Bows, more bows, and MORE BOWS! And Domos

Bows, bows and more bows! Damn how many bows do I need? Apparently a lot it seems! LOL! Yesterday I wandered into f21, yes I really did. And I saw all these headbands with bows on them! *gasp* more bow headbands! Mind you I did order that red giant bow headband off esty, which I'm still waiting for. She said she was gonna mail it out this week, so here I am still waiting. Anyways, I managed to snag a couple of headbands, they were 3.80! seriously! There were a couple that were 6.80. but overall, i snagged 5 of them for 25 bucks! w00t! Now I just need 5 heads so I can wear them al all the time!

isn't it pretty? love the color! this one cost me 6.80. all sales are final sneered the cashier

bow in action, damn its a bright color it seems. and the bow looks super cute right?

I seriously LOVE bows! I blame Blair wardorf!

I like the color of this one too!

check it out!

the bow in action!

and the bow goes well with this dress, remember this dress? I wore it like 2 years ago to a wedding, or two, it has a giant bow in the back too! LOL. talk about bow overload. the colors do actually match, its washed out in this picture a bit.

a normal black bow! *gasp* I know

the bow in action!

look a center bow!

bow in action. what do you think? It reminds me of snow white in a way if it was white. you can't really see it that well in my hair.

another one! but in grey, yes it reminds me of the one Mona and xppinkx both got at henry bendal. *cry* I can't afford to shell out $70 on a headband. and yes theirs looks better cause they have more fabric and their bow looks more bouncy.

bow in action!

this bow costs 3.80! Run RUN to F21 and snag all their bow headbands, clips and other hair accessories. They also have those silly hair clips too!

Oh! I saw this on the F21 site! Look at this bow. I was reading the dimensions of it.
- 12" L x 7.0" W bow ---> 12 inches for a bow? holy crap that's HUGE! 4.80 on the site, not sure if I should go get it or not. Hee hee!

actually after finding this picture on the F21 site I'm debating over it more now. dear god that thing is HUGE!!!! Maybe as part of a halloween costume or something.

And here is some more of Domo!!!! wandering around DC.

Domo looking at the map of the air and space museum smithsonian.

Domo posing with a plane

Domo likes planes!

Curse you red baron!

Domo eating fries at the expensive mcdonalds at the air and space musuem

how dare you call this a pizza?!

they threw the ingredients for a big mac into the box. wtf?

ewie, a vein in my mcnugget!

Domo with the wright bro's plane

More pics of Domo coming up soon. I hope you're all amused, Domo got around to most of the museums and monuments and stuff. Domo makes trips more fun don't you think?

Domo telling me what to do. So demanding Domo. Anyways going paragliding this saturday! Harold and Kumar moment! LOL!

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ko0ty said...

Omg I love Domokun! I want to take him for a tour around Vancouver too now. LOL.

I noticed the Blair bow craze too.. in fact I was tempted to go buy one yesterday!

xppinkx said...


i have not left a shit stain on here in soooo damn long..what bitchassness have i missed!!!...ok i see a huge freggin cadbury egg..LMFAO...i see huge bows....which BTW!!! F21! rules...that head band looks exactly like MINE!!! but like more than half the price....fuckers...and i see domo...and you looking beautiful in a dress....SHIT i have missed alot...and you went to DC!!! what the fuck!!!

prey looks like your doing good...looking good...and being creatively fucking happy...


wuzzyangel said...

Bow galore indeed! I really like the color of the teal one! And look at you all girly & feminine in that dress! Very pretty!

When I went to the Air & Space museum in DC it wasn't that great for me. I need to go back there and check out the rest of the Smithsonians.

WTH? I soo would've complained to the McD's!

sophie said...

bows~!!!!!!!!!<3 im craving some bows now~~~ and i like u with natural black hair

Tammy said...

I just bought that grey headband..I have all these damn headbands, but I never wear

I'm loving all the headbands you bought.. =)

M said...

omg all those bows! mwahahahaha you wuvs it! dude the f21 by me has jack shit ;(

paragliding! how awesome! where where?

Vanessa said...

Haha I saw that big ass bow on the forever21 site too and I am like geezus I don't think I could walk out in public with that thing on my head without people giving me the crazy eye. LOL.

Yeah MAC has an MSF called "Gold Deposit" which is gorgeous and is a tad bit more warmer than Drizzlegold, but gorgeous nonetheless!