Stuffing my face in DC

Domo's love cherry blossoms from their homeland! LOL!

Onto the food porn. I have to say when I ventured into the chinatown in DC it was kinda strange. it was a lot cleaner than the one we have here and it wasn't as big.

Though it was weird to see all the american signs there in chinese as well. and they had a lot of different restaurants there. they had american restaurants there.

urban outfitters in chinese!

firetruck in chinatown, getting someone out of the ruby tuesday there

chipoltle in chinese! w00t!

a tapas bar with chinese writing on it. wtf is this? this is strange. this chinatown is far too clean!

Domo is looking at the menu. What to order?

Domo getting his drink on. Sangria is awesome!

chick domo getting his drink on too!

tapas! they were good!

i love mussels and the lamb chops were good.

round 1

we were still hungry so we ordered more! these are egglplant chips, they were a bit greasy though

chick domo is not impressed by the cheese and tomato

dessert time! banana in puff pastry with chocolate ice cream

creme with strawberries. kinda reminds me of creme brulee in a way but the top isn't crystalized hard

spanish style rice pudding

flan! the fun custardy dessert!

Overall the place was good, and wasn't as pricy as the places here in nyc. Though no place beats casa mono. goddamn that place is good, small, a bit pricy but still oh so good!

these are called alley houses I think. My friend down in DC lives in one of these, she says she lives in an area where the senators live in and there are a lot of break ins and muggins in that area. great to know as we're walking around.

old skool fire escape, with weights and stuff. wonders how to break into this house.

We walked around to where the monuments were, drinking a beer along the way. yes we're drunk lushes. it was a nice wheat beer. Nothing wrong with that right? drunk near the monuments and they always have a bathroom and security there. hee hee. The same friend from DC is coming up to NYC this weekend, so they'll be more food porn! w00t! what to eat though? Korean bbq? or more tapas? who knows! Getting sick now so that sucks, that means no soju or booze for me this weekend! QQ!

Domo wishes you to have a good weekend. weather's getting warmer so eat up, drink up, party it up, shop it up and live it up!

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Kitty In Da City said...

DC chinatown is like a dot! it's just like one block! LOL!

my bff from DC is coming up here this weekend too... we're definitely going to get korean BBQ and sunday brunch. =)

~Mel said...

yeahhh.. no one goes to chinatown in DC.. everybody moved most of the businesses into rockville, prob cause rent in DC is crazy =P the best dim sum place is in silver spring. i love philly chinatown better or flushing.. nyc chinatown is too big and have the same stores on each block.. =P

Jenn said...

Love the Domo pics, it's great how they get around.

Chinatown isn't the same without some grime.

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the Domo-tour and the food porn! Excellent!

mayaari said...

haha I agree with Mel, there's not much to the DC Chinatown...and the dim sum place in MD is awesome, you almost don't notice it while you're driving but the food is sooooo good

ChyiX2 said...

LOL at doumo getting his drink on! Oh my... the dessert pics!! Imma go make a bucket of panna cotta and an apple pie. ..And I blame you! XD

wuzzyangel said...

OMG it looks sooo damn good!! Dang you prey! You and the Domo's eat so well all the time!!