Starting a Fire + socks + randomness

Much love and thanks to loveshara for finding this site! Look at all those socks and stockings and tights! The boots I got will definitely be making more appearances! The boots I got from Bakers, and they were posted by the sexy Pink originally. I snatched up 2 pairs, but it seems like a lot of ppl ordered too cause the good sizes are almost gone!

Looking at the sock site, I was going through all the thigh high stockings they had. damn its a lot. I had originally ordered from, sine they were having a sale. I have yet to see my stuff come in.

Onto the fireman. Since I'm just saying everything he's telling me, he keeps saying I'm gonna get him in trouble. Geez why? Could it be that he told e that his friend fellow fireman went into the building to search for ppl, felt up some woman and dragged her out and they're giving him a medal? (they make the firemen pay for their own medal!)I mean, cmon ladies, if there's a fire, put your bewbies out, cause you're gonna get felt up! hee hee! JK! its kinda funny when you think about it. or how they play cards, watch 300 and try to amuse themselves for the 24 hours their up waiting for a fire to start. Or how they love to have water fights while waiting for a fire to be called in. Or their bunk beds, that they don't sleep in. communal showers that they don't use as a group to wash the smoke out, or how they go grocery shopping in their suspenders, cause you never know when they have to just get up and go save someone. pfft. I know how it is, walking around the supermarket in ur suspenders...why hello ladies..

I think firemen get a kick out of the reaction they get from ppl, yes kids wave at them, and girls well we know how silly we can get. He tells me how he gets a call and they head out and it turns out to be a hair salon, and so the women inside all start smiling as the firemen enter. geez i wonder why. and how one of the workers passed out and they had to attend to her, while all the other ladies are just smiling like idiots. of course that infiates a guy's ego oh i dunno about 100x or so. what is it about firemen that make them so attractive to women? esp in nyc of all places?

eye mask that my friend got me from hong kong. she's all bout the eye masks. this one is a sheet and has eye slits in it, for what i don't know. anyways, i used it once, and it said you had to keep tapping your eye area lightly to get the fluid out and crap. not bad. i'll do a more thorough review of it when I use it again. And yes I have to use it again cause drinking that much, and sleeping in your make up is a BAD thing, yes I know but you know what happens, you get drunk and pass out and hopefully someone rolls you onto your stomach.

the loot Pink gave me when we met that time she was in nyc. I haven't tired the new bb cream yet it has no spf, so i have to wear spf under it, and hell i've been slacking in the make up dept these days. will get back on it again. i finally went to the face shop and bought another mask, yes a sheet, i'm starting to dig the sheet mask idea, nothing to wash off you know? but i wonder just how effective it is. does it really get into your pores and crap like that? I gotta do some face masks once a week now that my skin is starting to freak out from the drinking and boozing and staying up late and sleeping in my makeup and lashes. yes the shisem lash glue works through sleep. not that i suggest you do that.

gotta hit the gym up again this week, that is if its above 20F! it snowed like crazy yesterday, and the temperature dropped. now i'm wondering if i should go out or not. sigh. nothing is ever dull in nyc is it? nope!

my friend at work. really...

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MakeupByRenRen said...

i need to try another of my masks like these...this time i wont wash off the goo!

loveSHARA said...

I like them boots too but I'm debating if I would really wear in on a daily and how it would look on me. I believe that would look a whole lot better then UUGGGH's and shorts, though. Hmms. Btw thanks. [:

loveSHARA said...

I probably would still wear them boots. I will check the Bakers near the house and see if I really want them. Bakers ones are a lot cheaper then the Steve Madden ones. Wearing them to work would be fun too. I love knee high socks too, I have HK ones that I wear with my boots [:

And how come I've never really heard of this "fireman", Oh dishing times!

mayaari said...

sock dreams is a great site, i've been buying my knee socks from them for years :)

wuzzyangel said...

Socks galore indeed! And speaking of them sex boots... still lockin um up I hope! ;)

Firemen are sexy that's why! Well most of them... okay okay.. a few of them... But I think it's the whole, they save lives deal?! IDK!