Its been a week since my last post, and I have no idea what I have been doing, well besides the obvious of goofing off! Hee hee! read other blog for details on that. but ANYWAYS! Moving on!

Happy April Fool's Day! Today is also my parents' anniversary, seriously. Its also the day I was conceived. Yes! Using that pregnancy wheel thing I discovered when I was conceived and it was ewie! I'm a honeymoon baby! haa haa, yes I'm glad all of you went ewie just a bit haa haa! you know your parents do it! They had to do it at least once to make YOU! that number goes up when you include your siblings! Yes I hope you have that horrid mental picture stuck in your head tonight! *evil laughter*

Tuesday I went to Bumble and Bumble to get my hair cut for free. yes oh to be a guinea pig for ppl to experiement on my hair. Its not that bad, I've done it before, I usually get a razor bob, which works out well, I roll up in there with my long hair and they get freaked and keep asking me if I understand that this cut is from your chin to above your shoulders, and each time I tell them to cut it already! hair grows!

so I ended up going in for a current cut, which is all the techniques they've leaved fused and combined into one so its a customizable cut on you, which is pretty cool. You gotta be flexible, and open, which I was, I was like CUT IT! Hair grows, so cut it! the stylist talked to me and was like ok, we're gonna cut 3-4 inches off and do this and give you volume and a side swept bang, which is pretty cool, i guess. her teacher walks over and wanted to do this horrid cut on me, ugh wtf is up with stupid non asian ppl? he wanted to trim the back and do a halo in the front, yes he wanted to make me look like those goddamn china doll and fobs! ugh! NO! NO! WTF? Though it was weird to have 2 ppl go and touch my hair and flip through it, and then rest his hand on my head, like wtf? the worst was the length part, cause they would move it to the front and then touch my boob in the process, it was a chick so i was like ok, but the teacher kept doing it too! LOL! it was ok, cause he was sorta flaming so hee hee! anyways onto the pictures, i know you want to see what happened to me right?!

oh this is the sad SAD before picture. Damn I look so sad...its like a mug shot almost! Talk about bad lighting! I definitely need something to fix my hair up!

2 hours later, they snipped, blew dry my hair and did that weird running fingers through the hair thing. I'm in the bathroom right after they finished. I look different. could be the lighting too right?

me walking around meat packing right after, my head does feel lighter, course i'll never be able to style my hair like this again!

side view. yes the back is shorter and the front is longer!

as you can see my head looks rather round and happy right? they call this the aero head. its like a reverse mullet. longer in the front and shorter in the back. I get more volume now which is awesome, screw teasing and all that crap, its all in the layers and movement and texture of the hair now. oddly enough she used straightening balm on me and it gave my hair volume and texture. strange, but hey it worked.

Not only did they cut off a bunch of my colored hair, which is good, they made me look decent! People say it makes me look younger, like i can pass for 24 or 23 now. LOL! How old do I look?

I've been working on that giant cadbury creme egg, yes with cadbury chocolate, and god that was just a huge mess. Its for my bro's bday which passed on tuesday, but he wasn't around, and he was MIA during the weekend, so that gave me more time to work on it, and finish it. its pretty goddamn big,a and yes I will post about it soon, after i wrap it in foil, drop it in the basket and present it to him. I just hope he doesn't try to eat it all in one sitting.

Tomorrow I'm going to see the Toxic Avenger the musical, yes I hate musicals, but there is free cupcakes and wine cause of that yelp thing. go figure, I ain't picky, cupcakes!

I hit the gym last sunday and damn my arms are sore! Lifted a few weights, course my friend said 3lbs was weak, 5lbs was weaksauce so i ended up using 10lbs instead! eek! they say lighting weights burns more and tones, so I guess I'm ready for more sore arms and such. Shape magazine has been doing articles every month about belly fat, I guess I'll post about those as part of my get off my fat ass post.

look! its a watchamacallit! I remember those from high school and now they have a limited edition thingamajig! Wow! Yes, eating chocolate candy bars isn't doing much for my ass which is getting fat. Gotta hit the gym more and drink more water instead.

And what is the deal with pencil skirts? Why am I unable to find ANY here in nyc? What the hell gives? I've been into forever 21 and they don't have any skirts it seems! Is it just me? Am I in bizarro world? Why is it so hard to find a damn pencil skirt? Been wearing a lot of skirts and boots and stockings lately, tis the weather to show off them legs ladies!

Easter's coming up! What are your plans ladies?

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wuzzyangel said...

Nice haircut! I used to be the same way w/ my old hair dresser. I'd go in and tell her to do whatever! But now I actually gotta think... :P

LOL @ reverse mullet!! Hell you always looked young to me so I can't answer that question!

Sucks you got felt up for free! NExt time you have to charge!!

ChyiX2 said...

Your hair looks a lot healthier and more shiny now. You didn't look old then and you don't look old now with that new cut so... cursed the asian genes! ^_^

Have you gotten anything in the mail yet?

MakeupByRenRen said...

oh i really like the new do...i need someone to do my hair soon...i look like i have part brown on the bottom black on top...i remember toxic avenger, i had it on vhs, lol