Move over Harold & Kumar!

Alright, you all want to know how hang gliding went. yeah i went, yeah there was no white castle. yeah there's a video. so here it is. Domo style! And yes I am one crazy biatch!

Domo buckled up and ready to go hang gliding! what? You think Domo can't go? Pfft!

are we there yet?

Domo at the airport

there's the glider, yes its HUGE!

Domo sitting on a swing waiting for his turn

this is the plane that pulls the glider up into the air. no there was no jumping off a cliff like in the movie.

yes there is no cover for the pilot on this plane

my friend insisted on going first. this is what it looks like, yes you're strapped in, on top of the guy. holding on

chick Domo chillin on the stairs waiting

plane schematics

Pre-flight. I'm psyched! I'm ready!

GRRR! So ready! See there's the camera, too bad it didn't work when I was up in the air or landing...sigh.

Domo waiting

yanking me into the air!

do you see me?

I'm flying into the SUN! EEEK!!!!

gliding around


holy crap did I just do that?!

Domo is happy i have returned unharmed

holding the glider down. it got super windy

the top gun walk. you can be goose, I'll be iceman...yeah iceman...


here's the video of my take off

As you can see from the video, its SUPER windy, and you can't hear anything i'm saying or he's saying. See, apparently, my friend who booked this thing, was TOLD that the winds get rougher and pick up more in the afternoon time, that's when he scheduled it and he was like fine, whatever. course he didn't tell me this. AND he went first, so his flight was pretty smooth like glass, meanwhile mine had fucking turbulence like 2 sumo wrestles were rolling back and forth on the plane. At one point it felt like someone just hit the glider, and yes I got freaked. Not the greatest experience. Not only that, I had a different pilot for the plane, who could not get me above 1500 ft. you're suppose to get up to at least 2000ft or more, but i could only get up that high, i blame the pilot. anyways the wind was rough and the plane couldn't pull us higher, i was not having fun in the turbulence. course once we let go of the plane and started gliding, it was pretty cool. i saw no white castle. but since i wasn't high enough my flight was half the time of everyone else's. it was pretty nice, kinda like flying sorta. but it was cut short. ALSO, the video got fucked. there's suppose to be 3 vids, one of take off, one of me in the air and the other of gliding in the air and landing. i relaxed during the gliding part and was enjoying it, i was waving and doing poses, the guy moved the camera around for the background, but shit, it didn't work. WTF? what's worse is when the guy was pulling the video off the SD card he said it was corrupted and that was it. WTF? are you that retarded? you know you can try to salvage some of it! no i deleted it off. wTF? argh! fine whatever.

they were like yeah if you came in the morning or in the evening, the winds are much smoother and its like glass, its not rough and crazy like it was for me. they said they would give me half off if i went back and give me a free video considering that they fucked up my video already. i was slightly annoyed at my friend for booking it when he was told the wind was gonna be rough. more so that he made me go last and that HIS was enjoyable. GRRR. I mean he's been on this whole I gotta do extreme stupid stuff to prove stuff to his ex or some crap so he can feel special. geez. i won't get into white water rafting discussion that occurred. the point is, all this stupid crap i do is suppose to be fun. and yes i have a fear of heights but you figure if you can strap yourself into a hang glider you should kinda get over that fear.

Anyways I'm not gonna be a bitch, I didn't have the greatest time, but whatever. My friend wants to go bungee jumping in canada cause its like 8 stories down. geez, what are u trying to prove exactly? its not really that dangerous cause if it was, then no one would do it. pfft, whatever, i'm not gonna get into that. I don't have anything to prove.

We decided we want to go to NZ now cause we saw this.

its totally retarded i know, its a giant hamster wheel! wheee!!!!

hope you were all amused. I did not die. Nor did I crap myself. You should try it. that and zorbing!

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Jamilla Camel said...

whatta day!! You and Domo make a great team!

Thanks for looks so fun!!

wuzzyangel said...

Goodness Iceman! Or IceJen! You got way bigger balls then me for sure! I prob would've pooped me pants when that thing took off! LOL!

Sucks that your ride was a sumo wrestle action! And even more so cuz of the corrupted vid! I would've told your friend to pay for all of your fee, half off or not!

But you do got the bronze balls woman! If you do the Zorbing, make SURE you get a vid of that! LOL!

M said...

woah. you're super brave! but it must've been super awesome. I'm dying to either do this or sky diving!

ChyiX2 said...

Even though things didn't go exactly as expected it looks pretty cool :)I'd love to try this one time after seeing you do this.

mayaari said...

looks like it was an awesome experience, despite the setbacks!