Jollibee, polka dots, and bows again!

Jollibee! I don't get why Flips LOVE this stuff so much! I really don't! I mean I guess it's just me, but anyways, yesterday I went with my friend and it was INSANE! there was no line around the block this time, but there was a HUGE line inside! it was so crowded in there, and I had to squat and hold the table.

the line was so slow! it was an hour wait just to get to the cashier! they really need to fix their system there cause there were 10 ppl working back there and it took forever for some reason. there are 4 ppl at popeyes and they serve up their chicken way faster! and they had all the LCD screens showing the commercials of their food.

wtf is a yummburger? You gotta say that they have great names for stuff, chickenjoy! w00t!

the food after an hour wait! eek! wtf! the green slushy drink was tasty, i have no idea what it is though

fried chicken, it was crispy but i didn't get what the hype was about, that and the fact it wasn't worth the hour wait for it! grrr! an hour wait! wtf are they doing there?!

their spaghetti thing, it was tasty and flavorful

mango peach pie, deep fried, very good, but goddamn diabetic sweet! eek!

the hot sauce they gave us, but we couldn't open the package for some reason!

and cause everyone was taking pics with this bee, I decided that I should as well. So this big is like ronald mcdonald here in the states, so here I am being silly!

remember that jacket I had posted on twitter a while back? the polka dot one and all? Well I stumbled into a Betsey Johnson store that had the jacket and tried it on finally....

It was seriously polka doty, and a huge blur on me, it was super cute and all.

The material was ok, I mean the site I was gonna get it from was gonna charge me like 100 for it with free shipping. It was cotton blend, and it was very cute, but it was very dressy type, cause when I tried it on with my jeans it didn't look right. Its more of a i'm wearing a skirt/dress jacket. Not an everyday kind of jacket. it was 180 at the betsey johnson store, so i was like ok, glad I didn't get it, cause I wouldn't be able to wear it all the time.

remember these bow headbands that I oh so love so much? Yes those. Well after googling and searching and youtubing, I found a site that sells the stuff that lets you make your OWN headbands! *gasp* I think my laziness will reach a new level at this point! Then I checked youtube for hairband tutorials. yes this has gone to a whole new level. I mean think about it, seriously. Why shell out $$$$ for a headband that you can make yourself? ok granted it won't look as professionally done, but hell it'll look good. I mean, i can get 12 plastic headbands for 8 bucks. buy some ribbons and glue and i'm good! I'm gonna make my own HUGE red bow headband! I'm gonna make my own huge BLUE bow headband, I'm gonna make myself a bunch of huge bow headbands, and maybe a few fabric flower headbands and some feather ones too! Though I have no idea where to get the metal headbands from though, and so the google search continues.

pretty feather headbands, yeah i know, screw PETA!

Went shopping at Loehmans as well, got some yoga pants for sweats, and 2 pairs of seven jeans. I found some betsey stuff there but didn't get any. I also saw their shampoo and conditioner stuff, but it wasn't as big of a discount, some of it was like 70 cents off, like wtf? go figure, its not really a deal is it?

ok this friday i'm out of NYC! and i'm heading down to DC to go see this! well not really, considering that everyone has already said that it was last week, and don't ask me why i'm going this week instead, really, don't ask, sigh.

Its suppose to be rainy this weekend down there too, so I guess I'm stuck at the Smithsonian or some crap like that. who knows, but whatever, never really been to DC before, so I'll just look around and stuff.

Hope you ladies all have a fun weekend, with ur weekend plans, easter dinner/brunch/lunch and stuff! Yay for the peeps! Yay for easter candy!

Happy Easter! Peeps! Chocolate eggs! Eat candy and be happy!

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beeyoutiful7 said...

Those pictures are soo cute =)

And I loveeeee the headbands!! I think im going to check out the site you provided.

thank you!!

Jenn said...

Too bad Jollibee wasn't worth the hype.

heh, I use to like watching peeps expand in the microwave.

Have a great trip to DC!

ChyiX2 said...

The food from Jolibee still looked good even though it wasn't as good as you expected...

I hope you post pics when you create your own headbands ^^

mszcheysser said...

Lol. The bunny and the ducky look super cute! OMG. Don't those go on sale once Easter is over? :)

Jollibee. Ahh! I guess everyone is going crazy because it reminds them of home. (Even though, to my own opinion, it always taste WAAAAY better in the Philippines) & you know Filipinos, they love feeling at home. So haha. =)

I think the green thingy was Buko Pandan. I am not too sure. Eeek.

I love your pictures! And how you edit them, they are soooooo pretty.


ainstein said...

jollibee is all HYPE!i think flips flock it because it reminds them of "home" it is our flip take on mcdonalds lol. and im surprised u like the spaghetti! my bf hates it because its sweet, he said spaghetti isnt suppose to taste like. he makes fun of me when i put sugar in my pasta lol =P

wuzzyangel said...

Never heard of the place, but good to know now! I think for "fast food" I wouldn't wait that long, I don't got the patience! LOL!

Oohh.. Prey's gonna make her own bows! Can't wait to see woman!

Have fun in DC!!

SUGABUM said...'ve got me hooked, too! I went to Flushing and got myself two bows today, a headband and a clip. They're so cute!

The feather headbands look awesome. You can find lots feather trimming to make those in the fashion district of Manhattan. Not sure how to get a hold of the headbands themselves, though. Maybe get the cheap ones they sell at the drugstore, then just glue the embellishments on since those already have a layer of fabric on them.

iamgrape1119 said...

Those headbands look so adorable! Those scenic pictures look like the ones that are computer generated, LOL!

Btw, thank you so much for that thoughtful comment you left on my blog, I really appreciate it! :D MUAH!