surprise from denmark, dress up, and more giant bows!

You can imagine my surprise and glee when i got this super awesome package from Chyix2 aka crookedsmile! Wheee! its from Denmark!
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." --> Hamlet! No nothing is rotten there, but I wonder if they show Hamlet all the time there now...hmmm, the dane of denmark!

w00t! A postcard! I dunno why but I just love postcards! cheesy I know!

omg! candy! chocolate! wheee! Sugar! I can't believe she was so super awesome nice to send me chocolate!!!!!

hmmm gummy candy!

here's the eyeliner and lipgloss she sent me! I was just expecting an eyeliner but chyix2 was SO nice to send me this stuff AND chocolate! I'm so gonna get fat! w00t! Obviously now I have to send her something back in return. Something small the same kind of small that she sent me! LOL! Just have to remind myself to get to the post office and send it and package it.

My week has been blurry, I can't remember everything that happened. Typical of me right? sigh. I went to see the Toxic Avenger, it was free, so I'm not complaining. There was suppose to be free wine and cupcakes, but I never got any, cause I was hanging out by the bar. I was trying to be all healthy and try to loose weight and tone and crap, so i ate 2 bowls of special k, and egg whites so when i drank the long island ice tea, it hit me hard. Needless to say, we didn't stay long for the toxic avenger, instead i think we stayed for like the first 2 songs and then bolted out cause i was seriously toasted along with my friend.

I have been working out more, and trying to kick that stubborn belly fat. I'm gonna do a post about that soon. How to kill belly fat. And all the stuff you can do the kill it it and then some.

One of the reasons why I started going to the gym besides wanting to tone and crap, is that when I look around and see all the old ppl out there, who can't walk, who walk slow, and are hunchback and decrepit, who are either really fat and need a motorized wheelchair and get even fatter, I realize I REALLY don't want to end up like that. I don't want to walk around with a walker and hunchback, so I'm just gonna exercise and try not get decrepit.

Enough of that now. I'm sure you've all shuddered a bit after that. Onto the other stuff. I could figure out what to wear last week, so I decided to just go through some clothes. So productive right?

Funny how shoes can make a difference in clothing. That and lace stockings. The weather was getting warmer last week but not warm enough, hence why i tried on the boots. I should have done the YMCA in the pictures.

top: knit top from black house white market
skirt: anna sui sample sale, yes it needs a bow

I'm wondering if this skirt makes me look more feminine and crap.

top: same as above
skirt: anna sui sample sale.

these shoes are studded for your pleasure! LOL! I got these a few years ago, they're Anna Sui. Its got distressed leather and studs. When I don't wear the stockings I think I look like an older lady. with the stockings i think its too dark and covered up. go figure...

anyways, I ended up wearing this dress and heading out to see the toxic avenger. I wore boots cause it was a bit chilly that night. And I didn't shave my legs. LOL!

Dress: Betsey Johnson! w00t!

I've also been searching endlessly for a red bow headband to add to the rest of my collection of headbands with bows on them. That and the fact that Mona has been rocking the bows for a while. Course I can't shell out the big $$$ for bendal bows, so I've been searching for them all over. I think those of you who read my blog previously went to the korean stores and bought up all my headbands! But none were in red!

I've been searching around on cause apparently lots of ppl are making headbands, now with feathers which are the new thing now. I'm still looking for a red one, sigh. but most of them are based off the gossip girl blair giant red valentino bow.

I'm searching for bows that look like the rest of the ones I have and this seller seems to make/sell the ones I want, but wtf raspberry? not red? gotta email her and ask what the dealie is.

then there's this one, damn this bow is HUGE! Its satin but its scarlet red,oh dear, its not red red is it? damn I hate these weird names for different shades of red!

this girl makes a HUGE bow! like wow! Its $20, and I'm wondering is this bow too big? I mean can I really wear a bow THIS big and still rock it and look good? tell me ladies, has my bow obsession gone too far with this one?

the seller now makes a 2nd version of the giant red bow! Yes I know I could make my own headband with giant bows, but hell I'm lazy right now and not in the mood to go to michael's, but yes when I get around to it, I'll do the tutorial on how to make your own headbands complete with giant bow.

my hair is still somewhat intact. Blow drying it has become more intensive as before i could just blow dry in whatever way i wanted, now i have to style it. *gasp*

so camerawhoring now!

Going to DC this weekend, hope you ladies have a good easter vacation/break/weekend!

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~Mel said...

aww.. u're coming to DC? i'm heading up to philly this weekend.. HB headbands are awesome! too bad they cost an arm & a leg.. =P

ChyiX2 said...

Wow, shoes really does make a HUGE difference!

Funny seing the package in pics on your blog, hehe. I hope you like the sweets! Any favorites so far? (I bet you don't like the black liquorice in the bag XD Noone does, well except for danes)

Violet Honeybee said...

omg I love your lace stockings!!! o.o I never had a thing for them but after seeing them on you it makes me wanna go out and buy some!! hahaha

jane said...

hi! i actually ordered from two headbands from the second seller~ in deep red and black~ there very nice..

jane said...

oh and that toffifee is AMAAAZZING! they used to carry that in my local deli but they closed down agaes ago T.T

Kimberly Tia said...

oh my god....
TOFFIFEE... i have not had that in friggin AGES.
The way it sticks to your teefs..MmmMm

I swear prey, never fails everytime i'm at your blog i'm either drooling at food / snack items or your damn bows and headbands...

and shoes... and hosiery...



ko0ty said...

I've been working out regularly since September and I think this is the longest I've stuck with it! It's motivating when you actually see results. =P

wuzzyangel said...

MMMMMM.... Yummy candy!! And makeup to boot!!

Yes the skirts make you look more girly!! And I see what you mean about the shoes & the stockings making a diff!!

You know that I can't go to the store & see a pair of lace stocking without thinkin of ya now?! How's that for stalkerish!

Good luck finding your perfect red bow!

Vanessa said...

HAHA shopping time! I love your new hair btw! I know that sale is tempting....but Lord knows I DO NOT need any more stuff!

Pixie said...

What a lovely package.

Being from Denmark, I can tell you that we don't watch Hamlet a lot. Actually the only version I have seen is the one with Mel Gibson... Kinda embarrassing lol.

Vanessa said...

Haha OMG yes! That's what I used to hate about overalls and stuff when I was growing up, having to take off the ENTIRE thing to take a piss! So annoying, I am gonna have to cut a hole in the crotch and put a zipper or some snap buttons for easier access, LOL!

Violet Honeybee said...

I'm using the Start-to-Finish base & top coat by OPI as a top coat lol. I'm not doing anything tooo crazy with my hands so maybe it's just me applying it funny?? o.o

*wistful sigh*.. they're sooo pretty but I don't think I have the styling/guts to walk around with them.. =/

MakeupByRenRen said...

girl i dont know what you're talking about you look great!

SUGABUM said...

I like your new haircut! I go for those free haircuts, too. They're not bad! long as you don't mind change. My hair is a disaster now. I'm long overdue for a haircut, but I'm trying to grow mine out even longer, so the messy dog hair stays for now! And your obsession with those bow headbands has gotten me lemming to go to that Korean store in's such a trek for me, day I'll day when I'm not lazy...