Haul, bows, and being a girl

you know I really do hate wearing that paper dress and laying there staring at the ceiling wondering how long this probing will last or how long it will take to scrap my insides out for a pap smear, but its not that bad considering i do it twice a year. and every time i go i'm reminded that I am indeed a female, and I am also within my child bearing years. whatever that means. I too leave my socks on, as there is no reason to take them off. Just saying. I finally got my bc back! w00t! the woman dr gave me a free pack too! w00t! course i have to wait till my period comes around again before i can start up again. oh yay, 3 months of hormone imbalance. sigh.

course one of the bad parts of going there is when they weigh me, normally it doesn't bug me, i'm like whatever. i usually gain 5lbs a year, so whatever. however, this time around, when they weighed me i was like what? that' can't be right! i basically gained 10lbs in 6 months! Holy crap! all those brunches, and restaurant week AND drinking have caught up with me! I was like NO fucking way! not that the number means anything, its just that its all going to my lower body and I seriously need to work out and tone and make sure that I'm burning crap off as I used to. or something like that. damn my ass is fat!

oh what's this you say? its a bow again! in a different color!

here's the bow in action. i really do like these things. it cost me $5 in that korean store, which reminds me that I need to go back and check to see if they got anymore, that and I should stop by ktown to see if they sell anymore. Oh the innocence of the bow, how I can hide behind it. LOL! though i don't seem to really have anything that goes with this color, I'll figure it out I guess. hee hee!

the bows that i've been getting from the korean store seriously reminds me of the ones mona gets. Course every time i read her blog I have this urge to go out and get more bows! Its a sick addiction I know, I know I should stop too...

I also picked up more eco tools, look a cute mini kabuki brush! awe! though the bag they give you is obviously too small and the brushes just fit in. Blah on that, but they're again super soft and I totally love that! Considering my bare minerals brush just broke! the wooden part fell out and the brush part is intact but its weird. so finally a replacement!

If you're wondering what's going on with me you should seriously just stalk me on twitter. I've been causing ruckus making that giant cadburry creme egg which has seriously taken over my friend's kitchen. I've got about 3lbs of chocolate in the egg shell itself, 3lbs of sugar to make the white fondant center, this is gonna be a HUGE mess in the end, and its gonna be awesome! I've learned a lot about chocolate and candy while making this and its pretty damn amazing the stuff chef's do these days.

I present the giant egg to my brother this weekend. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees it and realizes it really is a giant creme egg and that i just didn't get a giant egg and put a jar of peanut butter in it!

Next Tuesday I'm getting a FREE haircut from bumble and bumble. Hopefully this time around they won't screw it up. I guess I can't complain, free haircut right? Hopefully they can cut some style or something into it, so I can look sexy!

Spring is coming ladies! exfoliate, moisturize, paint your nails before you step out in full force! its time to shed the winter clothes and look sexy!

Thanks to the ladies who follow me! I know I need to fix my blogroll, there's a bunch of you ladies that I need to add to the list. I've been a bum about doing it. I need to update it seriously, and I'll get to it soon! really!

I'm still debating over my tattoo, will post about that later.

Hope you ladies have a great weekend! i know I will! :p

why am I not surprised by the manwhore nature in this?

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snoshhie said...

i hope your hair cut goes well, i got mine done last week. which cut are you getting?

i can't wait to see your giant cadburry egg! yummm!!!!

Kimberly Tia said...

1) I love bumble + bumble products -- the smell is fabulous.

2) batter blaster, is my new hero

3) thank God that your pap smear doc doesn't have batter blaster around with your legs up in stirrups... PUWAHAHHHHHAH

wuzzyangel said...

Ugh I hate getting the woman exam! Bleh... Shit is always cold as hell too!

I can't wait to see the finished egg! The Cadburry knockoff not your woman egg... LOL!! Screw the dumbasses who questioned the power of a giant Cadburry Egg.. they don't know shiz!

Cute bow, and brushes... mmm... I need a new concealer one... dangit!

Fireman! I see a fireman!! Is that yours or a random pic?! :)

M said...

ive been avoiding the female exam lol. the draft you feel >.<

eegadds! that bow is so pretty! which store is this? ahahah i need to go pick one up!

yay! free haircut at bumble and bumble! what kind of hair cut are you going for?

MakeupByRenRen said...

you better take a pic of the egg!

ChyiX2 said...

That purple bow is adorable! Haha, yea better get pictures of that egg and the facial expression of your brothers face. I'm sure he'll LOVE it! Btw, I only need a postcard which I thought I had but didn't, so I will be sending out your package on Monday, Tuesday the latest if I don't find a postcard tomorrow.

PS! Do you like chocolate and/or candy?? =D

ChyiX2 said...

Duh! How silly of me to ask such a rhetorical question =D

They say 9 out of 10 women love chocolate...

...the 10th lies about not liking it!

PS! I hope you'll enter my contest. This will be my first very own contest, yay!

ChyiX2 said...

I sent out the package this afternoon. You should receive it before the end of this week :)

xppinkx said...


that fisrt picture is friggen scary...ugh must be one of the worst jobs ever...even the word PAP SMEAR sounds DISGUSTING!!! i dont care if its a woman swabbing my walls my knees are buckled together...*shudders*....

dude i saw a picture of your cadbury egg...that thing is effin hilarious dude...cant wait to she your bros face...are you gunna tin foil it too!!!

as for the last picture i see something is up in flames...everything ok???