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Cherry Culture seriously took their sweet ass time in shipping. Took over a week! Anyways it got here, and they didn't give me my free cherry lipgloss! *gasp* How could they not give me their cheap and horrid lipgloss for free? An outrage I say! outrage! LOL! So here's the stuff I got. I don't know why I ordered all this stuff, oh yeah it was $40 or more and u get free shipping. that could be it since nyx was gonna charge me for shipping. I realize after looking at all this stuff that I was on a whole glitter/bling thing.

these are their glittery lashes. they look ok. and they were hella cheap so I'm not gonna complain. Though I read on thre side of the box that they are re-usable up to 10x! WTF? That's crap I say! I rock my shisems all thetime, well more than 10x. I think you just have to take care of them. Which reminds me to go get some rubbing alcohol to clean my lashes. Gotta say that shishem pink glue seriously holds on for dear life. I I also remember someone reviewing these lashes, I can't remember exactly who, but they said that these lashes were plastic and not the greatest. *sigh* well I only paid $2 for them so I don't feel terribly bad about it. Yes I will be testing these babies out soon!

Glitter overload! The palette looked cool, I remember Vanessa over at Necessary Makeup doing a review on these. Not sure what I'll do with them, but I'll try some stuff out. The glitter mascara was er, I tested one out on my nekkid curled lashes. It felt crusty and looked like I had clear mascara on with glitter on it, but you couldn't really see it that well. That and the fact that it weight my lashes down. Maybe I'll use them on my falsies instead since they can hold their shape better. Again I only paid $2 for them so I don't feel bad. The felt tip liquid liner was cause I wanted to try it and see how it worked out. It cost me 3.50, which is less than the UD liquid liner. But the UD liquid liner doesn't budge on my monolids...

Liquid glitter liners galore! These are damn pigmented, and you can see the glitter when u apply it. I did a quick test run, and yes they're glittery, but they do have a tendency to flake under your eye, which isn't terrible, it was one or two flicks of glitter at most. Not sure what I'll be doing with these, I have to use a black liner and maybe put the glitter one on top, but damn they are glittery! I also got the chrome eye shadow, not sure, cause maybe I wanted to recreate koren's sexy secretary look he did on pursebuzz, but alas my monolids work against me!

their round lip glosses and more glitter pencils! yes i like glitter ok. the glosses cost me $1, I'd say it would be better than buying wet n wild. they smell nice, and I haven't tested them out yet. The honey one, looks a lot darker than I had expected. The glitter pencils are pretty soft but aren't as heavily glittered as the liquid liners. But they're still pretty good I guess. I think for the summer I'm gonna use pencils and glitter instead. I used to use the UD glitter pencil in goddess, it was pretty good, except it was freaking hard!

I also snagged this tokidoki t shirt at the virgin store on 14th street being that it was closing. yes it seems the virgin stores aren't doing that well. i got it for 25% off.

and it came with tokidoki barrettes! Talk about girlie! Hee hee! though the bad thing about buying cute shirts like these is that there will be skanks out there copying you and trying to emulate you. pff to the posers and fakers.

Yesterday also I came to the realization that some things aren't worth saving, and that some ppl make their own choices that sometimes aren't considerate of you. Sometimes you realize that the whole let's try to be friends is just a fake poser. Whatever. One person actually asked me why I didn't like his friend. I get these feeling sometimes, mostly because people rub me the wrong way or they may not, but they say or do something that gives me this feeling that something's not right. One example would be eons ago before everyone exploded on blogger there was one blogger that just rubbed me the wrong way, I personally never said anything to her or did anything but I always knew there was something off, course months later, everyone found out the truth and there was a brouhaha, and yeah shit hit the fan. I ain't saying who, but i think you get the idea. I've always been right about this, when I get this feeling, its kinda like, whoa, something's not right here, and its you. They may not see it but I do. And they're too stupid to see it but they will, in time...

I did this spoof months ago, my friend came to defend her, even though most of the shit I said in this video was kinda true...which is why its funny! LOL! I think I should just make more vids making fun of stupid ppl.

My alleged "friend" was the one who had the fat, racist, ignorant, talentless skank that he actually had the nerve to defend her to me after she called me something which was fucking racist. course he didn't see it like that, and i realized he wasn't my friend. he claimed to stop talking to her after he was tired of reading her stupid wanna be prose. yeah right, i realized that was a lie too. wow, where does it stop? anyways, its over and done with. Yesterday was the realization that some guys don't think with their brains, they think with their heads.

No I'm not posting the video spoof I did of her. I may go and make another one though!

Having drama with the white water rafting trip. Kinda getting annoying to say the least. People bailing out, oh I can't make it, wtf? Didn't we tell you it was THIS weekend? Why are you acting like its a huge surprise? Oh the weather's gonna be cold, its gonna rain. geez, wtf? Why is everyone being a goddamn hairy pussy now? I mean seriously! Do I have the biggest balls here now? And i'm the girl! WTF?! Now ppl are dropping out, its down to 4 ppl! WTF And I have a feeling that one of them is gonna drop out cause he always bails out at the last minute so I'm really no in the mood for this shit. Plan B is to go ATVing. I hope that plan works out better, even though it may be cold, or raining or some other bullshit.

I'm down for riding over stuff and people!

T4 opens today! batman is now in terminator! Go see it, it looked damn good in the trailers and previews!

has anyone tried this? my friend got a hold of these from her friend who bought it in hk. Its primarily sold in Japan, and asia it seems, but it makes your hair stronger, something i'm all for. So I googled around and looked at ebay and ordered 4 tubes, and are anxiously waiting for them to come in. But any ladies know of this product? Yes its pantene.

skincare reviews coming up soon!

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Cherrielantern said...

omg...i love tokidoki shirts...did they have anymore? i'd so go out of my way for it...=)

Violet Honeybee said...

Yah the virgin stores are all closing down around here too.. sucks..

haha! my friend was like that too.. he would bring this girl along that ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way but I tried to be nice for his sake, until she pushed all my buttons then I gave her a piece of my mind (in a nice way of course =P) and go figure.. she was just using him for rides and cuz he had a nice car.. o.o

isn't that a kick to the balls.. lol

Jenn said...

nice cherry cultuer haul! and yeah, drama sucks, i usually just ignore.

wuzzyangel said...

Sweet haulage woman! The NYX lashes for me were on the heavy side. Like the band is super thick... Did that make sense?!

LOL! At the spoof vid!! Haha!! I was cracking up!! OooH EMMM GEE!! LOL!

Aprecia said...

Nice haul. I think im one of the few ppl who didnt get anything even though i like nyx a lot. Holy crap- i didnt know virgin is closing. That really sucks.