Doing it in DC

So easter weekend my friends and I decide to go trekking around DC for some reason. Actually it was my one friend's idea, the same one who stalked and yelled at this girl cause he likes her so much its reaching stalker and restraining order land. anyways, we'll rant about that later.

After dropping off that huge egg to my bro, we headed out to DC, going through ghetto smelly jersey. damn i hate that state. You have no idea how much I hate that state! Seriously!

we ended up stopping at chili's in jersey. it seriously smelled bad outside for some reason

you gotta love the southweastern egg rolls!

we checked in at the Hilton in silver springs, i don't know why we booked the hotel there, but we did, apparently we had to take a train to get into the area where we wanted to go.

they had internet, but Domo was hogging it, so I was out of touch with the outside world it seems.

crabtree products in the bathroom. it was very perfurmey

as you can see Domo gets around!

their train station. Its weird cause in NYC u get a metrocard and you just go, its $2 per ride, but in DC its like you have to put money on the card and it costs x amount to go here, it costs y amt to go there. we didn't really figure it out well, so eek whatever. they used paper tickets.

the maps are just color and its less complicated than the ones in nyc.

Domo pointing

the trains there are a lot more quiet than the ones here, so that's a good thing i guess.

domo in the cherry blossoms

Ok here's a rant. we went down there for the cherry blossoms cause of my fruity friend. we met up with someone else down there who was pretty quiet and shy. BUT, my friend the stalker guy you've read about previously, seriously had a damn hissy fit/whine fest down there! It rained and most of the cherry blossoms were gone. They were in full bloom last week as everyone had said and went the previous week. Anyways he proceeds to have a HUGE fit. OMFG. what are we 5? He actually had the nerve to say. I wanted it to be like last time. Where they were in full bloom and showering petals on me, and that was so sweet. WTF? Seriously WTF? The shy guy was like wtf is wrong with you freaks?! i was like WTF? seriously WTF?

yes they're on the floor, deal with it. stop being a whiny bitch about it!

Honestly, we did find a few trees that weren't nekkid, but NO he wasn't satisfied. I get your disappointed but goddamn, please act your age, and stop saying stupid whiny shit like that!

Domo was enjoying himself

Obviously i was embarrassed for his behavior. The rest of us managed to have fun, walking around and checking out the museums and everything else. I'll post more pics of what else I did down in DC.

Oh yeah, my weird friend, is now whispering and talking low. I think he was doing it for attention cause ppl were asking if he was sick or not. i suppose it was to take attention away from the fact that he yelled at his co worker to the point where she was about to cry at a bus stop. seriously you don't yell at ur co worker cause that's just no professional. anyways now he's trying to be all mysterious and crap. dude, you're just making yourself look like the uber creepy guy at work now. good job. the girl you're obsessing over, doesn't even want to be in the same room as you after what you did, seriously. creepy. stop it! STOP IT!

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~Mel said...

aww.. wish i wasn't in philly that weekend.. would've been fun to meet up in DC! =) i used to live in silver spring but now i'm in gaithersburg

Kitty In Da City said...

i lived in DC for a while... where are the food pics!!! lol

ChyiX2 said...

LOL, how old is your friend anyways? To travel is to live..and it looks like that is Doumo-kuns motto XD

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow're so nice to be dealing with him...

wuzzyangel said...

Looks like Domo had fun! I'd get lost on any train, so oh well!!

But the Sakura looks great to me! Your friend needs to MAN UP!! LOL!

Can't wait for more pics!

mayaari said...

the cherry blossoms still look good to me - probably nicer with the green contrast of the leaves!

ah yeah, Metro sells day passes if you know that you'll be going to a few places, saves some money if you think your trips will cost more than $5 or $6 for the day.

Jamilla Camel said...

Great pics--thanks for sharing. Domo is a dude..very kawaii!

M said...

those are great pics. is it with your leica cam?

dude the metro system in dc gets me every time