let the inner skank out

yes let's try something new! oh wait, we like to let our inner skank out don't we? We don't let her out nearly enough sometimes.

got my sockdreams order! let's all say yay! Yay! i'm totally on this sock/stockings/tights kick as you can see. the weather is getting warmer, but not warm enough to be walking around bare legged in a mini skirt and sandals, but warm enough to be stomping around nyc in some tall boots and a skirt and some stockings of course. Ladies, please shave your legs if you're going to show them off! seriously! No one wants to see that shit! As you can see from the pic above, that blonde is sporting some seriously skank thigh highs. LOL!

this is the middle pair, its got some pink lace and a semi wanna be corset thing on top. it doesn't really do anything but look pretty. That and let your inner skank out, cause you know guys love fishnets, and guys love lace, put the two together and you've got one drooling moron. Though these don't really stay up very well.

the pink ones have larger fishnets as you can see. and again netted at the toe, definitely not for dancing all night in. I'd say these are meant for one thing and one thing only ladies. *winky eye*

I can't tie a bow as you can tell. It looks sexier on the blonde cause hell photoshop does wonders, that and I don't have ppl tying my bows for me. But its pretty cool, you can change out the ribbons to whatever color you want.

and look inside the band they have those silicone things to keep them on your thighs while you dance. Yes the toe on this one is NOT netted, so you can pretty much dance the night away in these, though if your man sees the bows under your skirt he may have other ideas.

this is a much smaller fishnet as you can see. But it is quite sexy in its own way. Wear fishnets under your plaid skirt and hell all the boys will be running.

Surprisingly there are a lot of boys who went to catholic school and have years of frustration pent up. who knew a skirt could do so much?

minimal packaging as you can see. This pair is seriously knit. Like hardcore knit. It would have been great for winter and such.

this thing is seriously long too! Like WOW! no joke! This thing goes all the way up to my thighs, to the top of my thighs if I really tried. The only thing is that since its knit it can only stretch so far, unlike pantyhose and crap. Seriously my thighs started to feel like a sausage in them. So i had to stop and roll them down a bit. I so need to hit the gym and do some exercises that will make my thighs thinner. Thigh master where are you?

but overall they are quite comfy and they feel warm, minus the squeezing my thigh part.

I think I'm good on the sock dept now. And I'm good on the boot dept too. So now I gotta work on the skirt dept. How did I ever manage to dress myself? I have no idea. So now its time to raid my already exploding closet and dig out skirts and dresses I can wear with all this stuff. damn its hard being a girl isn't it? Any suggestions on where to get some nice skirts? aside from f21.

also being sick doesn't help either. Seems like my friends are slowly talking to me again, then again i've been doped up on drugs that I can't drink and all I do is sleep and drink chicken soup all day. I wonder if a liquid diet is a good idea? probably not. I need some serious exfoliating once my nose starts to peel. Any suggestions ladies?

Also while being sick, I've been watching episodes of Rescue Me. Yes the fireman show. Yes yes yes, I know. go read my other blog to answer your questions. I have to say firemen are seriously starting to look hot to me now. That and the foul potty mouth Dennis Leary is on it. like goddamn! do real firemen curse like that? or talk like that? now I needs to find out. Time to be a nosy ferret and harass my fireman friend. *evil laughter*

Time to do some maintenance, face mask, eye mask, dress up, shave the legs, wax, tweeze, exfoliate and hair mask. I also forgot st patty's day is next week. bunch of drunk lushes stumbling around nyc that day, and this is at 10am too! this should be good!

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miku said...

The first pair of socks is awesome :)

wuzzyangel said...

Whew the sexy stems of Prey!! Dang them be some skanky yet sexy socks!!

Catholic schoolgirl huh? And more firemen? ;)

ChyiX2 said...

Waah! You've got some sexy legs woman! *drools already* The second pair is really sexy, now if only I had nice legs I'd wear skirts all the time... -_-

Jamilla Camel said...

ooooooh la la! More like a French Maid, me thinks!

jilliandanica said...

those thigh highs are quite seductive...great picks!