I ordered it earlier this week, and its still in transit, meanwhile my sephora order took 3 days to get to me! WTF is up with that?

Have a good weekend ladies! shop, and be happy, drink, dance, eat, and just be! I'm off to be poor and bad at the same time. Food porn coming up!

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wuzzyangel said...

Dang Prey! You prob have boxes full of Bow Headbands now!! :) I like the way the yellow one looks against your dark hair! Jeez you should get a discount all the shopping you been doing there!

The "tablecloth" dress is real cute! I'd wear it! :) Lucky you finding all these sales! LOL! It'd be hard for me to NOT spend if I had that around me!

Work them legs!

Kitty In Da City said...

hey prey! i went to the sale yesterday and it was only 20% off. :(

u sure did a lot of hauling this week! :)

lovesicles said...

she sells them at that amount because.. she can. and people will buy it regardless of the price because: it's betsey johnson. wish there were sample sales here.

M said...

i love the garden dress you got!

SUGABUM said...

BOOOO!!! I went to the cosmetic sale and paid full asking price for everything. =( Next year I'll know not to go so early. I got the Kiehl's sample kit, too.

And damn, you're hauling like crazy! Every time I check your blog you have a handful of new bows to show! You've only got one head, girl! I have the same headband in lavender from that korean store. They're shit is kinda expensive without that 25% off. It's really pretty, but I haven't worn it yet.

I love those Betsy wedges!

A. Rose said...

That's a lot of haulin'! I just got the Sephora Sun Kit the other day, too, but I didn't know about the free shipping code. Boo. Live and learn. Thanks for sharing all your goodies! The dresses and the shoes are all too cute!

loveSHARA said...

Ahh.. I'm so damn jealous ]:

ChyiX2 said...

I love pockets it makes the garment seem extra...cosy, you know?

Dang, look at them bows! I've searched hig and low here and never found any really pretty ones, only the really small ones like the one I'm wearing in my previous post. Do you know if they are available online somewhere?

mayaari said...

awesome haul with the sample sale items! The bow headbands look great - so bright and colorful!

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the bows, and your dresses are super kawaii!

Great bargains--lucky you, wearing a sample size!

Vanessa said...

hello my dear! how are ya? OMG more food posts this is why it's so dangerous to read your blog! LOL, anyway, I got my belt from H&M awhile ago, I think I got it at the H&M in New York actually when I was there for a business trip, they have the best belts!

Cherrielantern said...

where in flushing do you go to get the bow headbands?