Rant! rant! rant!

i was totally excited bout the interview. i was seriously like yes i will meet you whenever and where ever you want. i get to their soho office. the guy is running late, whatever. ok, i'm a bit annoyed at how things unfolded. the guy turns out just got off a plane, stumbled in and was dying of hunger and wanted to eat, so we leave the office so he can go have lunch. fine whatever. he noticed my bag, tokidoki, and we talk about murakami, and how his work is hyper capitalism and revolutionizes japan without western influence. um ok. dude i like his stuff cause it shows violence, and sex and he wraps it nicely in a cartoonish kiddy package. yeah whatever.

we walk and end up at this coffee shop and he's asking me questions and i'm answering, but then it gets weird cause he's just eating and he seems spacing out, and then turns it on me to ask all the questions while he just eats and doesn't have to do anything. um...you're doing the interview dude. anyways, he asks me really stupid questions, yes i know what facebook, twitter, flickr is. who doesn't, YES i know what RSS is, yes I can code YES i can write, in fact if you remember my resume it shows that i wrote for a fucking art blog for months, and that i worked for dc comics AND at the current comic book place i make graphics and such. then he asks me the worst question ever. why should we hire you? what makes you stand out from everyone else? cause we've interviewed 5 ppl already and will be interviewing more ppl tom. Cause i'm not a fucking dirty ginger! get away from me ginger! i'm special cause i have my soul ginger! I was like WTF?

the rest of the interview was him eating, eating and drinking, and me trying to talk to him, while he obviously wasn't paying attention. frustration. clearly i don't get along with gingers. clearly this is not going to work out well for me. clearly i'm gonna have to keep looking elsewhere. i felt like it was a waste of time cause he obviously wasn't giving me his attention and was stuffing his face. sigh.

i'm not saying that the group or anything is bad, just that dude, cmon when you schedule an interview cmon pay attention a little you know?

and where the fuck is my package from yandy.com? i am SO getting my drink on this weekend. i swear who ever gets in my way is gonna have a bottle of corona shoved up their ass!

Spinning Lady Gaga thanks to the sexy Pink. No need to be angry or frustrated, Just Dance it off!

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ChyiX2 said...

Hey, having been in the blogging world in ages! Almost forgot how it looked. Haha, I laughed so hard when I saw the south park gigner pic, that episode was hilarious but also creepy! What a weirdo, did he even want to interview you or not? You should ask him to tighten his helmet!

M said...

god i hate interviews that just waste your time. he could've at least paid some attention to you. blegh.

M said...

god i hate interviews that just waste your time. he could've at least paid some attention to you. blegh.

MakeupByRenRen said...

what the heck? sooo unprofessional...imagine if he was your boo, pshhh!

~Mel said...

wow! that is unprofessional.. if the interview is like this, imagine what the work place would be like??! chaos!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I hate interviews like that are a waste of time. You get all ready & professional and it's crappy & you can't just get up leave bc then you would look CrAzY
<3 Kendall

wuzzyangel said...

I hate it when the interviewer is all unproffessional like that! Jeez!! Dude take YOUR job seriously you know!!

I had an interview once that last all of 5 mins!! Why?! Cuz the lady was 1/2 hr late!! THen rushes and asks me only like 5 ?'s and then was all like, "sorry but I have to make this fast. THere's another interview I'm supposed to do in 2mins/" HELLO! YOU WERE LATE!

Some people are just stoopid!