work, buy, consume, die!

Consumerwhorism, recession, capitalism, downsizing, lay offs, the economy is screwed, yes it is, we are all screwed as we're all in the same hand basket enjoying the ride down.

Happy Friday, Hope you all have a good weekend.

I hate dealing with the real world. I'm screwed to say the least. Can't find a job, can't find anything, can't get any freelance gigs. the weather's getting warmer and all I can do is make myself look better, in hopes that I'll feel better, but who knows. This month is almost over, and I've got some serious problems coming up now. so if anyone knows of anyone hiring in NYC please let me know, the astronomical level of screwed has reached beyond pluto now.

So many projects I'm suppose to do, so many things I could be doing, and yet I feel no motivation, go figure. I am not motivated, I am not inspired to do jack shit.

You were special to me because I made you special. I made you something special in my life, and now that things have gone full circle I realize you weren't really special at all. I just made you that, and easily I made you boring, normal and just like everyone else. There are no special people in your life, just the ones that you make special, and just like that you can make them nothing.

Going hang gliding tomorrow! If you don't hear from me by sunday on twitter it means I've been horrible mangled in an accident on my way to white castle and I'm just a head eating 40 slides with a cherry coke. The company we're using seems pretty goddamn incompetent, changing the date we schedule to a date they wanted and they spelled all of our names wrong! wtf! anyways let's see how this goes.

Have a good weekend ladies! Drink it up, dance it up, and live it up!

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wuzzyangel said...

I've been pretty unmotivated too lately! It coming off from the being sick I think. But Prey you'll be fine... smart sassy woman like yourself!

Incompetent company huh?! Well on that note, be safe!

M said...

if you actually hang glide to white castle, i want to see the entire sequence on film! have fun!

ugh, this market is god awful :(

Violet Honeybee said...

OHhh hang gliding sounds awesome!! =D

Mmm.. isn't it funny how you think someone is practically magical until you take a step back and realize.. nope not really.?? total buzz kill =/

Jamilla Camel said...

Hang in there, Prey! The unemployment rate in Spain just hit 17.4% this´s incredibly bad for a lot of people out there.

Take care!

jie jie said...

Did you have a fun trip? Hope you're back home safe.

Do hang in there. This economic storm is awful but i hope it will pass and hopefully the future will be brighter for us all.