the weekend

How was your weekend ladies? Mine was ok. I finally went out and saw Watchmen. Damn that was a long movie! 3 hours! I think halfway my butt fell asleep. Though I will say, that I did read the comic originally, so I was kinda excited to see the movie. They did remain very true to the comic, they followed the panels and most of the dialogue, except they did change a few things around, they updated some stuff obviously, but they did change a couple of things. For some reason this comic didn't translate well into a movie. And they did leave out a lot of stuff that gave the comic more depth and meaning. But alas if they did include it it would have been a 5 hour movie lord of the rings style!

That and the giant blue glowing cgi slong that was hanging around! haa haa! good job stupid parents for bringing your kids to this rated R movie! Aside from the cursing, the violence, sex and nudity, and the fact that it was rated R for a reason, you STILL bring your kids to the movie because you're just a dumbfuck of a parent! I think the best was when one parent yank their 2 small kids out of the theatre during the nekkid sex scene. geez, the previous sex scene wasn't that bad right? or the violence right or the use of the word fuck right? stupid parents.

I can see a bunch of skanks dressing up as the silk spectre for halloween this year. most of which will be out of shape or in need of a girdle but will still wear it regardless.

went to the gym on sunday. It was filled with OLD people! they showed up in normal clothes, like they just walked in from their brunch, and started moving at the speed of a turtle on the treadmill and the bike. one guy on a crutch was walking slow on the treadmill and the leg machine. This one fat mullet wearing woman was staring at me from the treadmill while i was on the bike, staring at me like what are you doing here for? So I don't end up like your fat ass lady! stop staring you freak!

these are both Betsey Johnson jackets on sale at rue la la. its 99 bucks. Not sure which one to get or to get one at all. I like polka dots, but the description is like mostly cotton and all, so i guess it would be a spring jacket, and mostly for skirts or dresses right? not sure if i should get it or not. opinions?

Also I'm trying to put together some outfits that go with the giant bows I got. I'm trying to put together some outfits with my skirts and boots, and considering tomorrow is drink like a retard day and puke in the streets day, I'm gonna avoid green for obvious reasons, cause you know I look irish right?

tomorrow in nyc a bunch of dumb drunks are gonna be running through the streets puking their guts out. awesome right? Yeah I think its a combat boot kind of day.

after eating this, I have to go back to the gym. I found this Bakery Paris in Flushing, their stuff looks super cute, and it tastes pretty good as well. Someone asked me where I got the headbands from. Its this korean store in flushing, on roosevelt and union. almost on the corner next to an urban terrain store.

domo says hi! he's dressed for easter!

My friends want to go to DC for the cherry blossom thing. Any ladies down there wanna meet up or something?

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Jenn said...

Wow, that waffle looks amazing. I was stuck wandering the streets in Flushing if only I had known the bakery paris had stuff like that.

Easter domo is too cute.

ChyiX2 said...

Oh boy! I could sure go for some waffles right about now. Thanks a LOT! ^_^

wuzzyangel said...

Okay Watchmen long, parents dumb fucks (I've been there before), and all in all maybe I'll go see it now!

Gym huh? Props... my lazy ass does even get to the treadmill in our HOUSE! LOL!! Tell the lady "WHAT?"

Black w/ dots!


Jamilla Camel said...


What kind of gym do you go to anyway? LOL!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i didnt really like watchmen...maybe if they broke it up into two movies...

ChyiX2 said...

Haha, have you ever heard of GOSH before? pm me your adress and I'll send you a liner in the color you want. (I ripped off everything from the shelves) my e-mail is