my crazy weekend + more socks!

oh you know how crazy my weekends get, how was yours? hee hee....

my order finally came! they sent it signature confirmation, so they left the slip at my door, wtf? had to drag myself to the post office and wait on a line of 2 ppl, which still took insanely long! wtf?! no matter what, the post office is insanely slow! anyways, i got 4 pairs of thigh highs so I'm happy.

ah thigh high fishnets, i am so letting my inner skank out. yeah so what? this pair is pretty soft, the band at the top is seriously making my thighs feel like a sausage. and the foot is netted which annoys me, i gotta wear something there to keep it from jamming around my toe i think the dream socks offer a better pair.

this is the leg avenue pair, again, the band on the top of my thighs makes me feel like a sausage, the toe is netted, but its soft. And the fishnets on this pair is bigger than the other pair with the lady on the package. yes let ur inner slut out!

this is just a plain opaque pair, black stocking thigh highs. not bad.

the black thigh highs have a lace band around the normal sausage band to hide it. not bad. Though I prefer the VS version of their thigh highs as they have lace on the top but its not a band like this making ur thighs feel like sausages, but it has some plastic thing on the inside so it stays up with the friction against your own skin. It doesn't feel tight on your legs the VS version.

my weekend, dear god I know i need to seriously lay off the drink, as this weekend proved to be a reason why I should just chill. I met up with these 2 girls I met at a party 2 weeks ago. We went to go eat at St marks at this japanese restaurant. It was pretty good there, meat on a stick and grilled. you can't go wrong there right?

so that's the restaurant. it was a 40 min wait.

hmmm meats to be grilled! I sat at the bar as you can see

bacon wrapped quail eggs...hmmm bacon


we ordered a lot of food, kimchi udon, some pancake, the triangle rice thing, grilled squid. The girl I was with was so funny and cool, and she knows the yakatori guy, and flirts with him, cause he looks like an anime character. we had sake, and i drank it like shots cause I'm a freak.

we trekked over to the offices of okcupid, yes i know, took some vodka shots while they played texas holdem. I did my Lady Gaga impression. Headed on over to this korean club called Circle, which clearly was a bad idea, yes I really want to be surrounded by a bunch of fobby koreans with no game. They charged us a cover of $20! WTF?! ugh dear god. the girls i was with were really cool. i lost my belt, but the girl picked it up and put t in her purse, hopefully she didn't loose her purse again. i lost one of my shishem lashes. good job prey. i ended the night with a jagerbomb, clearly not the way to end things.

this is the part where I royally screwed up things, i left the club ended up at the port authority somehow, called a bunch of ppl that I shouldn't have called and txted. major shit when down, i ended up getting in a cab after a cop and construction worker asked if i was ok. i txted my friend that so and so was an asshole. i called my friend the fireman who was at work to come rescue my drunk ass, i called my guy friends who were already drinking and made them drive into the city to get me, which clearly was a bad idea. i threw up kimchi when i got home from the cab, and everyone was pissed off at me the next morning. i ended up having to call them all and apologize. needless to say no one was really amused. the fireman told me goddamn girl can't u lay off the booze for a night? one night? that and the fact that he was working and saving ppl and shit, and me screaming into his voicemail did not help. yeah i really screwed things up didn't i? yeah i know. aside from being amazingly hungover, I went to go visit my friend, who had a baby yesterday by c-section. God i know I am so screwed up.

awe cute baby. no i did not hold the baby.

so aside from being hung over, I started to get sick late last night. like omfg, i'm being punished for being a drunk lush retard, like being hungover wasn't enough right? but now i'm sick and suffering, i go to get drugs and the pharmacist is like take some claritin or zyrtec, WTF? are u serious? you have those symptoms so take those instead. sigh. these pills are like 24 hours, but they're not doing shit wtf?

and as punishment, my friends have banned me from their apts, banned me from drinking this week, and made me apologize to everyone.

yeah i'm not gonna drink anymore...for this week that being sick, sucks being hungover. we'll just focus on socks, boots and skirts!

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loveSHARA said...

I found a pair in my size & tried on the boot didn't like it as much as I would have liked. And then all your talk about knee high socks makes me want to buy some.. but AA is kinda expensive.. lol. But YAY for the food looks delish! Awes, babies! I don't trust myself with babies, either. LOL. And continue on with your fun. [:

M said...

oh dear boozy your liver is not pleased with you

omg i hate circle! went once, biggest mistake of my clubbing career lol

me wuvvs taisho, i think i got too often =X

wuzzyangel said...

Sexy stems in them thigh highs!!

And dang!! That was a crazy weekend. At least you were respectfull enough to call everyone & apologize!! Intervention talk maybe?! LOL! J/K! But throwing up KimChee is not fun!!