Breaking the Bank

whoa now! I swear everyone is having a FF sale it seems! I'm gonna go break after hearing about all these things! You have been forewarned, I am weak and I can't help but look! Maybe browse, and put a few items in the cart and then debate about it a few times, before exiting out.

NYX sale! w00t! 50% off their stuff! its in honor of their 10 year anniversary, I didn't know they were around that long! but anyways, its like w00t! jumbo pencils, glitter liners, lipsticks, glosses, brushes! Go ladies! click away! it starts at 10 am pst!

But if you can't wait, check out cherryculture, who's having 50% off on NYX cosmetics. Use the code NYX50. free shipping on all orders over $40

Yes! NYC ladies! There is an awesome sale that sells the brands on the flyer this weekend till next. I heard last year it was pretty good, its 50-90% off! obscene i say! There will be a lot of ugly people there, yes, but some examples from last year were fragrance gift sets for $15, large size Kiehl's scented body wash for $5, Kiehl's travel sets for $10, Lancome creams and sets for $20, and a bunch more! I got this deal from damn i love that site! I'm gonna try to go monday with my friend, i figure this weekend will be insane! They say you need to bring the flyer to get in, so print it out!

Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street (Between 6th and 7th Ave)
The Hours for the sale are-
Saturday May 2nd 4pm-8pm
Sunday May 3rd -Sunday May 10th 9am-8pm

Sephora's got some Vincent Logo stuff 75% of sale section! Go check it out!

Macy's got their FF sale going on too! w00t! Like I need to buy anymore stuff from them right? But apparently it doesn't apply to MAC. boo!

Nars, yes the people who made orgasm blush and lipgloss. Use the code MOM2009 for 20% off and free shipping! order now!

Beautyticket is having a sale, well the stuff they sell is pretty affordable right now. They have brands like stila, smashbox, two faced, estee lauder, etc, go check it out!

Origins yes the people who brought you white tea body cream and that mint shampoo is have a FF sale too! 25% off!

Dear God I'm gonna go broke! Obviously I can't spend any money, so I will browse a little, check out the sites, but I'll be at that crazy place in NYC that's got 50-90% off on stuff. I was eyeing this tokidoki bag at macy's too. hmmm...

While I was walking around flushing, searching for more bow headbands, I found another one, a light blue one for 12 bucks, they were having a 25% sale so it cost me 9 bucks, damn that's a lot for a headband, I guess I was used to f21 prices. Anyways I kept walking and went into a few korean stores, one which just opened and it had HUGE bow headbands, much like the pink one I have that's obscenely big, and they wanted 25 bucks for it! WTF? are you insane? I bought mine for 5 bucks! WTF? So apparently everyone is catching on that bow headbands are hot and the prices are going up. wtf? inflation man....

All you ladies who are clicking and buying stuff, post your haul and share some of your goodies with me! cmon now! sharing is caring!

and I leave you with this! Yes its chicken in a CAN! Dear god! What will they think of next?!

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Jenn said...

Thx for the NYC event flyer~ I don't know if I can handle the turkey fighting though.

I'm curious what the chicken in a can looks like outside the can...

wuzzyangel said...

Yes breaking the bank indeed. I've hidden my CC so I can't whip it out on all these sales!

Chicken in a can now too huh? Now that's a little too much! LOL!

M said...

ok where is this pace in ny with the sale? lol

omg i can't keep up with this, this is BAD or my wallet/bank account/401k if i can withdraw it lol

WTF a WHOLE chicken in a can? gtfo

Jamilla Camel said...

I exercised amazing self control at Duty Free, buying only 4 items!

I am trying not to shop on line!!

Tammy said...

CHICKEN IN A chicken of the sea..??? LOL

OMG I'm TRYING my best to stay away from these sales...I think I REALLY want to go to that 1st one though...

Tammy said...

Opps...I meant the NY sale...I should take Monday off & go..haha

MakeupByRenRen said...

i went to nyx's site, loaded up on all these goodies, then closed the browser, lol

Violet Honeybee said...

dude your hang gliding looks so awesome!! i wanna go sky diving though lol. *sigh*.. i spent SOOO much money this month =(