Just like a circus

How was your st patty's day? Mine was spent being a drunken lush. Yes I know, but hey you gotta roll with it. Drank, partied, talk, and found out a bunch of fucking shit that i didn't know about. hell when I burn this city down, I'm gonna burn every bridge, house, picket fence and throw everyone under the bus! I'm just gonna destroy everything and everyone with the amount of dirt I have on everyone. *evil laughter* my inner bitch is coming out alright.

With that said, if you're all wondering wtf is going on, read the other blog. Some shit I can't say publicly cause goddamn...

I'm going to the circus today, for free, a friend of mine is working it, so i'm gonna mooch again! yes you know me the way of the mooch! I've never been to the circus you know? my parents never took me as a kid so i watched it on tv, but i've never gone. Yeah my parents sucked at a lot of things

I got my threadless order! yay! I like t shirts with witty sayings and such. they were having their $5 sale! w00t! even better, but most of the cool shirts were out of my size already! doh!

I love this shirt! haa haa! sorry vegetarians! be offended!

don't you just love the gingerbread man?

my bro's bday is coming up and since he loves cadbury eggs, I've decided to go make him this. considering that i've always forgotten what day his bday is,yes i know bad sister, I've decided what he needs and loves most would be a giant cadbury egg!

yes its what everyone wants on easter right?! and PFFT to the person that said this would be a lame gift idea!

I hope all you ladies have a great weekend. Life is short, so eat cupcakes, or cookies. and other goodies! Hope you go hauling, food porning, eating, drinking, partying and remember its spring so break out the skirts!!!

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MakeupByRenRen said...

woo hoo! check to all of the above!

Lola said...

wow! that creme egg is awesome. You should make a double batch and make a GIANT creme de la creme egg. :0)

M said...

that egg looks pretty damn fantabulous missy

wuzzyangel said...

hope you had funz at the circus! THat's pretty cool! I know you were twitpic-ing some pics for us!! :)

DAYUM NOW THAT'S A CADBURY EGG!! You need to eat the shit with a soup spoon!