She Bangs! She Bangs!

Who would you bang? Yeah this is a pervy post so there! I know most guys have a list of type of girls they want to bang. On the top of that list is usually ballerina, or gymnast. Why? Cause guys are just pervs. Like we knew that part already. That and flight attendant, nurse, artist, blah blah, blah. So you get what I mean. Who's on your list?

Yesterday while camera whoring on blogtv, shara mentioned she wanted a biker boy. So now in no particular order is my list, and those I want to add to my collection of my willing and able harem of men that shall be at my beckoning call. Note watching discovering channel doesn't help, watching deadliest catch, ax men, black gold, ice truck drivers and so forth. wow such dangerous professions, well not the last one, but you know what I mean. Yes I can be a skank at times. So what? Everyone else is, deep down we have an inner slut. Some of us let her out, while others keep her under wraps.

1. deep sea welder (it was on Bones, and goddamn, I want one of these now!) Totally built, at sea for months at a time, he'll sure be glad to see you when he gets back on land.

2. fireman. oh like its not on your list! Its the uniform, actually, its when they're in their gear and they come out of a fire, covered in ash and soot, yeah you know what I mean...

3.stunt man - self explanatory

4. race car driver. go speed racer! go speed racer go!

5. ax men. yes watching discovering doesn't help

6. marine, or I'd just say army men. its the uniform, and the idea that they have to go to boot camp and they are in shape and look good in a uniform. yes hormones! I like navy men too, u gotta love those bell bottoms they wear, the tight white pants and the cute little sailor hat. when its fleet week here in nyc, ladies...look out!

7. Sculptor- good with their hands. hee hee. and cause i like those artistic types.

8, Drummer - crazy ass mofo in the band that's good with his hands and feet. talented musician that no one understands NOT! Rocks out with his c!@# out and doesn't give a shit. sweaty, crazy, and insane. (yes I know he's holding a guitar, but he's a crazy drummer remember?)

So I've come to realize I like men who are physical and do things, that is not the programmer that sits in his cubicle and stares at a monitor all day. Yes, I like men who use their hands. hee hee. I like men who do something, rather than yelling at people on wall street, being a total prick. I like men who aren't assholes and work hard. real hard. yes I'm a perv! But you already knew that!

Some Honorable mentions would be.
police officer - when they first get in, not the desk worker who eats 10 donuts all day. the new ones fresh out of the academy
ems worker - cause they save lives, and get to wear that jacket
painter - as artist not the guy who paints your house. but we can cross the painter who paints on a canvas off the list.

So who's on your list? Maybe I missed someone. So tell me who's on your list, its ok, we're all girls here.

And here's some food porn for you! Don't you just love fuddruckers?! God I love burgers and fries and bacon! I am a carnivore!
They also have a HUGE burger there you can eat, no not the one the 1lb one which is the size of a small volleyball, they have one that's the size of a pizza! yes! dear god I saw it on foodtv once! Its at foxwoods casino,and it weights about 30lbs! eek! You have to tell them like 3 days in advance so they can make it.

domo likes fuddruckers!

domo waiting for his milkshake...oh so good milkshake!

domo getting stuff for his burger!

domo drinking his shake! hmmm...nom nom!

the works! a 1/2lb burger with cheese, bacon, and mushrooms! Dear god I felt the cholesterol ooze through me! it was GOOD!

chili cheese fries!

Damn I need to get to the gym! eating all that, plus cakelove cupcakes doesn't help my fat ass!

Tell me who's on your list ladies! food porn coming up!

4 stalkers:

kkkkatie said...

haha.. cute post. Yes, I agree that all girls have an inner slutty side ;)

that fireman photo had me laughing... haha.. really not big on subtlety eh? =)

ChyiX2 said...

I have a thing for a nice body in a well-tailored suit. *shudders* mmhh... So yup, I have a thing for guys in nice suits.

Also I'd like to have Johnny Depp but he has to be in Captain Jack Sparrow outfit, walking and talking like him. I could just eat him up! ;)Actually I'll take him even without that outfit!

SUGABUM said...

I would do anyone with a nice crew cut. =)

wuzzyangel said...

Don't really have a type, but if they're hot then even better!

Mmm... Musicians... & Johnny Depp....