fondue anyone?

Ok, let's keep things uplifting for now. Hence FOOD PORN!!!! I'm a little bit pissed off right now, at how certain people act. that is Eve died over the weekend, and now someone who's kinda rude to begin with has already taken it upon herself to dismantle the cage and throw everything out, and then even has to go the extra mile of washing the walls simply bc Eve was such a nasty animal. That and the fact that, that person never liked Eve, called her a rat on several occasions, AND moved a bunch of stuff around and made a bigger mess in the room. I'm sure this person will also complain how messy the room is, course i don't really give a fuck, how about i start call you a fucking monkey cause its the same thing right? and you wonder why i never want to be there, or don't bother to acknowledge your existence in the world. That and the fact that that person NEVER refills the toilet paper, esp after using all of it, she just walks out as if nothing happened. geez, u think stuff magically refills itself? I'm calling her a goddamn monkey from now on. Eve was never a rat and she never said or did anything mean against you. you're just being a bitch, there i said it.

Ok, I sounded angry and bitter there didn't I? so here's some food porn.

melting pot out in the pits of farmingdale, long island. god i hate that place. we wandered over there cause apparently adventureland is REAL! *gasp* not just the movie, but its a real tacky, cheesy, crappy, lit up, the rides are gonna fall apart, don't eat the corn dogs kind of place!

adventureland is REAL! I so wanna go there and drag all my friends there so they can suffer in the cheese factor, bad food, and terrible rides. LOL!

my stabby things, yes their pink. why? cause i'm the girl. boo!

damn there was a waterfall inside the place! noisy and cold!

artichoke, spinach dip. hmmm action shot!

spicy nacho cheese thing, it wasn't that spicy

all the stuff to dip into the cheeses

chunky biatches! look at that!

totally have to go to the gym more now...

oil heating up

creole spiced food. whatever they called it, it was pretty damn good! and yes that is a tiny bottle of tobacco sauce there.

all the food fried up in there. u gotta love fondue!

ying yang chocolate. dark and white chocolate together...ooh

the dessert stuff you dip into the chocolate. damn i really need to go to the gym!

flambé turtle, no not real turtles, it was on fire before, then it died, and it s a bunch of pecans, reminds me of turtles the chocolate snack.

this was all that was left.

stabby stabby!

then on sunday we went to have brunch cause my friend who's been dating this girl for 2 1/2 months decided that they should get married. yes after 2 1/2 months, at first we were all kidding about it, after all he's been married 2x before or was it 3? i can't really remember, but damn he goes through wives like you go through socks. so yeah we went to go meet them. god this will be great to watch...we had brunch at this irish pub type place....

the menu

skirt steak and eggs. this is what everyone mostly ordered. i think i should have done the same. the skirt steak was tiny!

spiced french toast. wasn't really anything special.

this was my waffle, mind you i ordered peach cobbler waffles. and it came with 2 slices of canned peaches. WTF? Its suppose to be a peach cobbler the waffle was a normal boring bland dry waffle, and it was just WTF?!

it was VERY disappointing

whipped cream and syrup. put it on your own waffle, cause we're too lazy to do it. it was bad whipped cream too that came from a can. blah, its an irish pub so i guess they're better on beer, but damn there were a lot of old ppl in there eating this stuff up. damn guess your taste buds do go when you get old.

hope you guys enjoyed the food porn! I gotta get my ass over to hot yoga this week, and this saturday is my yearly memorial day weekend trip of white water rafting! yes its that time again! no i can't swim! But yes I'm gonna go and face off against mother nature! it'll be awesome!

if you don't hear from me by monday it means i've drowned horrible in the cold river! Remember me well!

4 stalkers:

Cherrielantern said...

wow...i'm guessing your roommate huh? well some ppl just don't take very well to pets...and some just are plain rude bitches. You should confront her about your problems and just let it off your chest...

Lulu said...

hmmm yummy food. fondue is my favorite :)

wuzzyangel said...

I gotta start taking me earrings off again?! >_< Whoo we gotta mess with now!! Don't be a bitch peeps!! Don't do it!!

Why!! Oh Why?!! Must you always kill me with the damn FOOD PORN FOODGASMS?! I soo wish we had a fondue place like that down here! I love fondue, but never had it done like that! All homemade action baby! LOL!

" KT " said...

oh dear GOD
how i hate you.

i loveeeeeeeeeee the melting pot -- but i think I only go for the dessert menu. the food menu is overrated...

but lord, the cheeses, and all the yummy sweets -- the chocolately goodness.

damn u
it's one thing to get me stuck on the batter blaster for pancakes, now I want the Melting Pot. GRRRRR