Giant Cadbury Creme Egg!

How was your weekend ladies? Did you load up on bunnies and chocolate and eggs? I went to washington DC this weekend and it was pretty tiring and fun at the same time. But enough of that, we all know what you came here for. To see the giant egg! Yes the giant cadbury creme egg! Hmmm sugar! So this weekend, the giant egg fulfilled its birthday/easter destiny!

I got the idea originally from Pimp that snack I followed the directions there to make this giant egg. so here it is, what i ended up doing for this massive thing! I posted pics on my facebook and ppl were already reacting to it, like GODDAMN! WTF? is that thing real!?

the ingredients

in the end it took about 13 bars of these suckers

tools for making, the silicone brush sucks for painting on chocolate, so skip that. the egg mold I got from a store called the chocolate duck on long island somewhere, but do a quick google for egg molds and chocolate, they sell these usually around easter, so if you want to make one, start googling, now is the time! I got the second largest egg mold, there was one larger than this one, but i it had some weird design on it.

see its real cadbury chocolate here!

break up the chocolate into smaller pieces, its easier to melt that way

simmer some water, put a bowl on top and there you have your double broiler thing, or whatever it's called. simmer the water NOT boil. I used a pyrex bowl cause it can handle the heat well. make sure NO water gets in there, it screws up the texture of the chocolate. water bad in chocolate!

put the chocolate into the bowl!

Stir the chocolate using a wooden spoon. they say use wooden spoon, maybe cause a metal spoon would be bad, heat travels you know, and no water now people.

Told you it would melt! you have to keep stirring it and move it around.

now put the chocolate into the egg mold. make sure you get the sides. I used the spoon to spread it around, cause the brush wasn't helping much.

yes this is all chocolate baby!

that's like the first layer or so. you then put it in the fridge where it can harden, and then repeat the process oh about 12 times until you get a thickness of 1/2 inch or so. remember its gotta hold all that white creamy fondant. so no weak egg, or it'll break and you'll cry.

yeah its not pretty on the inside, but whatever, the shells are done for now. remember to keep your stuff in the fridge or else the chocolate will melt!

now onto the white fondant part of the egg...yes people time to go into diabetic shock!

first pour in 3lbs of sugar, yes 3lbs of sugar people!

look sugar bewbies! bewbies! haa haa made you look at sugar bewbies!

lightly grease the inside of the pot with some butter. LIGHTLY!

pour the 3lbs of sugar into the pot.

now pour in some water, into the 3lbs of sugar

now try to stir the sugar and water, just a bit

heat the water up and watch the temperature!

its boiling! eek! it looks like oil now! but its sugar, don't get scared!

glucose! i read what is made of, its corn syrup. go figure. so you gotta add this stuff into the mix. goddamn it was thick and sticky and didn't want to move at all!

woot! let it bubble, then let it cool down to 45C

at this point, it looks like oil, don't get freaked out. you gotta stir this sucker with ur wooden spoon. Stir it and keep stirring it, you gotta like chemistry. It WILL turn into this creamy white fondant that you know and love. Keep stirring it.

Let it cool for 24 hours at room temperature. Cover it and make sure its secure. Then leave it the hell alone!

here's one side of the egg. isn't it pretty?

now start engraving the eggshell like the cadbury egg. Be careful when doing this, do NOT touch the egg with your bare greasy fingers. you will leave prints on your lovely egg.

keep engraving it! don't worry! Place back into the molds for protection.

trim the edges of the chocolate mold, make sure they are flush and flat and that both sides are flush and flat. You can use a butter knife that you heated up and it should let you trim off the excess chocolate quickly.

now remember this white fondant? yes its white, now that this and pour it into your egg shells!

w00t! look at that, pour it into both halves, then place in fridge overnight, the fondant needs to get firmer so you can place them together.

take the fondant and now add in yellow food coloring to make the yolk. scoop out the center a bit and pour in your yolk.

now melt some more chocolate, you're gonna glue your egg together now!

place the melted chocolate on one side. one shell should have the melted chocolate on it. you may need help doing this part, i screwed up the first time i did it and had to pry open the egg and do it again. this stuff will stick together almost immediately on contact. The fondant should be firm enough that you can put them together without problems.

easter basket and easter grass for decoration

i admit it, toward the end i got lazy, that and the fact that i had to open it and fix it and then glue it back together again. i didn't have time to make the wrapper so i just used the aluminum foil instead.

i present to my brother and give him his normal sized cadbury creme eggs for comparison

he doubts this is real, he thinks its just a styrofoam egg or something. He mocks me for i did not make the real label for it.

he must rip open the foil to see if its real. He knows its heavy, about 7lbs of sugar in his hands. Dear god its real!

So what he chooses to do with it, is his business, though he's trying to consume it with his friends, i have requested photos for that. I have no idea how they would attempt to eat it.

Pics on my washington DC trip are coming up soon. that and few other things too! But I hope you were all amused by this, and hope you had a great weekend, easter, bunnies, chocolate and peeps aside!

All quantities, measurements and ingredients are listed on the pimp that snack site, and the original guy who made this giant egg. please use that site as a reference. I learned a lot about chocolate and sugar when making this, its pretty fun. no preservatives were used in the making of this egg nor where any bunnies harmed.

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KiLLaCaM said...

that thing is unreal! i would've been soooo tempted to eat it before i even made that thing :)

ChyiX2 said...

Holy cow! That is a lot of sugar!!! That egg is HUGE! What a nice sister you are :)

Aaw... your brother looks so happy ^^ Haha, he should take a pic after he's done with it and show us all how a person looks when in sugar coma XD

Oh and also, yay! I can't wait for when my package arrives...I'm excited already =D Eep! Haha!

mayaari said...

that is one MASSIVE cadbury egg! i can feel a cavity just staring at all those pictures, haha

Jenn said...

wow, that is really impressive!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha YES!! My long awaited pics!!

LOL!! Love the look on your bro's face! Classic!!

I hope he appreciates all the effort you put into this!! :)

Russian Fortune Cookie said...

That is so ridiculously BAD ASS. That is the grand daddy of all chocolate eggs. There's chocolate eggs, and then there's your Chocolate Egg. It makes me want to make one :D

And my favorite part is how you're like, "wup, your problem now sucka" with your brother. You think he or his friends are going to manage to eat it all?

Violet Honeybee said...


holy f'in shit that things huuugee!! i'm drooling... *wipes keyboard of saliva

M said...

woah. that's pretty damn awesome! its huge!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow girl!