where's alice?

Ok that last post, I was a bit peeved to say the least. So let's just move on to more positive things. Its friday ladies! What are your plans? You know my plans, getting my drink on! Hee hee, and doing naughty things along the way!

yes donald's getting his goodies rocked off. yes even stuffed animals need love too, you know they do naughty things while you're out. but I caught these naughty ones in the act! *gasp*

I'm still waiting for my yandy.com order. wtf are they doing? i finally ordered from sock dreams, i'm a sad blogger that some of their socks are out of stock, but i love the free shipping they offer, first class, hee hee. the weather is finally warming up and yes ladies its time to shave your legs! Shave, wax, epilator to the max, whatever you know what I mean. and please ladies exfoliate!!!

And since I got bored, I was trying to figure out how to wear this f21 top/dress thing, which is a knock off of an anna sui dress that I have. LOL!

here's the top with jeans. yes its messy where I am ok! alice in wonderland feel yes?

here i am wearing thigh highs, damn this dress is short. wearing it with brown boots. note to self get more thigh highs

black thigh highs with black mary janes. damn why do my thighs look so big now? *cry* damn this thing is short! definitely will have to wear pants under this thing.

the shoes, super cute right? i got them a while ago to go with a halloween costume, for alice in wonderland. they're not comfy to walk long distances in. but they do go well with the dress if it were a bit longer!!!!

this is the anna sui dress i wore to a tea party. its cute and longer. but that damn headband hurt like hell!

I'm waiting on my sock/stockings order to come in to show off my skirts and boots and such. Have a good weekend ladies! I know I will! :P

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chibi said...

The anna sui dress is really cute.
You found a good knock off.
I think wearing it with the boots is cute.
Hope you find your look.

~Mel said...

u look cute in the dress! =) wow.. it's almost similar but not quite.. and girl, ur thighs are not big!

loveSHARA said...

Hmmms.. I love Alice in Wonderland. [: Nothing ever too short.. trust me ;D

And they're out of those boots here in my area & online.. me&those boots weren't meant to be unless those Steve Madden ones get way damn cheaper! LOL. -__-

M said...

gahhh i love your anna sui dress!
and the alice in wonderland shoes is wayyy cute

Jamilla Camel said...

You make a perfect Alice!! I love the dress and shoes--the entire look!

Kimberly Tia said...

howwww cuuute prey!
your dress is really very alice in wonderland inspired and i love, love, loveeeeeeeeeee your shoes woman! who are they by!?!?!?


Fei said...

You always have the cutest dresses.

wuzzyangel said...

Alice indeedy!! Very cute woman!! Shoes as always are suberb as well! Darn you!!