jut a little rant

I'm just gonna rant simply because shit like this just pisses me off. And because NO ONE has the right to be that fucking obnoxious and annoying EVER. I wasn't having the greatest day ever to start with, but whatever. My friend and I go to get flip bbq, cause that's what we're craving, course when we get there we see that they're closed! WTF?! we look over at the flip grocery story and they're closed too! GRRR! Fine we decide to walk over to get thai food. Thai food apparently is also closed on wed! WTF? So we end of walking to eat korean fried chicken, it was good course we were starving by then.

Afterwards we went into the city as we didn't really know what to do and went to the betsey johnson sample sale! w00t! I'll post pics of my haul in my next post. See this is the part where it goes south. My friend who i love dearly is married to this guy that no one can really stand, and we only put up with him cause of her. he was so fucking rude and obnoxious the second he showed up. it was just annoying and i wanted to smack him in the face.

First he's all rude and annoying to the sales girl ringing him up. at first it sounds like funny haa haa. oh do we get a chinese discount. she's like what's that falling right into it thinking he's not that big of an asshole. and he was like oh cause you know one of my cousins and relatives must have made all of betsey's stuff in china. child labor is awesome. the salesgirl tried to laugh it off. course he wouldn't stop, and went on and pushed for a discount, still. the other cashiers were looking at him like wtf? and the sales girl was trying to be nice and not act as if she was going to smack him. she rang up my friend and her stuff totaled to be less than 20 bucks. she got 4 make up bags and a pair of wooden carved heels. even then he was like so that's with the chinese discount right? cause we deserve a discount. like stfu already, you're NOT funny!

then as we're waiting for the elevator, he asks if i cut my hair, and i respond yeah a while ago. and then he had the fucking nerve to go, your highlights are growing out. and i just look at him like wtf? thanks for pointing out the obvious. course he thinks he's so fucking funny, and goes i can see your grey hairs, and i just glare at him like wtf? and he then continues on cause that's a sign that you're old. at which i was just about to hit him, i didn't want to spend another second with him. and i have no fucking clue why my friend is even with him. he kept trying to crack jokes which were lame, and make fun of people which just made him seem like an ass. he was being rude to the ppl on the street who ask you if you want to go to a comedy show.

he was like let's go see a broadway show at 50% at the tickets booth thing. i'm like no thanks. i don't do musicals. actually i just don't want to spend another second within your presence ever. he was like oh really? its avenue Q its sexualized puppets. omfg u retard, you don't know shit about that show, and yes its a musical. and you saying its your treat just shows that NO one wants to be around you cause you suck as a person.

get dragged to a diner where they sing all the fucking time, broadway show tunes. god kill me. he starts ripping on the waiters and waitresses singing. geez, if you had actual talent and were up there singing and dancing and on your feet, then you get to criticize until then STFU. you're just an arrogant, obnoxious prick that no one can really stand. the only reason why anyone talks to you is bc of her. bc of my wonderful friend who somehow puts up with you. he then looks at me and goes oh you're not fun. WTF? try to realize that no one wants to be around you, no one wants to hang around you, you're an asshole and i cant' stand to be around you another second.

i ask where the bathroom is, and he just goes why do you need to go there for? you can just use the betsey johnson dresses as a litter box. ok. i had enough, and i just responded. wow. that was almost funny. and i got up and left.

life is too short to deal with assholes, and this is why no one ever wants to hang out with him, or deal with him. EVER. and what's worse is how my friend always tricks us or doesn't tell us she's inviting him to come with her, which i fucking hate. every time we hang out, i'm always like girls night out right? not cause i want to hang with the ladies, but just cause i can't fucking stand him. my other gf can't stand him either, and she's always like yes ladies only right? ok, i was fucking annoyed at him for being such a prick. oh i make that much in a few days. geez who cares how much you make? do you need to brag about that too so you can feel better about yourself? seriously.

i'm not dealing with assholes anymore, and he's definitely in running for the king of all assholes.

haul and food porn pics coming up in the next post.

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Jamilla Camel said...

OMG! I am SO GLAD that none of my friends are with assholes! That must have been really hard to bear!

Sounds like a good haul, though, and looking forward to the next post!

ilovewendydarling said...

Why is your friend dating a 12 year old boy?

I joke, I joke:]

That sounds really depressing and stressful!
Next time your friend wants to hang out have her come out first-you hide in a bush and make sure she came alone- and THEN HANG OUT WITH HER.

I hate friends who do that. I got a couple myself-only I really do smack the hell out their boyfriends and tell them to leave:]

Take care then and I love your blog!

wuzzyangel said...

Okay seriously?! Can he hear himself?! And secondly no offense to your friend, but WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING?!

You have a much higher tolerance then me! So props to you for that! I would've left at Betsy Johnson's! ANd I would've said something that would prob have jepordized the friendship!

He sounds like an ASS and you shouldn't have to be around him if you don't want to. He needs a good smack though!

ChyiX2 said...

Yikes!! Maan, I cringed when reading your post. Can't anyone ask him to cut it out?

I can see where your friend is coming from, she's with him and of course she wants all her friends to like him and hang out as well, she just didn't take his personality into account.

Could someone let her know that he needs to give it out in smaller doses...or better yet.. not at all? If noone says anything then I'm afraid this will go on forever. He needs to grow up and treat people like human beings! URGH!

sophie said...

o my gawD~ doesn't he have ne of his own friends to annoy? i feel so bad for ur gf...does he treat her good tho? and what part of china is he from? bc im going to stay AWAY from his people...